Roosen Pros, "40 Years of continuous top performances"


Pros Roosen, Kermt (2008)



We went to 'call on' a 'monument' in our Belgium pigeon sport, namely Pros Roosen from the Limburg's Kermt, a real 'ambassador' for our caressed sport. Pros is famous world wide for his loyalty, his commitment to the pigeon sport as initiator and founder of various organisations, initiatives and other events in the pigeon sport… with the aim of promoting our pigeon sport. Above all, Pros is a 'top pigeon fancier' in heart and soul, who has been continually at the top of our pigeon sport for more than 40 years, with an unequalled honours list… because in all the disciplines of our sport, both in sprint, middle distance as well as Long Distance… Pros achieved almost unbeatable triumphs. A loft with such a rich history that you could fill a hefty book with it all. Enough substance to take a closer look at the victories, the ins and outs of this top colony, and of course the man at the wheel … Pros Roosen himself.

The history of the loft

Pros is a living 'encyclopaedia' where the pigeons are concerned. His personal victories and the list of top performances of the Pros Roosen pigeons in other lofts are so immense that in the main we will have to limit ourselves… even though we could talk for hours, and so as we mentioned above, fill a thick book with them. Pros took his first steps into the pigeon sport in 1965, after his father passed away and he inherited his pigeons. From the very beginning his objective was: reaching the absolute top. Steep ambitions, but Pros was prepared to do everything, to give his all, in order to reach the 'top' under the motto: if you do something, you must do it well! He decided that the very old pedigree of his father's pigeons could use an injection of 'fresh blood'.
For this reason he left in 1972 for Tessenderlo to visit Jef Van Sweevelt, who performed powerfully in the Middle and Long Distance. The line of the "Yzeren" and the "Old pigeons Coenen" entered the Pros Roosen-lofts. Real top breeders that can be found in nearly all the pedigrees of the Roosen-toppers, wherefrom the "SUPERCRACK 327" can be seen as the absolute leader.

Another legend from our native country's pigeon sport was active in Zepperen under the name of Jef Carlens. Jef was not only known for his intense inbred pedigree that was kept close to nature… it was his magnificent performance from Barcelona that hit pigeon loving Belgium, by winning the 1st + 8th Internat Barcelona in 1973 with a mother and daughter … making him world famous. The winner, named 'Mona Lisa', soon moved to 'distant harbours', while her daughter 'Fabiola' not only achieved more outstanding results (2nd Prov + 8th Intnat Barcelona 8.515 p in '73, 1st Prov + 45th Intnat Barcelona '74 and 1st Prov + 26th Intnat Barcelona '76), but also proved to be of 'gold value' for breeding. Pros managed to obtain one of her daughters, who, when coupled with the "Yzeren" Van Sweefelt, became the mother of the "60.000-Duivin 765/77" (her name representing the money she won from National Bourges). Because her mother escaped… the "60.000" was placed straight into the breeding loft, where she directly became mother to the "SUPERCRACK 327".

When, at the end of 1977, the Carlens pigeons were publicly sold, anyone who had name or fame in the pigeon sport was at the auction, with the intention of obtaining the "Fabiola". They returned home empty handed after literally 'losing' the battle, because the highest and final bid was for Pros Roosen… who had to dig deep into his pocket. Still, it turned out to be a 'golden 'investment', because they don't only form the basis of many toppers by Pros Roosen … but also their descendants performed phenomenally in many other lofts including a 1st Internat. Marseille 1995, 1st Internat. Dax, 2nd Nat. Montauban 1994, 2nd Nat. Montélimar 1993 etc…

We once learned a wise pigeon lesson: go and get pigeons from fanciers in your own area who regularly 'beat' you! A lesson that Pros Roosen has applied to the building up of his colony. In the Limburg's Opglabbeek, there lived a grandmaster by the name of Jan Grondelaers. In 1974 the first Grondelaers-pigeons left for Kermt… By breeding together the "Grondelaersduivin 872/74" (hen bought at the auction of Grondelaers) from Paul Motmans, and the "Coenen" (From Sweevelt) from Pros, the "Lokeren" was born. This clapper became the father of the "Supercrack 327". Pros could then start building his 'own pigeon strain', with the 'best of the best' from his Limburg province being the starting point. The descendants of these top pigeons took Pros straight to the top of the ladder in our pigeon sport, with the "Supercrack 327" (ring 5174327/78) as show model, who was a mix of the above mentioned top pedigrees. He descended from the "Lokeren 896/76" (self a son of the "Coenen 998/74" From Sweevelt x "Grondelaersduivin 872/74" from Paul Motmans) x "De 60.000" 765/77 (daughter of the "Old pigeons Yzeren 433/70" From Sweevelt x "Dochter Fabiola 983/72"). There are not enough words and superlatives to describe the enormous 'class' of this "Supercrack 327". He was without doubt one of the best pigeons in the world for his generation, with the following overwhelming series of titles:
3° Nat. Ace pigeon Yearlings De Belgische Duivensport (Belgian pigeon sport)
4° Nat. Ace pigeon Middle distance De Belgische Duivensport
5° Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB
1° Nat. Ace pigeon Middle distance De Reisduif
2° Nat. Ace pigeon Middle distance De Belgische Pigeonssport
2° Nat. Ace pigeon Middle distance De Belgische Pigeonssport
2° Ace pigeon Middle distance Vlaams-Waalse Long Distance club
3° Nat. Ace pigeon Middle distance De Reisduif

