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Roziers-Xiang (Itegem, BE): 8x on the podium of the KBDB national championships between 2016 & 2023

Almost 20 years after the birth of 'Queen L' who put his name on the pigeon map, Jelle Roziers seems to have never been so strong than over the last few years. The 2023 season can be described as a very successful one.

Jelle comes from this generation of young fanciers whose name is already famous in every part of the world. He can be described as a very frank guy since he likes to say what he thinks and is not a two-sided man following the circumstances he faces. This strong character is a great influence on the way he drives his colony: paying attention to every detail allowing you to reach your goals and never seek excuses when it’s not going well. It’s a bit a ‘do or die’ situation for his birds. He first built his reputation as a true young bird specialist but he proved to the entire world he was also able to perform where he was not really expected: in 2022, he won the title of 1. National Acebird Long Distance KBDB with 'Pullman'. Let’s be frank, he was not considered as a big contender in order to win this title. This prestigious performance could be then added to the very strong performance list he built to his name. Indeed, this Antwerp based loft could be seen no less than 8x on the podium of the KBDB national championships between 2016 & 2023:

1. National Acebird GMD YBs KBDB 2017
1. National Acebird GMB YBs KBDB 2021
1. National Acebird Long Distance OBs KBDB 2022
2. National Acebird GMD YBs KBDB 2016
2.National Acebird GMD Yls KBDB 2023
2. National Champion GMD YBs KBDB 2019
2. National Champion Long Distance Yls KBDB 2022
3. National Champion GMD YBs KBDB 2018

Very few lofts in Belgium can show such a balance on the KBDB championships, especially in a so short period of time. The success of his loft, Jelle owe it mostly to his breeding & racing philosophy which is quite simple and mostly known by everyone: breeding, racing, selecting. Once the seasons has started, his birds have to cope with a high racing rhythm and only the strongest are able to come to the fore on the long time. In addition, they are also trained during the week between two races but otherwise, Jelle is quite simple on his way to manage his birds since he uses no special tricks. His birds are often controlled by a vet and are only treated if it’s necessary and for what concerns the motivation, he use mostly their territorial instinct of his pigeons and their abilities to motivate themselves. The inside interior of his lofts is quite basic but it allow any bird to keep an eye of his team mates anytime. 

One of Jelle’s big principle is to never sale any special birds when somebody shows interest. All the national acebirds and all the national toppers have been always kept at home for breeding purposes and it goes back to the period of 'Queen L' already. When 'New Queen L' became 1. National Acebird GMD YBs KBDB back in 2017, he did the same way. And this hen is now to be found on the pedigrees of the best pigeons from 2023: 

- 'New Queen L' (BE17-6037517)

'New Queen L' is indeed mother of 'El Dorado', brand new breeding phenomenon in Itegem. 

- 'El Dorado' (BE19-6026299)

It is quite remarkable to notice that 'Queen L' can be found no less than 3 times into the pedigree of 'El Dorado'. It’s been almost 20 years that she is the heart of the Roziers strain and despite her passing several years ago, it is not about to stop.

Only in 2023, the breeding references of this super pigeon are astonishing. He is indeed father of:

'King of Queens':
1. Best Yl from Belgium on 5 GMD national races in 2023 (PIPA Ranking)
2. National Acebird GMD Yls KBDB 2023

'Queen Leewana'
1. Nat. Zone Argenton 2.382 p. / 7. National 18.837 p. 2023

1. Melun Union Antwerp 2.513 p. 2023

Video 'King of Queens'

'Queen L', absolute base breeding hen of the Roziers colony.