Schumi of Norbert & Stefan Ally (Aarsele, BE): the link between the old and new Ally pigeon breed

After Norbert Ally's total sale in 2013 (minus the pigeons from 2012), he was able to make a fresh start with the help of the Schumi bloodline. The youngsters of this renowned breeder were transferred to the breeding loft right away, and that was a clever move: it was with the help of these youngsters that team Ally got back to its old self.

Norbert & Stefan Ally after their national victory from Angoulême this year

Schumi, a top class racing and breeding bird

Like we said, this invaluable racing and breeding bird forms the backbone of the Ally pigeon breed 2.0. Team Ally made a fresh start in 2013, after selling their entire pigeon collection in 2013 (minus the pigeons from 2012). Norbert and Stefan were able to develop a new Ally pigeon breed with the help of the four remaining youngsters of Schumi. 

Schumi BE04-3006131 was a late youngster from 2004 who was trained up until Clermont (194km) in his year of birth, without darkening. As it turned out, he was the best yearling in West Flanders in 2005, both in the middle distance and the long distance. However, there were no national ace championships yearlings at the time, so he did not get the national title he deserved. There were in fact no national long distance races for yearlings, except for Limoges. They had the extreme long distance race from Narbonne and the longer middle distance classic from Bourges in the early season, as well as the natour competition in August, together with the young birds. But hese natour races were never very popular in West Flanders. As a result, the national race from Limoges and the two preparatory training flights from Chateauroux and Argenton were considered three most important longer middle distance races on the calendar. Schumi had a 0.84% coefficient across these three races, which made him 1st ace pigeon in the province of West Flanders (his palmares is included next to his picture).

Schumi was basketed for four national one day long distance races in 2006 (Aurrilac, Brive, Limoges en Souillac), and he finished in the top 5% in all four races, with a total coefficient of 8.5%. The 2007 season was marred by a bird flu outbreak, with pigeon fanciers opting for races from Luxemburg and Germany instead. Schumi was almost lost after an unfortunate race from Luxemburg. It did mark the end of his racing career; he was transferred to the breeding loft instead.

The pedigree of Schumi is worth a look as well. He carries the bloodline of some of Norbert Ally's best racing birds from the 1990s (including both the parents and the grandparents of Schumi). We spotted four direct Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons among his great-grandparents, as well as one pigeon of N&F Norman and a pigeon of R. Willequet from Kluisbergen. Click here for Schumi's full pedigree.

The success story of Schumi's son Lucas

The number one reference for Schumi was without doubt his son Lucas BE10-3075506. Lucas was undoubtedly the best widower in the Ally loft from 2011 to 2012. He was basketed every two weeks, and he never missed a prize. The longer middle distance races were now national races, which was not yet the case in Schumi's era. Lucas was beaten by Rudi De Saer's Antonio in the national race from Souillac 2012. Due to his top prizes in both the longer middle distance and the long distance, Lucas was never in contention for an ace pigeon championship in particular, which was unfortunate. He does have quite a palmares though:

Click here for Lucas's pedigree

Lucas was obtained by Mr. Chen Shiyi (Yiwu) in the total auction in late 2012. He moved to China for 20,200 euro. Schumi was transferred to China as well, at the age of eight. Mr. Chen Shiyi then claimed the title of 1st Ace Pigeon 2017 in the Pioneer Club, with a grandchild of Lucas. And this pigeon was eventually sold to Mr. Kai Er for quite a lot of money.

This son of Lucas was sold to Mr. Kai Er shortly after he won his ace pigeon title.

The team could only breed a limited number of youngsters from Lucas, in part due to the auction from 2012. In fact, he bred his last round in this loft in late 2012. Some youngsters were trained, others were designated to become breeders. Unfortunately, several of the youngsters from Lucas that were used in the racing loft went missing over the course of 2013 (due to being basketed for national races too soon, unfavourable weather, birds of prey, etc.), and there was just one pigeon left that did in fact perform really well in 2015 and 2016: Nestpender Lucas BE12-3078407. He wins for instance a 3rd National Limoges (8,303 pigeons) and a 10th National Cahors (6,164 pigeons). Nestpender Lucas's first season as a breeder came in 2018, so he does not have many references as of yet. However, his pedigree is definitely worth taking a look at - click here.

A direct son of Lucas turns into a top class racing bird, having already won a 3rd and 10th National

Schumi's offspring

In the spring of 2012 the team came up with the idea of organising a total auction (without the youngsters), and they also decided to breed a round of youngsters from their racing birds (as well as from their breeders), which is unusual. The idea was to transfer some of these 2012 summer youngsters straight to the breeding loft. However, a number of summer youngsters were let outside, and they were trained along with the young birds of 2013. This type of bird is often referred to as a 'nestpender'.


Schumi's partner for the round of 2012 summer youngsters was Gouda BE12-3111204. She has managed to get a 0.75 coefficient in four races of more than 400km in 2012 (see palmares below). Based on the criteria for the 2011 national championships, Gouda would have been the 1st National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance young birds KBDB in 2012. Unfortunately, the KBDB had forgotten to host this ace pigeon championship in 2012. Gouda did have a lower coefficient than the 1st National Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance KBDB 2012 in just as many races: 0.75%. In other words, Gouda could not claim a coveted title due to a mistake of the KBDB organisers at the time.

super class racing bird Gouda - click here for the pedigree

Gouda was paired to Schumi twice between September 2012 and December 2012. They bred four pigeons that were all reserved for the breeding loft:

  • 12-3078430 & 12-3078431: Red Nestpender 430 & Blue Nestpender 431
  • 13-3126130 & 13-3126131: Young Schumi Girl & Schumi Junior

All four pigeons proved crucial in the development of the Ally pigeon breed 2.0. Schumi Junior was particularly important: he was paired to Belle, and they proved a new super class pair, with such direct descendants as New Schumi (2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB), Gueretje (great palmares + the dam of 1st National Angoulême Vooruit) and New Schuma (great palmares + the dam of Neymar Junior, 3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB).

Gueretje, a top class hen and the dam of superstar Vooruit

One of the leading names in Schumi's offspring: Vooruit. He crushed his opponents in particularly difficult conditions!

Another talented grandchild of Schumi: New Schumi (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB 2015)

A number of talented pigeons were bred from Red Nestpender 430 and Blue Nestpender 431 as well, although these are mainly kept for their own team: none of their descendants have been sold in auction so far. However, the team did auction a round of youngsters of Young Schumi Girl on PIPA. A number of these Young Schumi Girl descendants went straight to the breeding loft, so most of these young birds have not been put to the test in competition. Still, the achievements of some of the other youngsters have been quite promising.

On their way to new top results

With Schumi as the foundation for Ally, the next generation, Norbert and Stefan look to be set for many more years of pigeon racing at the highest level. The descendants of Schumi, as well as Lucas, have won numerous top prizes, both at home and in other lofts. Think for instance of this year’s victory from Angoulême, when racing bird Vooruit, a great-grandson of Schumi, proved even stronger than the record breaking bird Armando of Joël Verschoot, with a 25 minute advantage!

It is just one of many great results in recent years. The demanding 2018 season was quite a success as well, with a 1st National and a double provincial first prize from Blois on 2nd of June, against 3,289 old birds and 3,367 yearlings. The breed delivered again on 15th of July with a provincial win from Jarnac of 997 yearlings (2nd Nat. Jarnac). We wonder if father and son Ally will deliver again in 2019.