Saarloos Arie & Zoon, "1st Champion Overnight races (not signed) Hoeksche Waard (2005)"

Bert & Arie and in the middle Noël Peiren, Klaaswaal (NL)

3rd Champion (not signed) Very Long distance Club Zuid Holland 2005
13de national Montauban 2005
13de national Mont de Marsan 2005
40ste national Bordeaux 2005
44ste national St-Vincent 2005
66ste national Bordeaux ZLU YL 2005

The town Klaaswaal can be situated beneath Rotterdam. I drive their for a visit father and son Saarloos. I know them since 1999 because they won World Champion Very Long Distance AND 1st Ace Pigeon NPO Very Long distance with the same bird ‘De Wondere Peiren’, direct from famous Noël Peiren. One sometimes hears: ‘You cannot buy a good pigeon, you must get it for free!’. This is true for the partnership Saarloos. Arie and Bert got this super bird for free as baby from Noël Peiren. The cock became a legend in Holland. Bert and Arie Saarloos sold the cock but its offspring is still important on the breeding loft. Enough interesting stuff to make an article.

The partnership
The partnership is father Arie Saarloos (65 years) and his son Bert (39 years). Many articles were written because they almost won everything that is there to win in Holland: from National Champion NPO 1995 till World Champion Very Long distance 1999. Bert lived at his parent’s house in those days. Arie Saarloos retired and moved to another house. His son Bert, official in the town Oud-Beijerland, stayed in the house and with the pigeon lofts. The partnership had a public auction (very successful) in 2000 and started building again with new pigeons. The good results are coming back since a few years:

Championships 2004.
1e Champion Marathon FBZ.
1e Champion Signed Super Fond kring Hoeksche Waard
1e Champion Kaiser Super Fond kring Hoeksche Waard
1e Champion Marathon Attractie Concourse Zuid-Beijerland Super Fond
1e Champion Not signed Overnight races Kring Hoeksche Waard
2e Champion Signed FBZ.
2e Champion General FBZ.
2e Champion Attractie Concourse Zuid-Beijerland Overnight races
2e Champion Not signed Super Fond Kring Hoeksche Waard
3e Champion Attractie Concourse Zuid-Beijerland Super Fond
3e Champion Not signed Overnight races Section 5 Zuid-Holland
5e Champion Samenspel Noord – Zuid Holland
6e Champion Overnight races N.P.O. system Section 5 Zuid-Holland
6e Champion Super Fond N.P.O. system Section 5 Zuid-Holland
8e Champion West Nederlandse Marathon
8e Champion Not signed Super Fond Section 5 Zuid-Holland

All this championships with following results:

Results 2004
Bordeaux national 8.854 p. 17-108-239-280....(19/8)
St.Vincent national 6.385 p. 33- 49...(8/3)
Pau national 3.571 p. 191 (3/1)
Montauban national 8.346 p. 7-12- 240...(17/9)
Barcelona national 7.875 p. 75..(8/3)
St. Vincent national 5.909 p. 12-16-22-351 (6/4)
Whole Netherlands 28.008 p. 28-37-81...
Bordeaux nat.ZLU YL. 5.279 p. 162-962-978 (5/3)
Bordeaux nat. ZLU 3.890 p. 278-917 (4/2)
Bergerac national. 12.125 p. 785-1004...(17/6)
Perpignan national 7.645 p. 401-681 (4/2)

Success kept on coming in 2005:

Results 2005

Bordeaux national 9.277p. 40-200-253-324-330-668…(8/17)
St-Vincent national 6.621p. 44-896-1171-1219 (4/6)
Montauban national 7.440p. 13-415-428-438-451-542-555-912 (11/19)
Bordeaux national 6.738p. 108-128-276-481-532-837-976…(10/15)
Pau national 3.077p. 209-520 (2/4)
Mont de Marsan nat. 4595p. 13-388 (2/10)
Bordeaux nat. ZLU YL. 4.220p. 66-128-826-955- (4/4)
Bergerac national 12.958p. 311-1190-1651-2914-3199 (5/10)

The strain

You got to have good birds and some extra’s to win this prizes. The partnership raced on shorter distances in the beginning but switched to the very long distance in 1986. The first birds for the long distance come from the very famous Hugo and Bas Batenburg. This partnership lives in the same town Klaaswaal and were the best long distance fanciers in The Netherlands (son Hugo is still among the best!). Bert says that they did not get many birds from Batenburg but only 4. All direct from the legendary ‘Witbuik’. Who did not get good birds from this line? Arie and Bert also went to the famous brother Hagens (Achthuizen ). Also from this loft came the best birds: from ‘ De Rode Kweker’ and from ‘Sarina’. Bert and Arie build a strain of birds that could race the very long distance by crossbreeding Batenburg and Hagens. The big results came in the beginning of the 90’s:


1e Champion Attractie Zuid-Beijerland
12e Champion Noord en Zuid-Holland.