Pros discovered a real 'goldmine' with this 'wonder-pigeon', because the line of this "Supercrack 327" lay at the basis of new 'super cracks' in the lofts of Pros Roosen… so as the "Olympiad 321/90" a grandson of his (via his daughter "Schilderij 401/83"), and the "National 977/90" (winner 1° Nat Bourges 9.759p) a grandson of the "Zus Supercrack 327". The descendants of the world-famous top breeding couple "Ieverige x Wonderduivin" by Gebr Herbots from Halle-Booienhoven ensured nothing less than 14 x 1° National winners. This "Wonder-hen" was also a "Sister of the Supercrack 327"! This to illustrate this powerful breeding line!

1982: Entrance of the Soontjes-pigeons

When you are standing on the highest rung of the pigeon sport ladder, it is very difficult to find equally matched … let alone 'better quality' to strengthen your loft , or at least to keep the performance level at the same ´superior level´. And yet, now and again a 'fresh drop' of new blood is introduced, in order to remain at this level. A 'conditio sine qua non' to be able to stay at the 'lonely top' for so long. It didn't escape Pros´s attention that at a certain moment in time Jos Soontjes had the fastest pigeons in Belgium sitting in his loft, the wonder breeding couple "Late Tom x Geschelpt Verherstraeten" lay at the basis of a line of phenomenal 1° Prize winners. Long before other fanciers had any inkling… Pros went to Wommelgem to visit Jos Soontjes. Pros bought 15 direct children from this super couple, next to many children from all the best racers and breeders of the strong inbred Jos Soontjes colony. Every year 30 to 40 youngsters leave Wommelgem for Kermt… Pros has in total taken something between 200 to 250… raced them one for one, and selected to the bone. The introduction of the Soontjes pigeons was an 'injection of gold'! Even though Pros previously stood at the top of the ladder, the Soontjes pigeons shoved him a rung higher… the performances of the colony Pros Roosen became just 'outstanding', there was no racing against this man. A new era began… 2 new 'Super cracks' saw the light of day, acting under the name "Computer I" 903/82 and "Computer II" 876/85, what's more they are half brothers, stemming from the same father : "Tom"! They gave him 'eternal fame'. We could say that Pros Roosen has given Jos Soontje´s pigeons a worldwide aura?!

- The "Computer I": became Ace pigeon KBDB, Ace pigeon B.D.S., won 9 x 1° Prizes (without doubles) and 20 x in the 'first 3 prizes' in the period 1983-1985.
- The "Computer II": won 13 x 1° Prizes, 56 x per 10 and 80 prizes
1° Prov Ace pigeon Sprint KBDB '89
2nd Prov Ace pigeon Sprint KBDB '88
5° Nat. Ace pigeon Sprint KBDB '89
6° Prov Ace pigeon Sprint KBDB '90 Pigeons with unbelievable results, with which Pros made short work of the competition.

The "3 Musketeers from Kermt

A new generation of 'super racers' and 'golden breeding pigeons' saw the light of day… there was just no racing against Pros Roosen. The "Supercrack 327" and the "Computer I and II", or the "3 Musketeers from Kermt" ensured a generation of descendants that held our national pigeon sport in it's in its 'power' for years. Let us illustrate this with a few significant examples:

- The "Raket 684-84":
1° Ace pigeon B.D.S. '87, and son of "Computer I".
He became father of the "Ace pigeon 953/88" and grandfather of the "National 977/90".

