Second auction weekend of the new season ends at almost 400,000 EURO - Mark Gilbert & Delrue-Vanbruaene both 2,250 EURO / pigeon.

On Sunday a total of 8 auctions ended on a total of 394,125 EURO for 195 pigeons, an average of 2,020 EURO per pigeon. Below a short report per auction.
Collectors Items - 18 pigeons - 3,053 EURO / pigeon
The 2 most expensive pigeons in this auction are both children of Golden Prince, bred by Gino Clicque. They were both sold to the same buyer in Taiwan, one for 15,400 EURO and the other for 8,600 EURO. The total yield of the 18 pigeons amounted to 54,950 EURO. The buyers are from Taiwan (6), China (4), Belgium (2), Qatar (2), Kuwait (1), United Kingdom (1), Canada (1), Romania (1).

Great Wall - 17 pigeons - 2,343 EURO / pigeon
Dr. Guo, better known as Great Wall, occasionally keeps some special breeding pigeons in Europe, such as the Super Son Kaasboer from which several children were offered in this auction. The most expensive child of the son Kaasboer was sold to China for 10,000 EURO. The 17 pigeons go to China (7), the Netherlands (4), Belgium (3), USA (2) and Turkey (1). The total revenue from this auction was 39,825 EURO.

Mark Gilbert - 10 pigeons - 2,250 EURO / pigeon
The Barcelona Special from Mark Gilbert brought about 10 special youngsters with the children Golden Barcelona (father Southfield Hugo) and children Southfield Hugo himself as eye catchers. The most expensive was a daughter of Golden Barcelona who goes to Ireland for 5,200 EURO. Second most expensive was a daughter Southfield Hugo who goes to Taiwan for 3,000 EURO. The 10 youngsters raised 22,500 EURO and go to Taiwan (7), Ireland (2), Japan (1).

September Auction - 28 pigeons - 1,071 EURO / pigeon
The 2 most expensive pigeons in the September Auction were sold for 4,000 EURO each. One was a daughter Anita, bred by Batenburg-vd Merwe, the other was a daughter of Ad van Marcel Wouters. The 28 pigeons raised 30,000 EURO and were distributed to China (9), Taiwan (5), Belgium (3), Japan (3), Germany (2), United Kingdom (1), Italy (1), Sweden ( 1), Qatar (1), Malta (1), Kuwait (1).

Zhelyazko Nikolov - 14 pigeons - 1,166 EURO / pigeon
This Bulgarian champion brought his best pigeons to auction at PIPA and raised a nice total of 16,325 EURO, with the most expensive pigeon being his top hen Special Gold, which goes to Taiwan for 2,400 EURO. The 14 pigeons eventually go to China (4), Taiwan (4), USA (3), Belgium (1), France (1), Turkey (1), South Africa (1)

Guus van Aken - 48 pigeons - 1,978 EURO / pigeon
Guus van Aken is one of the best friends of Hugo Batenburg and was therefore at the source to build a unique breeding loft. That entire breeding team now came up for auction and raised a total of 94,950 EURO. The most expensive pigeon was a son New Laureaat who goes to Taiwan for 6,000 EURO. The 48 pigeons go to the following countries: Taiwan (14), Malta (8), Belgium (7), Japan (5), China (3), Romania (3), France (3), the Netherlands (2), Germany ( 1), Hungary (1), United Kingdom (1).

Delrue-Vanbruaene - 9 pigeons - 2,256 EURO / pigeon
With his Klein Donker, Patrick Delrue has a unique extreme long distance pigeon. A pigeon that, after a few super seasons, also performed top in 2019 and was flagged as 2nd national ace pigeon KBDB extreme long distance. The most expensive pigeon was a half-brother Klein Donker who stays in Belgium for 4,000 EURO. The 9 pigeons raised 20,300 EURO and go to Belgium (5), Japan (2), Taiwan (2).

One Loft Race Special - 51 pigeons - 2,260 EURO / pigeon
As the last auction today, a fantastic total of 115,275 EURO for the One Loft Race Special. A unique collection of pigeons was offered from the very best that can be found in the OLR world. For the first time, children, brothers and sisters of Mix were offered in Europe, the SA Million Dollar winner of 2018. The two most expensive pigeons in the auction were 2 children of Mix, bred by Mike Ganus. Both were sold to Kuweit for 9,000 and 7,400 EURO. A full brother Mix, offered by Sorin Florea & Mark Kitchenbrand (owners parents Mix), was sold to China for 4,600 EURO. The 51 pigeons go to 16 different countries: Romania (8), Germany (6), USA (6), Canada (5), China (5), Bulgaria (4), Kuweit (3), the Netherlands (3), Belgium (2), Saudi Arabia (2), Taiwan (2), United Kingdom (1), Ireland (1), Mexico (1), Qatar (1) and South Africa (1).