Roziers-Xiang (Itegem, BE): 2. & 3. National Champion GMD Young Birds KBDB in 2018 and in 2019!

The 2019 season was quite a good one for Jelle Roziers (Roziers-Xiang), specialist of the game with the youngsters. Indeed, 'Clever William' won the title of Best Young Bird from Belgium with 2 prizes on the national races (PIPA Ranking).

For this combination based in Antwerp, another prestigious title that came to strenghten a little bit more an already incredible performance list.

The complete Roziers family.

2016-2019: a balance of four amazing years with the young birds

If you follow the national competition and mostly the national races for the youngsters a little bit, you probably know the combination Roziers-Xiang. Jelle and his
Chinese partner Green are specialized in the young birds competition. In fact, it's been more than fifteen years that Jelle is almost exclusively racing the young generation. He has been always fond of this discipline and it won't change. Of course, this gives you more free time during the year but however, you better make no mistake as the results in a season are only won in a periode of about 2 months time.

Jelle is a fancier considered as a trendsetter, it means that he is often the first one to try new things before he gets imitated by the rest. He is for example known for driving a lot with his youngster team during the racing season, something he learnt after one of his numerous trips to the USA where it's quite usual for any fancier to do a lot of road training with the young birds. Jelle made it one of his main points in his racing system and his results prove he was right to do that. Nowadays, he is one of the most feared fanciers in the young birds competition in Belgium. Very few other fanciers were able to achieve what he did over the last four years. Have a look by yourself:

1. National Ace Pigeon GMD Young Birds KBDB 2017 ('New Queen L')
1. Bourges National 38.455 young birds 2017 (+ highest speed from 59.243 pigeons) ('Gust')
1. Châteauroux National Zone 4.949 young birds ('New Queen L')
1. Best young bird from Belgium with 2 prizes on the national races 2019 ('Clever William')
2. National Ace Pigeon GMD Young Birds KBDB 2016 ('Seven Junior')
2. Bourges National 27.980 young birds 2016 ('Illinois')
2. Argenton National Zone 4.796 young birds ('Clever William')
2. National Champion GMD Young Birds KBDB 2019
3. National Champion GMD Young Birds KBDB 2018

(PS: note that Jelle moved from Bevel to Itegem during the winter of 2016).

'Gust', glorious national winner from Bourges in 2017.

A golden breeding loft

When you know Jelle Roziers, you know that he is not as stupid to continue to persist when he figures out he was wrong but he is also the kind of man who stays true to his basic philosophy. An important point from this philosophy was to never sell his main pigeons or: 'never sell the tree but only its fruits'. This slogan already goes back to the glory days of 'Queen L'. Everybody knows the impact this hen had on the entire pigeon career of Jelle. The most recent examples are given with 'New Queen L' (1. National Ace Pigeon GMD YBs KBDB 2017), 'Gust' (1. Bourges national 38.455 p.) but also 'Seven Jr' (2. National Ace Pigeon GMD YBs KBDB 2016). Despite some very high offers, all these birds were kept and wisely placed on the breeding loft. The result? One of the most prestigious breeding lofts from the kingdom who is also giving the possibility to make various combinations between several national top pigeons and national ace birds. When you have such material in your breeding loft and you are a motivated fancier all year long, it's no surprise that you can book such kind of results.

'New Queen L', 1. National Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB & one of the most important pigeons on the breeding loft.

'Seven Jr' came close to the title of 1. National Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB.

The season 2019 can be considered as a successful one. In fact, the Roziers-Xiang combination ended the season as 2. National Champion GMD Young Birds KBDB (1+2 nominated). One of the pigeons responsible for this top achievement is 'Clever William':

- 'Clever William' (BE19-6026049)

1. Best Young Bird from Belgium with 2 prizes on the national races - PIPA Ranking
17. Bourges Nat Z -  7.651 p. (1.147 m/min)
   30. National   - 28.446 p.
2. Argenton Nat Z -  4.796 p. (1.247 m/min)
   71. National   - 23.258 p.
9 prizes from 9 baskettings in a row for an average distance of 445 km
9 prizes per 4 & 8 prizes per 10

Click here to see the pedigree of 'Clever William'.

'Queen L': still leading the way fifteen years later

More than fifteen years after her birth, it's still remarkable to see how 'Queen L' had a significiant influence on the development of this loft. In modern pigeon sport, only a few hens were able to dominate a loft like 'Queen L' did. Her descendants won some astonishing prizes throughout the entire world with many victories won in prestigious races. It's just the same for Jelle Roziers who plans to give his performance list another prestigious turn in 2020!