- The "Ace pigeon 953/88": son of the "Raket" x "Dochter Supercrack 327" 5 x 1° Prize (without doubles), and 28 x per 10
Prov Ace pigeon Middle distance KBDB Limburg '91
Ace pigeon Middle distance 'LDS 2000' in '91

- The "Computer II Junior 349/92": Son of "Computer II" who self won 84 prizes, including 7 x 1° Prizes (without doubles) and 56 x per 10
He turned out to be worth his weight in gold where breeding was concerned, because coupled with a "Dochter Raket" 157/91, he became father of 2 phenomenal crack pigeons, namely:

The "Orleans" 457/97, who won:
Prov. Orleans 7.067 p.
Vervins 122 p.
2° Laon 797 p. Or in total 43 prizes including 23 per 10.

The "Bourgesman" 432/97 who won amongst other things:
Prov. Bourges 2.167 p.
St.witz 1.309 p. G.G. With in total 22 prizes including 15 per 10.

- The "Hond 010/89" : was possibly the 'best breeder' of this new generation, as son of "Computer II" 876/85 x "Zus Raket" 101/86. He became father of a whole series of "crack pigeons" including: the "Olympiade 321/90", the "Magic Star 199/91" (1° Nat Ace pigeon Middle distance '94 by Jaak Konincx), the "Admiraal 200/91", the "Blue King 201/91", "Blue Hope 206-91", "Blue Arrow 001/92", "Super Magic 388/92", "Broer Olympiad 157/93", the "Tamme Hond 460/97" etc… in short, a breeder 'in a thousand'!

- The "Olympiade" 5328321/90: son of the "Hond 010/89" x the "Schilderij 401/83" (daughter of the "Supercrack 327").
This 'wonder bird' won:
Olympiad pigeon Middle distance - Cat Sport Las Palmas '93
Ace pigeon Middle distance L.D.S. 2000 in '92
2° Ace pigeon Middle distance L.D.S.2000 in '91
2° Prov. Ace pigeon Middle distance KBDB Limburg '92
6° Nat. Ace pigeon Middle distance KBDB '92 Joint winner 'World championship' Versele-Laga

- The "Nationaal" 5335977/90: is a son of the "Bliksem 102/85" (self out the x Sister 'Supercrack 327') x the "Limogeske 672/84" (self 1° Prov + 3° Nat Limoges, 2° Prov La Souterraine).
The "National" won a superb honours list:
Bourges nat. 9.759 p. 1
Orleans Prov 2.337 p. 1 (Prov. Fastest from 5.337 p)
Marne G.G. 2.778 p. 4
Chateauroux S-Nat 13.285 p. 6 ( reg. against 405 p)
He further won Marne 1.858 p 9, Orleans Prov 2.968 p 16, Vierzon Prov 3.733 p 33, Montargis 2.220 p 33… etc.

- The "Reims" 52044002/97: is a son of the "Blauwe Slaets" 003/92 (2 x 1° Dourdan '93) x "Dochter Computer II" 423/95, and won the following honours list:
Dourdan 1.268 p.
Toury 848 p.
Reims 798 p.
St.Witz 156 p.
Won in total 45 prizes including 32 per 10!



Although the above mentioned pigeons were the 'killers' in the Sprint and the middle distance, Pros also managed to shine in the 'Grand distance', where he had aimed his arrow for the international 'top classic' from Barcelona. Pros knew better than anybody else that in order to shine in this classic, the pigeons have to have Barcelona blood in their veins. He already had the best in his lofts with the Fabiola-line, and by studying the international results of the previous season, he ended up visiting Gebroeders Frenken in Weer (NL). Once again it was a direct hit… because a new super pigeon saw the light of day, answering to the name "Primus Inter Pares" 339/90 (out a crossing Theelen x Frenken).
This extremely strong Barcelona racer was crowned in 1996 as 'Best Belgian Barcelona racer over 5 years Barcelona 1992-'96!
He won:
'92 Barcelona Nat. 11.399 p. 438
'93 Barcelona Nat. 13.343 p. 180
'94 Barcelona Nat. 11.214 p. 149 '95 Barcelona Nat. 9.759 p. 306
'96 Barcelona Nat. 10.068 p. 830
He also won top from Narbonne, Brive , Jarnac etc…. and was also the best in the '2-year old classification' and the '3-year old classification' from Barcelona by the Bruges Barcelona club, which automatically gave Pros 3 x 1° places by the Ace pigeons in this prominent "Gold pigeons Vleugelcompetitie" (Golden wing competition) from the BBC! In short, a real toper! In total Pros Roosen stood on the podium of the 'Bruges Barcelona club' 4 times, because he was also 1° 'Two year old classification Barcelona' in 2002 with the "Halfzus Primus Interpares" 5328339/90, who won this prize through:
'01 Barcelona Nat. 13.161 p. 23
'02 Barcelona Nat. 13.021 p. 157

