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Roger & Nick Thys (Hallaar, BE) win Sermaises in Antwerp

On the May 11 Sermaises, they clocked the fastest pigeon out of a total of 7,712 old and yearlings at a speed of 1213 m/min.

Summer top weekend May 11

It was obvious that pigeon fanciers had already been looking forward to it; that first bright top weekend. Sunny, temperatures of 25° at noon, and the wind right on the nose. All the right ingredients were present during the Ascension weekend of May 11. These were truly weather conditions in which nothing or no one could play hide and seek. This was a race for the real 'experts', 'flyers with 'power' in their wings... pigeons with the necessary capacities to distinguish themselves in tough flying weather - and believe us, not all pigeons can do this! - and... an ideal test of the fitness of the race team. Comparable to the first mountain stage in cycling. Such flying conditions do not lie. Because there are only 2 possible conclusions: pigeons that arrived 20 minutes, half an hour or even more... after the first prize winner, because they were not up to the task or because there was (still) something wrong with their general fitness. There are no other excuses. Because the pigeons were certainly not blown away in one direction or another, as can happen with a west to southeast wind. At most, they were blown backwards because they could not follow the leaders. Survival of the fittest! 
Pigeons with "class" and "top condition" at the front. Rough, but fair, flying conditions. Because, like during the other short distance flights, the arrivals from Sermaises were rather slow, the winning slots sometimes even stayed open for 1 hour or longer. Then, as a fancier, you know that it was a hard race and that a lot of pigeons had to give it their all. Yes, some of them certainly suffered. Time to focus on a quick recovery. 

Roger and Nick Thys triumph

Flying conditions that were clearly a welcome challenge for the top colony of Roger and Nick Thys. They clocked the fastest pigeon from Sermaises in Antwerp out of a total of 7,712 pigeons. Also in Hallaar - the town that gained world fame in pigeon racing thanks to the world famous 'Fieneke 5000' of Flor Vervoort - Roger and Nick had to wait more than 9 minutes for their 2nd pigeon. This one was on place 22 in the top-100 of arrivals ... it says a lot about the top performance that the winner - a yearling hen by the way - spread her wings and went for it. Young talent! This top pigeon also managed to distinguish herself last year on the last two national races for youngsters of the 2023 season, from Argenton and Chateauroux. 

-Blauw BE23-6019173

1. Sermaises, fastest of 7,712 p. in Antwerp
1. Hafo RM 1,585 p. 
1. Hafo RMT 2,400 p. 

She stems from the core of Roger and Nick Thys' colony, the core of their success colony:
Father: Witte Neus BE20-6185783 
A true top pigeon himself with the following title(s) and top performances on his list of honor:
19. Nat. Ace pigeon GHF KBDB 2020
35. Nat. Bourges – 28.551 p. 
45. Nat. Bourges – 11.925 p.
158. Nat. Châteauroux – 15.322 p. 
238. Nat. Argenton – 23.280 p.
377. Nat La Souterraine – 4.907 p.

Moreover, he is a son of progenitor Thor BE14-403, who in turn is son of White 6, the old progenitor. Thor was paired here with Maria BE15-010 (a Gaston Vd Wouwer). This Thor is himself:
-father 6. Nat Ace pigeon GHF YL KBDB 
-vader 19. Nat Ace pigeon GHF Young KBDB
-grandfather 1. Nat Ace pigeon GHF YL KBDB
-grandfather 7. Nat Ace pigeon GHF Young KBDB

Mother: Lorette BE18-6109589
A superior breeder mother coming from August De Volder, and herself already mother of: 
2. Nat. Ace pigeon Kleine HF KBDB 2022
1. prov. Ace pigeon KHF KBDB 2022
1. Melun – 2.850 p.
3. Melun – 2.784 p. 
22. Fay aux Loges – 5.959 p.
24. Melun – 2.803 p.

Moreover, Lorette is the own sibling of "Gikke," who is the father of "Lotte.

1. Nat. Ace pigeon GHF YL  KBDB 2022
17. Nat. Châteauroux – 5.720 p. 
24. Nat. Guéret – 12.208 p. 
66. Nat. Bourges – 10.366 p. 
77. Nat. Issoudun -12.349 p.

Gikke is further fathered by:

-BE22-6034021: 4. prov. Ace pigeon after 3 loftmates
3. Melun – 2.850 p. … 6. Melun – 2.784 p.
8. Sermaises – 1,444 p. … 21. Prov. Vierzon – 1.189 p.
36. Fay aux Loges – 5.959 p. … 36. Melun – 1.375 p.
140. Nat. Argenton – 13.096 p. … 189. Nat. Argenton – 15.210 p.

-BE23-6019177:  11. Nat. Ace pigeon Allround KBDB 2023
9. Sermaises – 1.703 p. … 65. Sermaises – 8.091 p.
217. Nat. Argenton – 18.837 p.

-‘BE23-6019178’: 23. Nat. Ace pigeon GHFKBDB 2023

-‘BE23-6019118’: 57. Nat. Argenton – 18.837 p.  … 262. Nat. Châteauroux – 13.8520 p.

What a pedigree. What a 'class' pigeon!
As the pigeons of the small middle distance were brought back a week earlier due to bad weather, this Sermaises was a wonderful opener of the middle distance season. With a beautiful winner, the rather small but strong colony of Roger and Nick Thys. A top performance to say the least. No question about it. 
A promising feat that must instill confidence in Hallaar ahead of the national classics from the 25th of May. A colony to keep an eye on. And for now ... congratulations on this feat!