Schwidde Eckhard, "International discussion forum in Lochristi (2007)"

Saturday, 10th of March. Dr Eckhard Schwidde invited a selective group of top fanciers from the Netherlands and Belgium to have a discussion about some important pigeon matters ( see documents ).

People who joined the discussion were : Freddy Vandenheede, Rik Cools, Jos Vercammen, Co Verbree, Pieter & Gea Veenstra, Albert Derwa, Markus Bauer, Geert Philips & Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht.

Dr Eckhard Schwidde makes a catalog every year, what is called DS-Spezial. This fully recorded discussion will be summarized in the catalog. There will be also reports from all the fanciers that joined the meeting. Also some information about the range of products Dr. Scwhidde developped is included.

Dr. Scwhidde is a very close friend to important figures in German pigeon sport like Frans Revermann ( who normally would have joined the discussion, but was ill that day ) and Günter Prange. The famous 'Prange Suppe', invited by Gunter Prange is sold exclusively by Dr. Scwhidde. A super product that is used by many top fanciers in Europe. If you want more information about Dr. Schwiddes products, dont hesitate to contact him at :

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The new catalog DZ-Spezial 2008 will be ready this year and will be handed out in the big faires of Dortmund and Kassel. Number of printed issue : approx. 16,000 !

The discussion took place in Lochristi in the house of Markus Bauer and his wife Veerle. Markus is an austrian, living in Belgium, working in Germany, as a director from one of German's biggest mailorder companies ; He also represents PIPA in Germany. Markus and his wife Veerle did a wonderful job as a host of this event. Thanks !