Rudi De Saer 3,000 EURO average for youngsters from his racing birds – Freialdenhofen 2,800 EURO/youngster – Auction weekend + 215,000 EUR

Six different auctions closed this weekend, raising 215,275 EURO. Each auction is briefly discussed below.

Freialdenhofen & Sons – 9 pigeons – 2,789 EURO/pigeon
One of the best extreme long distance lofts in Germany and Western Europe raised 9 youngsters from the Forrest Gump bloodline. The most expensive pigeon was a youngster of the 1st Nat. Pau 2013, which goes to Slovakia for 4,400 EURO. The second most expensive pigeon was a youngster of Forrest Gump, which was sold to the UK for 4,000 EURO. The 9 pigeons raised 25,100 EURO in total, and they were sold to the UK (4), Canada (2), Belgium (1), Slovakia (1), and China (1).

Rudi De Saer – 9 pigeons – 2,989 EURO/pigeon
It was for the third consecutive year that Rudi sold a group of youngsters from his best racing birds on PIPA. This year's auction included different youngsters from Favoriet & Neymar. Favoriet added a 1st Nat. Limoges and a 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB to his palmares this season alone, and his youngsters were particularly popular: sale 1 was sold to China for 7,800 EURO, and sale 2 goes to the same fancier for 4,200 EURO. The youngsters of Neymar were sold for 3,000 EURO and 2,500 EURO to Malaysia and Great Britain respectively. The 9 pigeons raised 26,900 EURO and they were sold to China (2), Malaysia (2), Great Britain (1), Taiwan (1), Poland (1), Switzerland (1) and Belgium (1).

Gebr. Van Toor – 47 pigeons – 1,241 EURO/pigeon
Their best racing youngs birds, a group of unflown youngsters and breeding birds were sold in auction, raising 58,350 EURO. The most expensive pigeon was top class young bird Violette, winner of a 1st NPO, and it was sold to China for 6,400 EURO. The 47 pigeons were sold to Taiwan (16), China (14), France (3), Slovakia (3), Bangladesh (2), Thailand (2), The Netherlands (2), Belgium (1), Canada (1), Germany (1), Poland (1), and the USA (1).

Dutch Top Lofts – 31 pigeon – 1,055 EURO/pigeon
A group of different Dutch top lofts were selling something special on PIPA. The most expensive pigeon was a sister of Maggie Haiden, a top class pigeon of André & Bert Leideman in the Million Dollar Race. She was sold to China for 3,400 EURO. The 31 pigeons raised 32,700 EURO.

Miodrag Mitrovic – 7 pigeons – 1,375 EURO/pigeon
The most expensive pigeons of this Serbian top fancier were two racing birds that were sold for 3,200 EURO and 2,600 EURO, both to the same fancier. The 7 pigeons raised 9,625 EURO. Three pigeons were sold to Taiwan, two to China, and one to The Netherlands and Croatia.

April Auction – 39 pigeons – 1,605 EURO/pigeon
In this auction we sold pigeons from the past six months that had not been paid for. It was a successful auction, with an impressive average of 1,605 EURO per pigeon. The most expensive pigeon was a youngster of Rudy of Gaby Vandenabeele, which goes to Germany for 14,000 EURO. The 39 pigeons were sold to Belgium (10), China (7), Taiwan (7), Poland (4), Switzerland (3), Japan (2), Slovakia (1), Australia (1), The Netherlands (1), Germany (1), The Czech Republic (1), India (1), and the USA (1). The 39 pigeons were sold for 62,600 EURO.