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Roger Lowe & His ‘Orbital Lofts’ Go the Full Circle

Roger Lowe has been a well known and ultra successful fancier in England now over a considerable period of time. The reason why I use the play on words with the title to this piece is quite simply that is what Roger and his ‘Orbital Lofts’ have done have certainly ‘gone the full circle’ and the meaning will become clear in this short report.

  In the early days Roger raced in tandem with his close friend Terry Hudson as Hudson & Lowe and for many years they were the scourge of Berkshire and all around with their wonderful ‘Planet Brothers’ Janssen x Van Loon. It was common and well chronicled knowledge that the Planet Brothers camped outside Louis Van Loon’s home in a camper van until Louis agreed to sell them many  of his very best bloodlines. Hudson & Lowe became one of the main beneficiaries of this bold and far sighted action. Over the years that followed both lofts enjoyed unprecedented successes.

    Later Roger invested heavily in the pigeons of Theo Hartogs of Bladel and once again the fabulous results continued in the ‘sprint and shorter channel’ races. The observant reader will see that a pattern has emerged here in the fact that Roger Lowe has always sought and where possible bought the very best winning racing pigeons. It’s very simple really ‘Orbital Lofts’ either gets the best or says ‘thanks but no thanks’ and walks away.

   This policy has continued since Roger made the decision to ‘go full circle’ and concentrate on the longer distance National and Classic events. This is a path that many successful fanciers choose to follow and once again ‘amongst the best lofts’ were approached by Roger and one of his first targets was the amazing Marcel Aelbrecht the ‘Ace of Lebbeke’. Most will be well aware that Marcel was the KBDB National Long Distance Ace Loft in 2005 and he repeated the ‘trick ‘again in 2006. I visited the Aelbrecht loft myself a short while later and it was ‘clear as day’ that Marcel has wonderful birds and his colony was based on the De Rauw-Sablon family and everyone knows the demand that exists for this ‘National Ace winning’ strain.

    The wisdom of his decision was beautifully highlighted in 2011 when ‘Orbital Lofts’ won no less than three National and Classic races a red chequer hen ‘Fast as Lightning won 1st British Barcelona Club from Fougeres against 1494 birds and ‘Euro Supreme’ was first in the Old Hens race in the same event. Then a fine Young bird won 1st Open Central Southern Classic Club from Caretan from an entry of 2258 birds.

   The Aelbrecht birds are a sizeable part of this latest chapter in the Roger Lowe success story. Included in the lofts purchase include a grandchild of the well famed ‘Bak 17’ pair another superbly bred bird is ‘Magic Man’ who is sire of a 3rd National Flying Club Saintes winner. ‘Sweet 69’ is another beauty and she bred another good bird which won 3rd British Barcelona Club. A superb racer is ‘Speed Guy’ who as well as topping the Federation won 20th National Saintes 4131 birds. These birds and other well thought out acquisitions will see to it that Roger’s ‘Orbital Lofts’ never regret the decision to ‘go full circle’.