1e Champion Attractie Zuid-Beijerland
2e Champion Noord en Zuid-Holland
11e Nat. Champion Overnight Fond NPO

1e Champion Attractie Zuid-Beijerland
1e Kampioen Noord en Zuid-Holland
1e Nat. Champion Overnight Fond NPO

Noël Peiren from Zedelgem in Belgium
New blood had to be introduced by the end of the 1995. Bert and Arie looked close at the results from Belgium and saw that Noël Peiren from Zedelgem was one of the best since many years. Father and son drove to Belgium and these became good friend. Some of the best birds moved to Klaaswaal since that first visit. The first success came already in 1997. Ten yearling Peiren –birds were tested on Montauban. Against 5.717 pigeons: 2-54-117-134-179…(8 out of 10). New pigeons came each year from Zedelgem (B) to Klaaswaal (NL). Saarloos became world famous by their direct Peiren bird ‘De Wondere Peiren NL96-2204717’:
6e National Bergerac 14.284 p in 1999
8e National St. Vincent 8.556 p in 1999
12e National Dax 5.856 p in 1999

The friendship between the fanciers signed in the fact that Bert and Arie got the late-bred hen B00-3128398 the last youngster of Peirens’ ‘Marseille’. ‘Marseille’ was sold at the age of 12 to Taiwan and the offspring did amazing good in the loft Peiren. Children and grandchildren of this ‘Marseille’ race or breed excellent. Saarloos matched the ‘398/00’ against grandchild of ‘Witbuik’ (Batenburg Hugo and Bas) in the summer of 2001. A new fly-wonder was born: ‘Barracuda’ won 6th- 16th- 33rd and 98th national in 2003 and 2004. I will give more details about this cock later.

A daughter of ‘Wondere Peiren’ was brought to Willy Looymans in Lierop. He matched the hen to his national winner Barcelona 1997. Four children of this match are in the breeding lofts of Saarloos.
Breeding loft with a golden edge

I was amazed when I saw the breeding birds. I am a fan of the strain Peiren (everyone knows it). This was fantastic. The Peiren birds , direct or bred by Saarloos, are very beautiful and have excellent race results.

Let me give some examples:
Barracuda NL01-1820569
353ste nat. Bergerac 14.093p ‘02
6de nat. Mont de Marsan 7.245p ‘03
98ste nat. St-Vincent 6.212p ‘03
16de nat. St-Vincent 5.909p ‘04
33ste nat. St-Vincent 6.385p ‘04
‘ Barracuda’ is the direct father of ‘Bandiet’ with 7de nat. Montauban ’04. The sire of ‘Barracuda’ is ‘Witpen Beul 835/97’, older strain Saarloos ‘De Beul 386/89’ (direct Hagens) X 760/86 (daughter of ‘Witbuik’ Batenburg). The mother is ‘B00-3128398’, a direct from Peiren. It was the last daughter of ‘Marseille 968/87’ x ‘191/94’ (Vale Karel X daughter Marseille 968/87). This ‘Marseille’ won : 5de nat. Pau, 34-110-116 nat. Marseille en 69ste nat. Perpignan etc.

DIDI 057 B02-3067057
This cock is direct from Noël Peiren. It’s a brother of 88ste nat. Barcelona ’03 and 260ste nat. Montauban ’03. The father is one of the basis breeders at the loft Peiren. It is ‘DIDI 96-3156032’ ( direct son of the famous ‘DIDI 507/91’, Etienne Devos). The mother is ’96-3287010’ (daughter 619/92 brother DIDI 507/91). This breeder is gold on the breeding stock. You will see it in the part of the racers.

