Roger Lens (Koersel, BE) wins national race from Montluçon against 21,473 yearlings

It was a stunning weekend for Roger Lens from Koersel (Limburg), winner of the national race from Montluçon against 21,473 yearlings. His amazing blue coloured cock covered 561km with a velocity of 1655.36 m/min.

Roger Lens (56), a retired mine worker from Koersel in the province of Limburg has had an amazing weekend! He basketed two old birds (two nestmates!) and four yearlings for Montluçon and they all managed to achieve a good result.  In the old birds’ category he is currently ranked 18th. This weekend’s highlight however was the national victory in the yearlings’ race. Roger maintains his loft together with his wife Daniëlle. He is a modest fancier and he was not at all upset by the attention he received after his national victory. As usual he kept his cool and he enjoyed the impressive performance of his BE12-5054392. When asked if the national winner had a name yet, he simply said: “No, I wouldn’t know what to call him”.

Great weekend

Most pigeons achieved a velocity of 1600 m/min and more last weekend. We can imagine there were quite a few pigeons which enjoyed doing a less difficult race this weekend, especially when we consider the demanding circumstances for Bourges, Châteauroux and Poitiers. It appears that the pigeons of Roger Lens are in great shape. The provincial results are official so we take a look at his achievements:

2212 old birds: 14-512 (2/2)
1976 yearlings: 1-78-251-351 (4/4)

Lens’s national winner BE12-5054392-12 knows how to win top prizes. He was an Ace Pigeon in the union already as a young bird and he won ten prizes in the 2012 season, including eight per ten. These are some of the best results of this national winner:

Montluçon nat.   1/21,473
Sezanne          5/491
Sezanne prov.    40/9,694
Nanteuil         4/591
Orléans          12/699
Laon             16/1,133
Laon             26/766
Marne La Vallée  34/241
Melun            38/1,173
Chimay           81/1,189
Laon             93/1081

The sire of the national winner is the BE09-5039265, a pure Jos & Jules Engels pigeon that was obtained from his friend Jozef Frans from Zolder, who had purchased a round of eggs from Engels. This sire was bred from a son of Den Argenton (First Nat. Argenton, first prov. Orléans) x Het Salbrieke (1st prov. Salbris), paired to a daughter of Halfbroer Marieke (Olympiad Pigeon Liévin) x Kleindochter 178-94 and Wittenbuik Gaby Vandenabeele. The dam of the national winner, the BE06-5085944, is a pigeon from fellow villager Patrick Welkenhuysen and has the bloodlines of Pros Roosen and Ludo Panis (Diepenbeek). Click here for the pedigree of the dam.

A small collection

The interesting thing about our sport is that every fancier can win top prizes, no matter the size of their collection. Lens is a pigeon fancier with a small collection. His loft houses no more than 20 widowers, about 60 young birds and eight breeding pairs. The national winner was raced on traditional widowhood. The young birds were weaned and the widowers were placed in the aviary for an oxygen cure after the winter breed. The pigeons were not paired anymore afterwards. The cocks were back in their lofts three weeks before the start of the racing season.

Five weeks ago the widowers of Lens had a very disappointing result as they could not win a single prize on Saturday and Sunday. Roger realised he had to change things around and he decided to give them a Soludox cure. His pigeons have been doing very well since. In addition he gave his pigeons a quarter of a tablet of Flagyl against trichomoniasis when they were brooding during the winter breed. A friend of Roger comes by regularly to check for trichomoniasis infections. However, his pigeons did not need any additional treatment.

For the feed Roger mainly relies on the mixtures of the Beyers company. At the beginning of the week he uses a mixture of 50% Super Diet and 50% Super Widowhood; for the last two days he switches to Super Widowhood only. He also uses the traditional products such as bear yeast, vitamins and a regular portion of alcohol acid in the drinking bowl.

In addition to his collection of Engels and Welkenhuisen pigeons Roger Lens also has pigeons from Valere Magchiels (from Koersel as well), Jean Molenberghs (Heusden), Jozef Jans (Zolder) and a great breeding cock from the Herbots brothers (Halle-Booienhoven).