With these exceptional super pigeons, Pros Roosen 'terrorised' the Limburg's pigeon happening for nearly 20 years, during the period 1982-2001. He couldn't be beaten… the Pros Roosen-pigeons were almost unbeatable, and if a pigeon managed to give them a run for their money, it was usually one with 'Roosen blood' in the veins. You have to grant him one thing, he never raced with a mass. In races above the 400 Km he basketted between the 1 and 4 pigeons maximum, never more! Pros started every year with 22 old and yearling pigeons, wherefrom only ten remained after a few weeks… indeed, the real "supers"! Every pigeon has, as it were, €50 deposited into his savings account at the start of the season… and whichever pigeon had used up al his money or not received enough 'interest' knew what was waiting for him. Pros has more than 30 widths of pigeon lofts, but only a maximum of 4 pigeons sat in each loft, which enabled him to motivate the pigeons further.
In the region there was a lot of talk… that the pigeons came home for 'their boss' (Pros), more than for their hen! Whoever wanted to earn a place in the breeding loft had to have won at least 3 x 1000! Very unusual… no wonder that Pros only had 4 breeding boxes, which weren't always occupied. Preferably no pigeons… than ordinary middle motors! Pigeons that managed to win a place in the breeding box were then of exceptional 'world class', you could say the 'crème de la crème' ! Pros breeds 12 to 15 youngsters from these fellows every season.
Up until 2001, the legendary 'Soontjes pigeons' from Pros 'broke' the competition, they raced everything under the table. It even went so far that he lost all his friends through it, his master ship was that overwhelming. And that can't be the intention of the pigeon game, it was too much for Pros… it had gone too far. He then decided to say goodbye to the Sprint and short middle distance races, and just concentrate on the Grand middle distance and the races up to 600Km. Everyone knew that Pros Roosen was a man with a 'golden heart', and he shared out his Sprint and middle distance pigeons amongst his friends, what's more… 90% of the Pros Roosen pigeons that sparkle in other lofts, come out of given pigeons, pigeons costing €0,0… or donations for pigeon auctions!

2001: Purchase of the "Chateauroux

A new era began, because Pros looked for a new challenge: shining in the races from Bourges to Limoges. He left with his 'Soontjes pigeons' for the 'grand middle distance', but discovered that a few of his toppers in the middle distance, didn't perform as well as Pros had expected once they were basketted for 2 nights. Pros thinks that were of a too nervous character. He went searching for a 'dominant breeder' who when crossed with his 'Soontjes stock', would produce pigeons that could perform at the same level as previously in the Sprint and middle distance. Easier said than done… yet Pros soon had his 'white blackbird', in the form of the "Antwerpenaar", later christened the "Chateauroux" 6451510/92, which Pros bought at the public auction of Romain Schots in 2001.
The "Chateauroux" won:
Chateauroux Lokaal 281 p. 1 Prov 4.080 p. 1 Semi-Nat 12.914 p. 4
Bourges Club 223 p. 1 FCW 6.317 p. 3 Nat. 18.657 p. 14
Orleans Club 44 p. 1 Gewest 1.221 p. 9
Vierzon Prov 3.733 p. 6
He developed in Kermt into a 'Golden Stock father'! Pros coupled this 10-year old rascal with his 3 best hens (all with Soontjes blood in the veins).



The results were amazing, take a look:

1) 5204431/97 daughter of the "Computer II Junior 349/92" (see above for performances) was coupled with the "Chateauroux" parent of:
The "Tarzan" 5115302/03
1° Nanteuil 511 p.
8° Nanteuil (Mid.Limburg) 3.311 p.
1° Bourges 301 p.
14° Nat Bourges 14.207 p.
1° Melun 237 p.
4° Melun (Mid.Limburg) 1.719 p.
1° Nanteuil 229 p.
2° Nanteuil (Mid.Limburg)2.270 p.
1° Bourges 110 p.
9° Nat.Bourges 9.893 p.



The "418/03": winner 1° Provincial Melun.
The "419/03" who became mother of the super youngster by N & E.Didden.

