Roger Debusschere’s ‘Ludo Claessens Collection’ ending this weekend!

With the arrival of Roger Debusschere’s ‘Ludo Claessens Collection’ PIPA is putting one of Europe’s most important collections up for sale. The Claessens pigeons are still some of the most desired pigeons in the whole wide world, simply because the few specimens scattered around the globe deliver the best of results.

For example, Thomas Bremen from Germany informed PIPA that last week he had won first prize in the One Million Dollar Race of South-Africa with a grandchild of the “Jonge Supercrack”, i.e. a Ludo Claessens strain pigeon. This is but one example of the many Claessens references that have spawned over these last few years.

The coming Claessens collection is featuring among other 3 children of “Jonge Supercrack”, the top breeder that was sold to China for 110,000 EURO, and many more. In total we will be auctioning 22 original Claessens pigeons in addition to a group of strictly selected young pigeons bred directly from Claessens pigeons.

Below you will find a summary of all pigeons. You can find the entire auction by clicking “Pigeons for Sale” in the menu.