Sakis Minovgioudis (Alblasserdam, NL) has an invaluable Ludo Claessen collection and provides fanciers across the globe with top class pigeons every season

Sakis Minovgioudis can be rightfully considered the fancier with the most valuable collection of Ludo Claessens pigeons. Fanciers across the globe have achieved great results with youngsters and grandchildren of Meeuwke 12, Bonte Beauty and Supercrack's Talent. This pigeon breed has repeatedly shown its potential over the years, especially in one loft racing.

Sakis, Thomas Gyselbrecht (l) and Jawin van Namen (r)

The first late youngsters of Ludo Claessens found their way to Alblasserdam in 1996, and Sakis continued to obtain reinforcements in the following years. And he not only obtained pigeons from him; Ludo also shared his extensive knowledge with him, explaining for instance how to breed talented youngsters. Sakis made perhaps his most successful purchase in 2003, with Meeuwke 12. This bird was joined by Supercrack's Talent and Bonte beauty later on, and the first succesful races would follow soon. For instance, Sakis had the best young bird in The Netherlands in the WHZB competition, and in the vredesduif competition. He is racing 30 old birds and about 50 youngsters on a limited amount of space, along with about 10 breeding pairs. These breeding pairs are mostly centered around Meeuwke 12, Supercrack's Talent, Bonte Beauty and their youngsters. These are the pigeons that have led to worldwide success, with Sakis's pigeons being sent out to numerous countries including China, Taiwan, Thailand, Kuwait, Canada, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Greece, The United States, and The Netherlands. The youngsters and grandchildren of these renowned breeders have been particularly successful in one loft races. We take the time to discuss Meeuwke 12, Bonte Beauty and Supercrack's Talent in more detail.

NL03-1272712 Meeuwke 12

Meeuwke is a daughter of the world famous Supercrack '69 X Golden White. This means she is a full sister of Yeti, and a half sister of Jonge Supercrack 941. Click here for her full pedigree. Numerous renowned racing birds have been bred from this incredible breeding hen, whose direct youngsters have won an impressive 15 clear first prizes. An overview of their achievements can be found here.

NL07-1936832 Bonte Beauty

This breeding cock is showing to be yet another invaluable pigeon in Sakis's collection. The sire of Bont Beauty is Jonge Supercrack 941, winner of a 1st Prov. Orleans (2,672 p.) and a 1st Prov. Orleans (1,853 p.). He is also the sire of a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd National Orleans. The dam of Bonte Beauty is Kirsty, winner of a 1st Nat. Orleans (8,072 p.) and the fastest of 11,931 pigeons. Click here for the full pedigree.

NL08-1660055 Supercrack's Talent

Supercrack's Talent is a son of Jonge Supercrack 941 x the dam of Jonge Supercrack 941 (Schoon Donker 83). Schoon Donker 83 is a grandmother of a 1st and 3rd National Orleans (9,096 p.). Click here for his full pedigree. Both Supercrack's Talent, Bonte Beauty and Meeuwke are closely related to Jonge Supercrack 941 and de Supercrack '69. Click here for an overview of all the pigeons from the Supercrack bloodline.

The three pigeons that we summed up can be found throughout the Sakis Minovgioudis pigeon family, and in numerous other lofts as well: Tomasz Wiczling (Poland), Fred & Dori Goodchild (Canada), John Georgupoulos (U.S.A.), Dr. Guo Weicheng, Great Wall (China), Dieter Siebert (Duitsland), Bartos Morel (Polen) and many others have founded their collection on pigeons of Sakis. Here is a brief overview of a number of fanciers who bode well with Sakis's pigeons:

Fred Goodchild (Canada)

Fred Goodchild tells about his experiences: "I first met Sakis in Toronto at a PIPA sponsored pigeon sale in 2010, where I purchased two birds. The 1st was Sakis Moon 10-NL-1678380, a white Grizel Cock from Supercrack's Talent and Meeuwke 712. The 2nd was Sezanne, a red Grizel hen from super class stock hen 155. This pair bred a hen for John Georgopoulos that has bred over $100,000.00 US in derby winners. Her nest mate went to Walter Derfel in British Columbia, Canada, and she has bred several money winners in one loft derbies. I have a daughter of Sakis Moon 14-F&D-14061 that won 3 X 1st and a 3rd prize over 400 miles, where she arrived home together with one of our other birds. Since obtaining our first two Sakis descendants we have obtained several more of his birds, and we now have 2 cocks from Meeuwke, one from Bonte Beauty and one from Supercrack's Talent, as well as a hen from Meeuwke and Bonte Beauty. One of the hens that we purchased from a PIPA auction is 13-NL-1229698, a daughter of PIPA's New Freddy and Amalia. This hen proved to be a super class breeding hen: in her ifrst year in the breeding loft she bred a young racing cock that won 3 x 2nd, and a young hen that won a 1st over 250 miles in a very tough race (only 2 birds were faster than 1,000 m/min). Since meeting Sakis in Toronto I have become very good friends with him. He is a very good flyer and he knows how to breed top class racing birds. He is always ready when I need help. I want to thank Sakis for his super class birds and for his help; he is a valued friend."

Tomasz Wiczling (Poland)

Tomasz Wiczling obtained Greek God from Sakis, and he is a son of Bont Beauty x Meeuwke 12.