The "Klein Aske" 50257001/01 (granddaughter of "Computer II Junior") x the "Chateauroux" are the parents of
The "Flits" 5065636/04 won a cartload of top prizes with
1° Prov Melun 694 p. (fastest from 2.315 p.)
2° Nanteuil 2.334 p.
2° Vervins 1.607 p.
3° Nanteuil (Mid Limb) 4.103 p. ( reg against 365 p)
4° Nanteuil 910 p.
5° Melun 2.175 p.
8° Nat. Bourges 10.759 p. ( reg against 136 p)
11° Nanteuil 4.035 p.
22° Nanteuil 1.923 p.
24° Laon 1.458 p.
29° Prov La Ferte 2.325 pd. ( reg against 117 p.)
50° Vierzon 6.928 p.
The "Joker" 5065076/04: won 2 x 1° Prize and other top prizes such as 23° Prov. Orleans 7.272 p.
78° Nat. Bourges 16.500 p. in '05
96° Nat. Bourges 10.182 p. in '04

The "Bourske" 5150456/00 won :
4° Nat. Bourges 23.957 p. '02 ( reg. against 491 p)
83° Nat. Bourges 16.119 p. '01 ( reg. against 204 p)
6° La Ferté 1.312 p. ( reg 146 p)
7° Prov Vierzon 1.479 p.
31° Nat. Argenton 4.955 p.
And further 15° Prov Orleans 1.773 p, 24° Melun 1.604 p (Mid. Limburg)… Coupled with the "Chateauroux" she produced the "Wittikske Chateauroux" who in turn became mother of the super crack, the "Blauwen Prins" 5065642/04 (for performances see further).

In short, we can say that nearly all the good breeders and racers from the period 2002 up until now,2007, have the blood of the combination "Chateauroux x Computer line Soontjes".

2003: The "Super breeder Freddy" (De Rauw-Sablon) comes to Kermt

Very soon Pros wanted to take up the challenge of Brive-Cahors and Orange. These races would suit the "Superkweker Freddy" 4407032/94, who was bought at the total sale of De Rauw-Sablon at the end of 2003. He was bred in the lofts of Freddy Vandenheede in Zingem out the absolute basis couple "Antigoon x 't Krijt"! Have you noticed that Pros Roosen has been very successful with the purchase of the "stock father" from a top loft? He did it with the "Yzeren" and the "Chateauroux" from Jef Vansweefelt, the "Fabiola" from Jef Carlens, the "Paternoster" from Jos Deno from Leefdaal, with the "Chateauroux" from Romain Schots… and now with the "Super breeder Freddy" from De Rauw-Sablon… certainly not the worst in the row.
He is father of super pigeons such as:

- The "Dromer" 4393519/99, superior racing pigeon in the De Rauw-Sablon lofts with the following top performances to his name:
'99 Bourges FCD 2.742 p. 59 Zone 17.622 p. 321 Nat 44.185 p. 503
'99 Argenton FCD 1.398 p. 101 Nat 22.151 p. 1798
'99 La Souterraine 1 Zone 4.974 p. 455 Nat 14.957 p. 1189
'99 La Souterraine 2 Zone 2.989 p. 104 Nat 9.061 p. 369
'00 Bourges FCD 1.245 p. 48 Prov 3.575 p. 93
'00 Chateauroux (3/6) FCD 1.016 p. 11 Intpro 6.832 p. 73
'00 Chateauroux (17/6)FCD 899 p. 6 Intpro 6.838 p. 141
'00 Argenton FCD 876 p. 4 (Club Prize against 339 p) Intpro 7.452 p. 15
'00 Limoges FCD 1.422 p. 7 Zone 8.715 p. 36 Nat. 23.550 p. 120
'01 Bourges 1 FCD 758 p. 6 Nat. 21.593 p. 108
'01 Chateauroux FCD 726 p. 44 Prov. 3.799 p. 193
'01 La Souterraine FCD 618 p. 27 Intpro 5.466 p. 371
'01 Limoges Derby FCD 429 p. 4 (Club 2°prize against 165 p after loft companion) Zone 2.950 p. 46 Nat. 8.882 p. 166
'01 Bourges 2 Zone 4.774 p. 38 (Club 1° prize against 146 p) Nat. 12.161 p. 84
This "Dromer" was bought at the total sale of De Rauw-Sablon by Gerard Koopman from Ermerveen (NL), where he is grandfather of the 1° Nat St.Vincent 25.807 p. in 2007 He is also grandfather of "Blue Ace 095/03" who was 2° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2007 in the lofts of Erik Limbourg.

