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Sangers Pro products have flying start!

With the 2019 season just a few weeks old, Sangers Pro – a new line of supplements for modern pigeon racing – is the talk of the town. The first results listed by Sangers Pro users in the first weeks of 2019 are amazing.

Not that surprising, because when Marcel Sangers relates his name to a brand, success is almost guaranteed!

Marcel Sangers tested the products himself for 2 years and his conclusions are decided: “the Sangers Pro line of products is really distinctive, I dare to bet my life on that.” Since many years Marcel Sangers is the absolute top of International pigeon racing … and really all that time Marcel stated that you can not win without good supplements to support the pigeons. “In any part of sports, the support by means of products is optimally. In pigeonsport it seams popular to say we give only grains and water, however I know no top fanciers that supplies no extra’s over the food or in the drinking water. Many of these products are quite old and familiar, however they never really develop. For me that is strange, as the sport does evolves. So when I was asked to corporate in creating innovative products with my name connected, I was really interested. The results a number of products for recovery, for preparation towards races and to peak at the right moment. I tested the products myself in 2017 and 2018 and for sure I believe they are very beneficial for the performances.”

Great start for Sangers Pro users

Several fanciers decided to choose Sangers Pro directly at the start of the season and the results are absolutely sensational … Naturally at the Sangers lofts themselves, but also for other fanciers. A short summary of the highlights:

Partnership G. & H. Calis, Bussum
      Prov. grandmasters of the Month (section 7) Het Spoor Der Kampioenen
      April 6th Minderhout 100 km
      Local 755 b.: 1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-7th-8th-9th-10th-11th-12th-13th etc.
      Region 6,103 b.: 2nd-3rd-4th-5th-7th-20th-21st-22nd-23rd-24th-25th-26th etc.

Aaldering Pigeons, Brummen
      3x weeks in a row 1st prize
      April 6th Tilburg 98 km       1st and 7th prize against 692 b.
      April 13th Tienen 164 km      1st prize 293 b.
      April 20th Bierges 185 km     1st & 11th prize regional against 7,418 b.
      May 4th Niergnies 296 km      2nd & 3rd Fed. De IJssel against 1,597 b.

Sangers Pigeons, Eefde
    April 20th Bierges 195 km       2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th-7th-8th-9th against 7,418 b.
    April 27th Quievrain 263 km     6th-7th-8th against 5,904 b.
    May 11th Morlincourt 366 km     1st club 399 b. and 4th total 23,392 b.
    - After 5 races in 2017
      1st not nom. regional short dist. & speed
      1st prov. acebird short & middle dist. After 5 races
      1st prov. acebird short distance after 4 races
      1st acebird region short & middle dist. After 5 races
      1st acebird region short distance after 4 races

Arjan Moespot, Zutphen
    April 27th Quievrain 259 km     1st Fed. De IJssel 1,317 b.

Vincent Hoogerwerf, Mill
  April 20th Chimay 208 km         1rt and 2nd club against 165 b.
  April 27th Vervins 244 km        1st-4th-5th-7th-8th-9th against 112 b.

Christiaan De Jong, Gorssel
    April 27th Quievrain 263 km 1st against 675 b.
    May 4th Niergnies 306 km 1st against 544 b.

Gert De Swaef, Belgium
    May 12th Noyon 172 km
      1st and 2nd Noyon 3,267 old birds (9 entered)
      1st Noyon 2,126 yearling birds (6 entered)

Alwin Petrie, Brummen
    Since using Sangers Pro
      4th-9th-12th Quievrain 256 km 5.903 b. / 3rd-8th-11th – 1,954 b.
      6th prov. Chalons En Champagne 374 km 17.360 d. / 4e – 4.942 d.
      8th Morlincourt 359 km 23,392 b. / 4th – 1,749 b.
      8th Niergnies 299 km 5,184 b. / 5th – 1,597 b.

