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Sam Bostoen (Adegem, BE) winner of 1. Nat. Ace pigeon & 2. Nat. Champion LD yearlings KBDB 2023

1. Nat. Ace pigeon and 2. Nat. Champion Long-Distance Yearlings 2023

Winning the 1st National Ace Pigeon long-distance yearlings KBDB 2023 with Porsche III, that was bred on the lofts of the PIPA Elite Center, was an incredibly highlight in Sam Bostoen's still budding pigeon racing career this past season. But his bred pigeons also lay the foundation for many successes on other lofts. For instance, Sam has contributed to the top pigeons of fanciers such as Tom Van Gaver, Geert & Koen Couvreur, Henrik Brinkmann, and Casaert-Sénéchal.

In the club, Porsche III surged ahead three times against the 2nd yearling. Moreover, he wasn't necessarily favored in the zone due to the prevailing westerly winds. Sam's loft in Adegem is located west of the midpoint of the zone in which he competes... It only goes to show the remarkable performance Porsche III had to deliver on Souillac (1st Nat. Zone 1,802 birds), Limoges II (2nd Nat. Zone 2,701 birds), and Tulle I (3rd Nat. Zone 1,966 birds) not only to consistently clinch the top spot in zone A2 but also to secure the coveted title of national ace pigeon.

Together with 3 other grandchildren of Porsche 911, Porsche III won the title of 2nd National Champion Long Distance KBDB 2023. Among these 3 grandchildren is Grandson Porsche 429/22, who is a son of Ricky 441/20, paired to a daughter of Porsche 911 x Nafi. The nestsisiter of the 429 is BE22-4150430 who won 1st Nat. Zone Limoges (also 3rd Nat. Limoges) and 9th Nat. Libourne with Karlo Van Rompaey. Clearly, the ability to fly at the forefront runs in the family...

The Charlie line

With Charlie, Sam bred an absolute top pigeon that excelled in all aspects under Tom Van Gaver's care. In 2018, he emerged as Belgium's best yearling on the long distance with 5 prizes. It propelled Tom onto the international pigeon racing scene and was also confirmation for Sam that as a newcomer to the sport, he would be someone to watch out for. Charlie himself moved to China, but Sam recognized the potential and fully invested in the line of this top racer.

From a sister of Charlie, he bred Special Sam 274/21, the star flyer who snatched the titles of 4th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance yearlings KBDB and 3rd Best yearling Long Distance over 4 long-distance flights for Geert & Koen Couvreur (Bassevelde, BE) in 2022.

Furthermore, the grandmother on the paternal side is, incidentally, the nest sister of White Finn, a pigeon we will revisit later on.

Another brother of Charlie, BE18-4201246, was moved to the breeding lofts of the PIPA Elite Center and there he became the father of two top racers at Sebastien Casaert's loft, namely BE20-4157528 and BE20-4157710. 

Even the mother of the 11th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2023, Mother Little Ricky BE14-4217548, from Tom Van Gaver, comes from a half-sister of Charlie. She is also the mother of Little Ricky (BE18-4070849) at Tom Van Gaver's loft, the 2nd National Ace Pigeon Allround KBDB 2019... Speaking of references...

In the auction of the PIPA Elite Center, there was another proven sister of Charlie. Sam didn't hesitate and bought her back. Sister Charlie 890 had already proven herself as a good breeder, and besides producing several provincial winners, she is also the mother of the winner of the 51st Victoria Falls final.

In the pedigree of Little Finn, the 1st Final Victoria Falls winner for Henrik Brinkmann, we find 3 children of Wittekop Chipo, namely: Charlie, Mother Little Ricky, and Father Always There. The latter pigeon, as its name suggests, is the father of Always There, the pigeon that performed fantastically for Van Gaver-De Vroe and thus won the following titles:

  • 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2015
  • 7th National Ace Pigeon Great Middle-Distance 2015
  • 11th National Ace Pigeon Great Middle-Distance 2016
  • 5th Olympiad Pigeon Category B 2017

White Finn Line

We've already encountered the nestsister as the grandmother of Special Sam 274/21. But White Finn is much more than that. The number of top pigeons among his children and grandchildren is almost too numerous to count. Once again, at Tom Van Gaver's loft we find the best known son and granddaughter. 

Blue Finn (BE17-4077398), bred by Sam for Tom, became in 2018 the 11th Best yearling in Belgium on 5 long-distance flights. However, his best season came in 2020. That year, he was the 2. Olympiad pigeon Cat. I and also the 8th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB. Moreover, he himself has also bred 2 pigeons that have already ranked in the championships of the National Ace Pigeons KBDB.

The best known granddaughter of White Finn is without any doubt Jamie (BE21-4201779), winner Olympiad Pigeon cat C 2023, 3th Ace Pigeon allround and 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2023. 

Enormously ambitious

In recent seasons, a new, exceptionally ambitious and promising fancier has emerged in the form of Sam Bostoen. He has already bred national ace pigeons, not only for himself but also for several other top fanciers. The three major lines around which he will continue to work in the future are truly remarkable. From the crossings of the offspring of Porsche III, the line of Charlie and Special Sam, and the family of White Finn, undoubtedly more top pigeons will emerge. With such quality material in the loft and a fancier who clearly has a knack for it, there will surely be more success in the coming seasons. Yet, everyone who knows Sam understands that realism always comes first. Keeping his feet on the ground and working hard, the rest will follow. The fantastic 2023 season is a source of enjoyment for him and serves as motivation to continue on this path, without pressure or major changes.

Despite his realism, the Bostoen loft has quickly risen to become a colony to be reckoned with on a national level!