Shaun McDonough (Walsall, UK) created a strain based on the genes of his multiple first prize winners

For forty years the McDonough father and son have developed their family of outstanding pigeons. In that time, they have won hundreds of first prizes from 120 km to 800 km, with only the very best multiple winners allowed into the breeding loft.

Which has blended the pigeons with a natural ability to work hard in tough conditions to win Local, Federation and National races.

Racing into the west midlands of England this family of pigeons have been competing in some of the very best competition in the country, regularly beating up to 4500b in the local Federations and in just five seasons they have won:

2015 46 x 1st prizes including 10 x 1st Federation
2016 47 X 1st prizes, including 11 X Federation 1st prizes and 5 x 1st in National section.
2017 40 x 1st prizes including 8 x 1st Federation
2018 71 x 1st prizes including 16 x 1st Federation with 4 x 1st Section
2019 70 x 1st prizes including 14 x 1st Federation and 11 x 1st section including National level

In total an astonishing 274 first prizes plus the very many 2-3-4-5-6 etc which were also won with fantastic family of pigeons and in just his first season racing in the National Flying Club of Great Britain, he won 2nd from Sigogne flying 775 km against 2531 b.

“Magic Pie” is a very special pigeon for Shaun, which was originally bred and flown at his father’s loft and he proved very difficult to re-home. He spent a total of 8 days sitting on a chimney pot but eventually he agreed to set up home with Shaun and for the next three seasons he was the very best widowhood cock in his team. “I could have sent just him to the races” said Shaun “because he was my first pigeon on so many occasions” and when they decided to breed from him the winners he produced were phenomenal. In fact, when Shaun won the Midland National Flying Club from Fougeres in 2014 it was with a direct daughter of “Magic Pie” and she was quickly followed by her nestmate, with the next three home also being descendants of “Magic Pie”.

Magic Pie

Next to him “The Ultimate” is Shaun’s other basic breeder “I owe a lot of my success over the last 15 years to him” he said and he had won 4 x 1st prizes plus 1st Federation Swainswick 891b, 4th Federation Newton Abbot 790b, 7th Federation Kingsdown 2,343b and 10th Federation Wincanton 3,354b. But it was in the breeding loft he really excelled as he is the sire g/sire to a least 28 x 1st prize winners and 7 x 1st Federation. At one time there were 9 widowhood cocks in his team which had all won in the local clubs plus 6 x 1st Federations all brothers of “The Ultimate”  and it was these that were retired to the breeding loft to be coupled with the winning daughters of “Magic Pie” which ensured the McDonough pigeons were at the top of the results for years. Of course careful and judicious introductions are required in any family and pigeons such as “Dutch Lambrechts” when paired to “Devil Woman” which have made a fantastic introduction plus the Van Den Bulck pigeons acquired via Micky Collins in 2015.  

Shaun and his father show us 'The Ultimate'

So it is with a deep sadness that this family of pigeons has been offered for sale, and it has only been decided due to Shaun’s full time work commitments and the breathing problems now experienced by his father who has assisted Shaun in the breeding loft “I would never forgive myself if anything happened to my parents whilst looking after my pigeons for me” said Shaun “and due to my competitive nature, I wanted to compete in every race possible which resulted in our work load growing beyond reason”. He has a deep affinity with his birds and this family has grown with him, he knows the true potential of each and every one of them with most being multiple prize winners, having themselves been bred from multiple first prize winners.

Making the difficult decision to offer the whole family for sale is a true testament to the genuine nature of the McDonough family, as Shaun feels it would not be correct to select some for retention “It is all or nothing” he said “but I will really miss them, it is a lifetimes work that has gone into this family and their achievements are second to none” This is an opportunity not to be missed and you can judge for yourselves because the results are clear, honest and achieved in the very best competition available in the UK. The West Midlands region of England is renowned for tough races against high numbers with some of the very best fanciers to compete against each week, and Shaun has been one of the brightest stars over the past several seasons with his McDonough pigeons, having built his success upon his father’s strong foundations.