- "Mr Expensive" who in turn is father of the 1° Nat Orleans NPO 9.670 pigeons by Gerard Koopman in 2007
- "Broer Dromer" is father of the "Lucky 77" who became 1° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2005 by Erik Limbourg.
- The "Kastaar" ring 4393541/99 is also a full brother of the "Dromer", with the following honours to his name:
'99 La Souterraine Nat. 14.957 p. 18
'99 Bourges Nat. 44.185 p. 605
'00 Noyon Club 143 p. 1
'00 Chateauroux FCD 1.016 p. 51
'00 Chateauroux FCD 899 p. 74
'01 Limoges Nat. 8.882 p. 230
'01 Bourges Nat. 12.161 p. 310
'01 Toury 424 p. 13
'01 La Souterraine 618 p. 57
'02 Limoges Nat. 16.945 p. 196
'02 Bourges 1 Nat. 23.952 p. 1828
'02 Bourges 2 Nat. 11.689 p. 618
'03 Limoges Nat. 16.504 p 41 etc…
This 9 year old rascal "Super breeder Freddy" was coupled with the following top hens in the lofts in Kermt:

The "Wittikske Chateauroux" 5241862/03 (daughter of the "Chateauroux") and directly gave the super crack "Blauwen Prins" 5065642/04 who won the following:
2° Prov. Vierzon 6.928 p. '07
4° Nat. Bourges 12.754 p. '05
11° Nat. Bourges 10.759 p. '06

The "Dochter 1° Nat Bourges" 5065272/02 (out the 1° Nat Bourges 9.759 p) gave in 2° generation the top racer "Fantast" 5100731/06 who as a yearling won from 6 races no less than 4 x top with:
6° Laon 538 p.
12° Nanteuil 4.806 p.
19° Melun 1.832 p.
33° Prov Gien 5.031 p.

-The "Geschelpte Vierzon" 5100716/06 won 2° Prov Vierzon 953 p.
-The "Kleindochter Freddy" 5100715/06 (nest sister of the "Geschelpte Vierzon") who won
97° Nat La Souterraine 18.953 p.
351° Nat Argenton 14.534 p.

With this "Top breeder Freddy", Pros once more introduced a 'golden breeding line' into his lofts, which he hopes to couple successfully against the line of his "Primus Inter Pares". Are you curious as to whether this will cause 'new fireworks' in the National Long distance races?



A new challenge, that can hopefully bring some solace for the physical condition that Pros landed in after his operation, whereby he will be confined to his wheelchair for the rest of his life. We, and many others with us, are full of admiration for the "love of life" and the "enthusiasm" that this man conveys, and despite his heavy setbacks he can still throw himself fully into his much loved and favourite pigeon sport. The path to the loft is going to be fully paved so that Pros can ride into his lofts where he can watch everything from the corridor, and still be able to be with his feathered friends… the pigeons which in the past, in addition to international fame, have given him a lot of pleasure and friendship, because performing well from his own loft has always been the main objective of Pros Roosen… everything else was minor, even though it is gladly accepted and he can immensely enjoy the top performances of his pigeons in other lofts!

A beautiful path has been laid to his pigeon loft. Pros can go to the loft by himself and even into the loft so that he can observe everything....


Lofts with world fame
The lofts in Kermt are a school example of the ideal combination: space (the lofts are 4,20 m deep with a spacious corridor in front of the compartments), light and airy… with, in all the compartments: only a few pigeons. An oasis of peace, plenty of oxygen (because there are only a few pigeons), where it is pleasurable for both man and beast… this in combination with a 'wealth of top class' guided by a 'top fancier', one of a kind… lying at the basis of this 'unending' series of remarkable performances in the pigeon sport… and not only in his own loft! The number of fellow sportsmen who are on the 'road to top successes' in the pigeon sport with Pros Roosen-pigeons at the base is just overwhelming. Pros has carefully recorded all the top references over the years. Never seen before… We have limited ourselves to the absolute highlights that Pros has selected for us out of his extremely long list… that illustrate perfectly the image of the Pros Roosen colony: a loft with 'world fame'!

An enumeration from the obtained titles of Pros Roosen during his career!

Gouden Duif van België (Golden pigeon from Belgium).
Superstar Middle distance (De Duif)
General National Champion from the Reisduif (twice)
General National Champion L.C.B.
National Bourges against 9.759 pigeons Olympiad pigeon Grand Canaries
World champion 'Best Loft' Versele Laga Many times General Champion Province Limburg KBDB
Many first Ace pigeons Province Limburg KBDB
4 x General Champion Hafo Middle-Limburg (from 31 associations) in 7 years
Multiple Ace pigeon classifications National KBDB
Primus Inter Pares Barcelona (B.B.C.) '96-> best Barcelona racer over 5 years Barcelona
in the '3-year old classification' (B.B.C.) (Pros has won twice)
in the '2-year old classification' (B.B.C.) '02
General National Champion Belgische Duivensport (Belgian Pigeon sport)
General National Champion Middle distance (Belgische Duivensport)
Multiple 1° Ace pigeon 'De Reisduif'…
In short, a cartload of titles, to many to name here… wherefrom this selection out of the most prominent titles!