- Wilfred Sebens, Hoogezand
    Recently started using Sangers Pro and on May 18th
      1st s-prov. Chimay 385 km 6,409 b.

- Comb. Proosten, Oosterhout
      May 18th Melun 4th prov. 374 km 13,361 b. / 2nd – 2,474 b.

Products for modern pigeon racing

The woman behind Sangers Pro is Chantal Vredeveld, Marcels partner. “Daily I see Marcel’s way of homing pigeons and I see how much he thinks about what pigeons need and when they need something extra. ‘You should share your thoughts’ I told him. Marcel want to focus 100% on his pigeons, but he supported me to get to the bottom of it. I collected all of his experiences and tips and asked a laboratory worker to make several compositions. Marcel had just one condition; the quality must be first-rate. That maybe a bit more expensive, as long as it’s of extra value compared to the rest of the products in the market. After 2 years of testing with in 2018 probably Marcel’s best year in his career, the time was ripe to launch the products in the market beginning of 2019.

The products of Sangers Pro meet up to the 3 important stages in pigeon racing; that is recovery, preparation and peaking. Chantal: “Where recovery is concerned, Marcel definitely wanted a product for overall and maximal recovery and another product for ultra-fast recovery when the intensity of the races is big. We succeeded in that goal. For preparation a wide range that brings optimal energy is very important and to peak we especially aimed for diversity between to high-value products to vary.”

Marcel advised in making the week schedule so fanciers exactly know what Sangers Pro products to supply on what moment. A show survey of the available products are:

Recovery products:
- Combat Electro+; High concentrated composition of electrolytes in combination with vitamins.
- Combat Amino Pure+; Well-balanced amino acid supplement.
- Combat Quick Recovery+; Extreme quick recovery product that has maximal effect within just a few hours. (also available as capsule).
- Combat Complete Recovery+; For full recovery of racing pigeons!.


Preparation products:

- Combat Oil+; Natural oil-extract for extra energy.
- Combat MBP7+; For optimal health and a perfect resistance.
- Combat Energy+; Ideal mix of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. (also available as capsule).
- Combat Condition Powder+; For perfect condition because of complete composition of essential vitamins.
- Combat JP Impulse+; Highly effective iodine product that stimulates general health and will to work!
- Combat RB15 Power Strike+; High value well-balanced supplement that can be supplied unlimited.
- Combat Muscle Power+; Unique muscular reinforcement, strengthens the muscles with less effort.

Products to peak:

- Combat Booster Blue+; Exclusive booster product (also available as capsule)
- Combat Booster Pink+; Perfect adjustment to the needs of racing pigeons towards heavy efforts (also available as capsule).

For several countries Sangers Pro still asks for distributors … are you interested? Mail ( or call (+31 (0)6-10603325) for more information.

Chance to win an exclusive Sangers pigeon with Sangers Pro products

More and more fanciers find their way to the website with webshop of Sangers Pro. Amongst them fanciers from all over the world; from Australia to Dubai and from England to Portugal. “It surpassed all our expectations,” says Chantal. “Especially many top fanciers contact us because they know for Marcel only the best is good enough. Naturally on our website and on Facebook we present fanciers racing well with our products. Besides we have special offers for customers. For instance; we raffle 2 young pigeons from Sangers toppers ‘Kira’ & ‘Kiki’ under all buyers of Sangers Pro products. They are two of Marcels best recent racers (Sangers x Van Den Bulck), now breeders. We raffle them under all buyers during this season and the winners are announced on Facebook September 30th.

The last word is for Marcel: “I understand that many fanciers already heavy their schedule and products and maybe they want to hang on to that. However when you were hoping for better results or want to make that one step extra to eternal fame; give Sangers Pro products a chance! Chantal can supply the week schedule to go with it so there’s no question when to give what product. Naturally Chantal likes to hear your experiences!”

Get to know the Sangers Pro products and ask for Marcel’s Product Advice
M: +31 (0)6-10603325