De Krijger B94-3296860

When Saarloos was visiting Peiren in 1995, this cock ‘De Krijger’ arrived 6 weeks too late from a race. Noël said to Bert:’If you want him, you can have him. It is a full brother of mother 1st national Dax G. Bolle’. Bert excepted the gift and this cock became a special breeder. It was good from the first time. The cock was matched with a daughter of ‘Miel 758/85’ x ‘Sister Domien 883/85’.
The cock ‘Djowie NL96-2204695’ was born and won:
57e Bordeaux 11.622 d. '99
66e Montauban 6.606 d. '99
117e Montauban 5.717 d. '97
133e Dax 3.755 d. '00
279e Cahors 7.321 d. '99
425e Bordeaux 10.033 d. '00
He became 1st Ace Pigeon Overnight fond '99 in ‘de Hoeksche Waard’ with 4 prizes.
The blood of ‘De Krijger’ is in several good racers in the loft Saarloos.
The ‘Krijger’ was bred from ‘Nero 598/83’ X 436/85, daughter ‘065’ (mother 2de intern. Dax 1994 and basic bird in the loft Gaby Vandenabeele.

Noël B96-3287185

This cock was bought at loft Noël Peiren in 2000 and became father of several good birds: 40-119-162-253-294-374 nat. Bordeaux, 156ste nat. Mont de Marsan. The sire ‘Kleine Artiest 187/92’ won 2de intern. Dax and is grandson of the most famous bird on loft Peiren ‘Artiest 208/79’.

NL 91-2114322 D’N GOEIE ROOIE

What an athlete. He is not strain Peiren but from Hagens. He won 18 prizes on overnight races:
12de nat. St-Vincent 10.640d. ’95
27ste nat. St-Vincent 7.793d. ’97
142ste nat. Bergerac 14.140d. ’94
148ste nat. Dax 8.027d ’93
212de (219e) nat. Dax 3.571d. ’92
234ste nat. St-Vincent 11.822d. ’94
261ste nat. Dax 4.620d. ’95
He was bred from ‘075/89’ strain Hagens X ‘849/88 Kweekmoedertje’ from ‘Rode Kweker Hagens’ x mother 1ste intern. Perpignan 1996 Hagens. The line of ‘D’n goeie Rooie’ is very important on the loft AP Overwater (Strijen NL).

De Ruiling NL99-1212073

Important breeding hen from strain Looymans from Lierop. The father is a son of 1ste national Barcelona 1997 and the mother is a daugher of 1ste national Barcelona 1997.Very much inbreed. She matches very good against the strain Peiren. This hen is mother of 12th national Montauban ’04, 13th national Montauban ’05 and 53rd national Montauban ’05.

Racing birds
Kleine Artiest NL01-1820539
17th nat. St-Vincent 6.212 p. ‘03
22nd nat. St-Vincent 5.909 p. ‘04
49th nat. St-Vincent 6.385 p. ‘04
Sire is ‘’Amadeus 540/99’ (sold to Taiwan and brother to breeder ‘Kleine Tarzan’). The mother ‘B95-3278676’. She is direct from Noël Peiren and one of the basic hens in the loft. The sire is ‘Artiest Barcelona 746/90’ (4de intern. Barcelona 1993 Noël Peiren) and mother is a daugher of ‘Marseille 968/87’.

De 544 NL 01-1820544
13rd nat. Mont de Marsan 4.595 p. ‘05
44th nat. St-Vincent 6.621 p. ‘05
393rd nat. Bordeaux 8.149p
1013th nat. Montauban 9.226p
The sire is ‘Witpen Beul 835/97’ (basis cock from Beul , strain Hagens X daughter ‘Witbuik Batenburg) and mother is a daughter of ‘Wondere Peiren’ X ‘B95-676’, the mother of ‘Kleine Artiest 539/01’ ‘Kleine Artiest’.

De Zwarte 008 NL03-1075008

1st Montauban 489p
13th national Montauban ’05 7.440p
The sire is ‘DIDI 057/02’and mother is the inbred-hen ‘De Ruiling 073/99’. What a pair! Mother is inbred to 1ste nat. Barcelona Looymans and sire inbred to ‘DIDI’ of Etienne Devos. I think Noël Peiren has a hand in this.
63rdVierzon 1106p ‘05
90th Blois 2286p ‘05
125thLe Mans 1546p ‘05
976thBordeaux 6738p ‘05
This young talent is born out of ‘B906/01’. It is the nestbrother of the hen B ‘905/01’, she won at loft Peiren p.i. 17th nat. Bourges ’04 and 13th nat. Barcelona ’05. The sire is ‘Apollo 661/95 (from Marseille X Francesca) and mother is ‘Barcelonaduivin 051/96 (61st nat. Barcelona 1999). The mother of ‘868/04’ is ‘012/99’, ‘daughter of Dax II’ (2nd intern. Dax 1994).