The 'bangers' at National level from Bourges in a row '81:
6° Nat. Bourges 6.024 old pigeons (with 5013284/79), also Prov 1.007 pigeons
'91: 18° Nat. Bourges 14.873 Yearlings (with 5328321/90), also Prov 1.426 pigeons
'93: Nat. Bourges 9.759 old pigeons (with 5335977/90), of course Prov 1.210 pigeons
'98: Prov Bourges 2.167 Yearlings (with 5204432/97), national result missing
'01: 83° Nat. Bourges 16.119 Yearlings (with 5150456/00)
'02: 4° Nat. Bourges 23.957 Old pigeons (with 5150456/00)
'03: 78° Nat. Bourges 16.500 Yearlings (with 5065076/02)
'04: 14° Nat. Bourges 14.207 Yearlings (with 5115302/03)
'04: 75° Nat. Bourges 10.182 Old pigeons (with 5065145/02)
'04: 87° Nat. Bourges 14.207 Yearlings (with 5115401/03)
'04: 96° Nat. Bourges 10.182 Old pigeons (with 5065076/02)
'05: 4° Nat. Bourges 12.755 Yearlings (with 5065642/03)
'05: 9° Nat. Bourges 9.893 Old pigeons (with 5115302/03)
'05: 71° Nat. Bourges 9.893 Old pigeons (with 5115469/03)
'06: 8° Nat. Bourges 10.759 Old pigeons (with 5065636/04)
'06: 11° Nat. Bourges 10.759 Old pigeons (with 5065642/04)
'07: 12° Nat. Bourges 11.933 Old pigeons (with 5133416/05)

A selection from the spectacular list of top references!
- 1° Nat Ace pigeon Middle distance KBDB 2005 by Thibaut-Boons, Sombrette (mother is 100% Pros Roosen)
- 1° Nat Ace pigeon Middle distance KBDB 1994 by Jaak Koninckx, Zonhoven (father is 100% Pros Roosen)
- Iwata: was during 5 years no less than 3 x General National Champion from Japan. His colony is based mainly on the Computer-Soontjes line Pros Roosen.
- Rik Custers, Meeuwen: The "Super 36 Pros" raced 10 pure 1° Prizes (without doubles and is a 100% Computer-Soontjens line Pros Roosen
- Dr Eckart Pestner (G) won with a 100% Pros Roosen-pigeon within 4 weeks: 1° from 9.272 p, 1° from 7.732 p, 2° from 6.118 p. Pedigree: Computer line (Soontjes).
- Udo Heyer (G) won with "Charlienne" in 1 year 11 x within the first 19 from an average of 1.500 p. (with 984 ace points). She was the 'best German Ace pigeon' between 1975 and 1991 and had 25% Roosen-blood in the veins: 'Supercrack 327-line'!
- Jos Thoné won the 1° Ace pigeon Centre & East Belgium 2007, mother is a 100% Pros Roosen via the Supercrack 327 + Computer.
- Guido Rego, Spalbeek won 1° One Loft race China 2007 with a descendant out the "Chateauroux-line"!
- Guisson-Van Brabant, Kuringen won 1° Prov Ace pigeon Middle distance KBDB with a 50% P.Roosen.
- Jean Kuyks, Kozen won 1° Prov Beziers with a 50% P.Roosen.
- Armand Schoolmeesters, Spalbeek won 1° Nat Argenton against 22.000 pigeons with a 50% P.Roosen.
- Van Looy-Somers was 1° Nat Champion KBDB Young Pigeons. Their 2° nominated was a 50% P.Roosen.
- Guido Nickmans, Kermt was 3° Nat Ace pigeon Middle distance KBDB, 4° Ace pigeon W.K. Versele Laga with a 100% P.Roosen, line Super cack 327.
- Louis Craps, Diegem was 3° Nat Bourges 9.091 d. with a 50% P.Roosen.
- Herbots Gebr, Halle Booienhoven bred out the line of the "Zus Supercrack 327" no less than 14 National and International winners.
- Hermans-Hoekstra, (NL) won with their "Fenomeentje" the 1° Nat Ace pigeon Netherlands. Here was also a trace of the 'Supercrack 327'-line.
- Jan Jamnik (D) won the 1° Internat Marseille who has on both mother and father's side P.Roosen pedigree (via Gebr.Herbots)
- Josy Rouffa, Membruggen won 1° + 2° Prov Limoges and 7° + 8° Nat Limoges 17.469 p. with pigeons wherein the line Supercrack 327 P.Roosen sat.
- R.Tonski (D) won 1° + 2° + 3° from 25.822 p. with P.Roosen pigeons!
- Jacky Vonckers, Winterslag was 'Car winner' with the 1° Prov Orleans 28.750 p with 100% P.Roosen (Soontjes-Computer line).
- Ludo Mortelmans, Zepperen won 1° Semi-Nat Montlucon 6.890 p. with 50% Primus Interpares-line P.Roosen.
- Appelmans-From Brabant, Alken wins 1° Prov St.Witz 4.356 p. (50% P.Roosen).
- Geert & Clara Philips, Grembergen win 1° Nat Bourges 14.773 p. with a strip Supercrack 327-line in the pedigree!
- Leon Jacobs, Tremalo wins 1° Semi-Nat Chateauroux 14.138 p. with also a touch of Computer-Soontjes mixed in.
- Jaak Koninckx, Zonhoven wins 1° Prov Bourges 5.646 p. with 50% Computer-Soontjes P.Roosen.
- Cyrille Cams, Spalbeek wins 6° Nat Barcelona 11.802 p '06 and 287° Nat Barcelona 12.245 p '04 with the blood of the 'Primus Interpares'-line.
- Pedro Lopes, Portugal wins 1° Prov 4.015 p, and 1° Prov 4.989 p with 75% Soontjes blood P.Roosen.
- H & H. Verschueren, Zingem win with their "Pros" the 1° Nat. Argenton, who is a direct Pros Roosen pigeon!
- Mark Bollen, St.Lambrechts Herk, his "F 16" raced 17 x 1° Prizes (without doubles) with a 100% P.Roosen, Computer line!

