Roger & David Pierre (Pecrot, BE) have another great season in 2016

Father and son Pierre have been very successful in 2016, having won an impressive five (inter)provincial victories, along with many more top prizes. It is fair to say that the combination has continued to perform really well season after season.

A brief history

Roger Pierre has been one of the top players in pigeon racing in Wallonia for almost 20 years. The Roger & David Pierre combination was founded when his son David turned 12. The pigeon family from Pecrot can be considered a very versitale breed. The old pigeon family based on super class breeders Pegasus and Little Pau Collard was further enhanced with the best bloodlines of Jos Deno-Herbots (Leedaal, BE) and the lines of Blauwe Bliksem, Kleine Wittenbuik, Beckham and Clyde of Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem, BE). These lines were then crossed with pigeons of Stéphane Depasse, Maurice & Ivan Vandersmissen, Ivan Vanvuchelen, etc.

Beckham Jr., an invaluable stock breeder

Many fanciers will spend their entire career searching for one exceptionally talented breeder. Well, Roger & David were fortunate enough to have such a top class breeder in their collection from the very beginning: Beckham Jr. is a direct Deno-Herbots bred from Beckham x Jewel. He is a full brother of Gina, which became 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance in 2007. Beckham Jr. quickly developed into an invaluable breeding pigeon for team Pierre, breeding up to four generations of first prize winners!

Another great season

2016 was another memorable season for this combination, and they will probably add a few more championship titles to their palmares in the coming weeks. The team had won 73 clear first prizes by mid-August, or 144 first prizes if you include the doubles. They won five (inter)provincial victories this season (from Bourges, Tulle, Lorris, Argenton, and La Souterraine) and they had an impressive prize percentage of 61.80% across all disciplines.

BE13-1510641 Messina, 1st Interprovincial Bourges 2,715 old birds

This wonderful hen took a well deserved win in the interprovincial race from Bourges on 24th of July. She beat 2,714 old birds with a velocity of 1,249.27 m/min, which made her the fastest pigeon in the race. She had won a 20th and 15th prize from Bourges aginst 2,188 and 1,318 pigeons eaerlier on, as well as a 5th prize from Gien against 918 pigeons.

Messina is a daughter of Messi, which became 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon middle distance in 2009. Messi won 42 prizes over the course of his career, including 29 prizes per 10. He is in turn a son of stock breeder Beckham Jr. The dam of Messina is Hasia, a half sister of Tia, winner of a 1st National La Souterraine 2008 against 4,660 pigeons for R & P Draeye. Click here to learn more about the pedigree of Messina.

BE15-1094037 Jannus, 1st Interprovincial Tulle 762 pigeons

Jannus is a great racing bird as well. He won a 1st Provincial against 762 pigeons from Tulle, finishing in 31st place national against 7,283 pigeons. His palmares also includes a 10th prize from Chateauroux against 1,637 pigeons and a 12th prize from Lorris against 619 pigeons.

Jannus is a son of Romulus x Elektra. Romulus is the sire of Lukéa, 6th National Ace Pigeon KBDB middle distance 2012 and a full brother of Lola, 1st National Argenton for Deno-herbots. Elektra is another daughter of Beckham Jr., and winner of a 27th prize against 4,638 pigeons and a 46th prize against 6,356 pigeons, both from Chateauroux. You can take a look at the full pedigree of Jannus here.

BE13-1510679 Aarjen, 1st Interprovincial Lorris 561 old birds

Besides his (inter)provincial victory from Lorris Aarjen also won a 1st 484 pigeons from Soissons, a 2nd 294 pigeons from Soissons, and a 4th 482 pigeons from Lorris earlier this season.

The sire of Aarjen is Robben, 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB middle distance 2010 and 5th Olympiad Pigeon Cat. H in 2011, and Robben is a grandchild of Beckham Jr. The dam of Aarjen is Suzzy, which is the dam of Dream Lady, 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon longer middle distance 2013 and winner of a 1st Interprovincial Pithiviers against 1,244 pigeons. The full pedigree of Aarjen can be found here.

BE16-1101415, 1st Interprovincial Argenton 1,448 pigeons

This pigeon also won a 103rd national prize against 19,592 pigeons. Click here for the pedigree.

BE16-1101450 Thémiss, 1st Interprovincial La Souterraine 1,020 pigeons

She also won a 65th national prize against 16,613 pigeons. Thémiss is a direct daughter of stock sire Beckham Jr. The dam is Shaina, 1st Olympiad Pigeon Cat. B Hungary. You can find the full pedigree here.

Some top results

It would be impossible to include all top results in this article, so we made an overview of the combination's most important achievements:

Nanteuil (01/05): 383 olds: 1-2-12-13-14-19-29… (18/24)
Toury (07/05): 311 olds : 1-4-5-6-8-13-14-18-20… (13/18)
Blois (21/05): U.B: 1980 YLs : 31-72-112   (3/4)
Bourges (10/06): AWC: 2585 YLs : 79-109-161-273… (7/8)
Montluçon (17/06): Provincial: 282 YLs : 3-9-11-14-27-28… (13/18)
Argenton (24/06): N1000: 1773 olds : 13-38-195… (9/14)
Toury (24/06): PCF: 676 YLs : 8-9-11-12-24-31-65… (12/20)
Bourges (02/07): EPR: 1315 olds : 18-60-75-131   (4/4)
La Souterraine (03/07): D-H: 433 YLs : 19-20-33-52… (8/11)
La Souterraine (03/07): N1000: 1127 olds : 2-30-37-101-152… (5/8)
Châteauroux (16/07): N1000: 1425 olds : 47-84-112… (5/6)
Châteauroux (16/07): N1000: 1637 YLs : 4-10-45-108-112… (12/20)
Bourges (24/07): AWC: 2715 olds : 1-4-85-123-175-223   (6/6)
Bourges (24/07): AWC: 798 olds : 4-9-12-41… (6/11)
Momignies (30/07): Régional: 436 YBs : 1-11-59… (5/5)
Toury (30/07): PCF: 350 olds : 3-6-28-31-35… (9/13)
Tulle (30/07): EPR: 814 olds : 59-111-190-197 (4/4)
Vierzon (30/07): U.B.: 1023 olds : 13-47-238 (3/3)
Vierzon (30/07): AWC: 1158 YLs : 10-19-31-49… (6/8)
Argenton (13/08): N1000: 1305 YBs : 1-5-8-25… (11/19)
Laon (13/08): Régional: 235 YBs : 1-7-66 (3/3)

Victorious in almost every race

Over the years the pigeons from Pecrot have won almost everything there is to win in pigeon racing. The exceptional descendants of Beckham Jr. have enabled Roger & David to achieve some impressive results season after season. We assume they will continue to perform well in 2017, with pigeons that compete at the highest level.