191st nat. Pau ’04 3571p
209th nat. Pau ’05 3077p
478th nat. Bordeaux ZLU 6133p
Sire is ‘Marathon NL1156278’ , direct son of ‘Sarina’ from Hagens brothers. Mother is ‘B290/94’ (Sister of ‘juweeltje’), direct Peiren. She is the daughter of ‘Barcelona 836’ (30th and 147th nat. Barcelona at loft of the late A. Jorissen) x super breeding hen ‘084/89’ (sister Apollo)

De Bandiet NL02-1570721

7th national Montauban ‘04
126th nat. Dax ZLU ‘04
401sts nat. Perpignan ‘04
This cock was lost in 2005; a big lost of course.
Sire is ‘Barracuda’ and mother is ‘480/01’ from line ‘Djowie’ and ‘Wondere Peiren’.
Daily word
The birds are taken care of very punctual. They take care of the birds twice a day during summer and winter. Lofts are cleaned twice throughout the whole year. Both father and son take care of this job. Erica (the wife of Bert) helps them sometimes. Erica says that cleaning the loft is very important for Bert.

The birds are separated in the first week of November since many years. It’s the tradition in this loft. The birds cannot fly out of the loft anymore, due to the many birds of prey in this area. The birds must wait till the third week of February. It is in this week that the 42 widowers (cocks) and 25 pair of breeders are matched again. The widowers can breed on eggs for about 10 days (eggs from best widowers are put with some breeders). These widowers can breed again in April and start widowhood after 5 days breeding. Than the traditional widowhood begins until the end of the season in August. The cocks can raise youngsters after racing season.

Widowhood and lesbian hens
Youngsters are tossed in the first year (When the weather is good). Some are raced on a few races, others only by the end of season. The young cocks go to the compartment for widowers and are raced on widowhood system for many years. Some yearling hens stay at the same compartment as they were as youngster. They are raced every week, starting in the beginning of season until 14 days before Bordeaux. Than the hens get a nestpan and make a pair with other hen in the loft. Hens are raced on long distance race on egg position. This system works a few times a year and some good results has been won already. When a hen has very good results (like ‘Erica’ won 17th national Bordeaux 8.854p), she gets another chance as 2-year-old. The cocks are raced on traditional widowhood. This means that Saarloos show hens before and after the race each time. Bert says they have changed this system sometimes but the results were also good.

Saarloos do not give many medicine to their birds. They give cure against trichomonas for the first time only days before Bordeaux as yearling. The youngsters do not get medicine at all. The pigeons are checked by vet Mariën (Belgium) every month. This vet has a good mix of vitamins/minerals. All pigeons Saarloos get this 1 x a week on the mixture.


Bert takes care of the mixture. He mixes Mariman, Garvo and Versele Laga. He gives more just before a race. The 6 last meals before a race is Profi-line from Garvo. This mixture with a peanut as desert.

Some Championships

1e National Champion Meerdaagsefond 1995
1e Super Champion Noord en Zuid Holland 1995
1e Ace pigeon Champion Grote Fond Zuid-Holland 1996
1e World Champion Grote Fond (Versele Laga) 1999
1e Super Champion Noord en Zuid Holland 1999
1e Champion Westelijke Marathon 1999
1e National Ace pigeon Champion N.P.O. Very long distance
Fond 1999
1e Champion not signed Very long distance Fond Zuid-Holland 1999
1e Champion Marathon FBZ 2004
1e Champion Overnight races (not signed) Hoeksche Waard 2004
1e Champion Overnight races (not signed) Hoeksche Waard 2005
2e Champion General FBZ 2004
3e Champion Not signed FBZ 2004
3e Champion International Very Long distance Fond Golden
Duif 1999
3e Champion International Very Long distance Fond Golden Duif 2004 ?
3e Champion Not signed Very long distance Fond Zuid-Holland 2004
3e Champion Not signed Very long distance Fond Zuid-Holland 2005