Three other prize winners were obtained from Sakis besides Greek God:

NL09-1181276 : a super class racing bird for Sakis and the sire of 2 first prize winners
NL13-1229680 : (son Bonte Beauty) sire of a 1st   581 p.
                                            1st 2,564 p.
NL12-1609099 (daughter Bonte Beauty x Super 76) is the dam of Niko:
             (13th Final race Algarve Golden Race 2015)
Youngsters have won   9th 2,729 p 167 km
                     11th 2,564 p 199 km
                     13th 2,894 p 132 km
                     16th 2,564 p 199 km
                     22nd 2,970 p 167 km
                     24th 2,090 p 384 km
                     26th 2,090 p 384 km
                     28th 2,970 p 167 km
                     35th 2,265 p 246 km
                     44th 2,894 p 132 km
                     46th 2,894 p 132 km
Grandchildren have won:  4th 2,894 p, 5th 3,911 p., 6th 2,894 p., 9th 2,894 p., 11th 3,911 p., ...

John Georgopoulos (U.S.A.)

Click here for the pedigree of Supercrack 135

John (from Greek Connection lofts from Simpsonville, South Carolina): "I would like to give some great results from a hen that I got from Mr Sakis Minovgioudis's Ludo Claussens bloodlines. I had bought Supercrack 135 from fellow fancier Fred Goodchild from Canada, and from that moment she has been one of my best breeding hens! She is the dam, the grandmother and the great-grandmother of race winners in club-combie and of prize money winners in major One Loft Races across the USA. She stems from two direct Sakis pigeons that Mr. Goodchild had purchased through PIPA. We have quite a list of winners that stem from this hen. This year, two youngsters of the 135 have in turn bred prize winners that are not included in this overview. I just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to have these great pigeons in our collection." Here is a look at some of the great results of John Georgopoulos:

This is the Greek Connections' #1 pair, responsible for winning $50,000 in 3 years, and several championship awards. And most importantly, their youngsters have been breedindg winners as well.
1: Greek 376 “Pencil Beauty” - 2nd ace pigeon NABC OLR and 3rd EQ1ST 370 miles 1330 birds in a tough race, winner of $4,000.
2: Greek 284 “Spartacus ” - a super class racer and 2nd Combine Ace Pigeon and a registered champion. 1st 400 M, 3rd 150, 6th 200, 8th 500, 5th 400, 8th 300, 8th 200.
3: Greek 285 Nestmate 284 - a super class racing bird, and 5th Combine Ace Pigeon, 2nd EQ1ST 300 miles (very tough race) of 1070 birds, 3rd 400, 6th 200.
4: Greek 529 “Miss Aic” was 1st Ace Pigeon "A" series over 1000 entered in 2015. America's International Challenge OLR winner of $39,500!
She was 7th EQ1ST 300 1300 birds and 14th EQ1ST @ 350 MILES 1210 birds.
5: Greek 528 “Picasso Man” - nest mate of 529; 11th Ace Pigeon in "A" series, winner of $1000

6: Greek 5 “Johnny's Girl” was 4th Ace Pigeon Blue Bucket Stampede One Loft Race, of 850 BIRDS, and winner of $4850.
7: Greek 6 “wicked Girl” was 46th 350 miles BB OLR, winner of $500.
Most of these birds were winners in headwind races.
8: Greek 3 “Who's your daddy now” - 1st place winner 350 miles Crooked River Challenge OLR and 2nd place winner at 200 miles, winner of $3,041.
And just in 2017 SAMDPR
9: "Supercrack 59" - directly from Young Picasso and "Supercrack 135" - 55th 114 km 3,700 birds,
88th car race 3 251 km 3,224 birds,
118th car race 4 in 309 km 3,185.
20th @ 114 km training 2,738 birds.
And 251st prize money winner in the final SAMDPR of 2434 birds.

Here is an overview of four races in America in the month of October. John Georgopoulos (Greek Connection) was able to achieve some great results with his Sakis descendants.

Bartosz Morel (Poland)

Bartosz obtained racing cock Mykonos in a PIPA auction, and he is now the grandfather of PL053-16-5638 (Ginther Kuba), 1st Ace Pigeon of 8,000 pigeons, and probably the best pigeon in the province of 100,000 pigeons (results yet to be confirmed).

Arkadiusz Buttner (Poland)

NL-09-1181327 Daughter Meeuwke 12 bred the following birds:

1st Ace Pigeon at Kuźnica OLR (B. Morel) 2015 – PL-0285-15-16169 - 4th in final  
(sold on PIPA for 8600 Euro)
4th Ace Pigeon on Kuźnica OLR 2015  - PL-0285-15-16137 - 7th in final
Both grandchildren of „327”  and great-grandchildren of Meeuwke 12
Bred from NL-11-1732870 daughter Meeuwke12:
PL-0285-15-16175 - 10th final  Kuźnica OLR  2015
PL-0285-16-10499 - 10th final Kuźnica OLR  2016 (full brother)
Both grandchildren  of „870”  and great-grandchildren of Meeuwke 12
Arkadiusz Buttner had three pigeons in the top 29 in the Kuznica OLR (4th, 7th, 10th), and all three were great-grandchildren of Meeuwke.

Provider of one loft race pigeons

Sakis competed in the highly demanding 2017 Belgian Masters with 2 pigeons. Sadly many of the 771 pigeons in the race failed to return home. The two pigeons of Sakis finished in 35th and 49th place. The As Golden Pigeon Race of Thessaloniki 2017 was won by Markus Söllner, with a grandson of Talent's Rookie (through Sakis). The nest mate of this pigeon claimed an 8th place in a one loft race in Sofia. Many fanciers have been very successful with Sakis's descendants, but what is particularly remarkable is their achievements in one loft races: his pigeons have been winning top prizes across the globe almost on a weekly basis. Descendants of such champions as Meeuwke 12, Bonte Beauty and Supercrack's Talent, up until the third and fourth generation, have repeatedly shown the potential of the Ludo Claessens breed in this competition.

Sakis with his parents