- Geert Schepers, Zolder wins 1° Nat Bourges 12.766 Yearlings and fastest from 55.386 pigeons with a 50% P.Roosen (Computer-Soontjes).
- Theo Corthouts, Tessenderlo wins 1° Nat Limoges 10.291 p + 2° Semi-Nat Argenton 8.095 p with the same pigeon that is 50% Supercrack 327-line!
- Hugo Vlaeminck, Rupelmonde won with a "Kleinzoon Hond" 35 prizes from 36 baskettings and this pigeon classified 3 years in a row as respectively 1°, 2°, 1° Ace pigeon! Also here 50% Computer line P.Roosen!
- Jos Deno, Leefdaal won 1° Prov Limoges 1.253 p with 25% P.Roosen Computer line!
- Albert Willems, Eisden wins 1° Semi-Nat Jarnac 6.856 p. with 25% Primus Interpares-line!
- Robert Vernyns, Kermt wins 1° Prov Orleans 2.588 p, 1° Prov Orleans 2.827 p and 2° Prov Ace pigeon Middle distance KBDB with 50% Computer P.Roosen!
- N& E.Didden, Neeroeteren won 7° Nat 11.278 p and 38° Nat 23.078 p (with the same pigeon), with 50% "Chateauroux"-line!
- Geladi Rene, Stokrooie wins 1° Prov Orleans 4.011 p. and is fastest from about 19.000 p. (line Supercrack 327).
- Hugo Bogaerts, Kuringen achieved 1° Prov Dax 498 p, and 2° Prov Perpignan 1.063 p. (mother 100% Fabiola P.Roosen).
- Jean Brabant, Kuringen won 1° Prov Chateauroux 1.877 p with a 100% Soontjes-Computer P.Roosen.
- K.H. Schneider (D) wins 1° Nat. Barcelona 3.579 p and 8° Internat 24.947 p (line Supercrack 327).
- Fresson-Appeltans, Cors op Leeuw win 1° Prov Orleans 15.000 p. + Car winner (50% P.Roosen).
- Mantels & Zn, Lummen win 1° Prov Ace pigeon Middle distance KBDB with 50% P.Roosen (Computer-Soontjes).
- Guido Rego, Spalbeek won with his super pigeon "Gentleman" the 3° Chateauroux 9.432 p, 3° Vierzon 2.605 p, and 28° Montlucon 7.381 p… also here is once again the "Computer-Soontjes"-line at the basis!!

And this is only a concise summary of the highlights out of this 'bible of top references! Who, anywhere in the world can produce such a list, so as the 'world citizen' Pros Roosen! You would have to search far and wide…

Toppigeons Pros Roosen loft - Kermt