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Rik Cools (Ruiselede, BE) wins 1st Zonal Chateauroux

Rik Cools his racing team delivered a spectacular performance on Chateauroux. Taking the complete podium in the club against 1,402 pigeons and on top of that the zonal victory.

1st , 2nd and 3rd against 1,402 old birds and 1st and 2nd against 895 yearlings

Rik basketed 12 pigeons for the classic from Chateauroux in the famous club NKV in Kortrijk. Despite the strong competition, he was triumphant. Gold, zilver and brons in the old birds race and also in the yearlings race he occupies multiple podium spots; a double victory. A fantastic stunt, under fair conditions across this 500km race. Not only these podium spots stand out, but the whole result was outstanding on a provincial and zonal level as well. Yet another highlight in Rik's rich pigeon sport career. The results were as follows: 

Club :     1,402 Old birds : 1-2-3-7-26-34-36-41-119-... and 11 prizes out of 12 

                   895 Yearlings : 1-2-6-25-30-... and 8 prizes out of 9

Prov. :       7,286 Old birds : 4-5-16-37-127-146-168-189-... and 11 prizes out of 12

                4,726 Yearlings : 2-13-33-102-126-... and 8 prizes out of 9

Zonal       3,795 Old birds : 3-4-12-20-70-... and 11 prizes out of 12

                 2,630 Yearlings : 1-9-17-53-... and 8 prizes out of 9

Beautiful tribute of 'Grijsje' to Astere Vergotte ...

Grijsje (BE21-4111433) was the winner on Chateauroux, however she wasn't born on Rik his lofts. At the end of 2020, Rik bought a voucher of the neighboring legendary fancier Astere Vergotte from Aalter to support the local club. Not much later, he was allowed to pick out a youngster on the lofts of Astere from the first round in 2021. This youngster immediately showed to be a winner, taking 1st Clermont against 400 pigeons and 1st Fontenay against 303 pigeons... with these results she had earned a spot on the racing lofts where she now rewards the confidence Rik had in her with the 1st Club Chateauroux against 1,402 p., 1st Zonal against 2,630 p. and 2nd Provincial against 4,726 pigeons. Thanks to Astere Vergotte, Rik Cools discovered racing with hens. As peers at school they always talked about pigeon racing and the (in that time) new upcoming racing methods with hens. It is therefore especially unfortunate that Astere can not join in the celebration of what Grijse achieved...he sadly past away in Januari ... Rik would like to thank the Vergotte family for all those years of friendship and this fantastic gift: Grijsje paid tribute to the Vergrotte name. 


Felicienne (BE20-3106463) arrived in Ruiselede a minute later than the winner, which was good for a 2nd Club against 1,402 p., 4th Zonal against 3,795 p. and 5th Prov. against 7,286 pigeons. She too, is a true crack that has managed top results during previous races. Her palmares include the following prizes: 2nd Blois against 6,112 p., 44th Fontenay against 8,334 p., 27th Chateauroux against 4,336 p., 41st Blois against 6,042 p., 8th Bourges against 1,161 p.,...interestingly, she is an inbred product of the lines of super hen Christa (BE11-3073298). In other words: a gem! 

Gloria (BE21-3076653) made the podium complete in the largest club of Belgium; Kortijk. She won 3rd Club against 1,402 p., 9th Zonal against 2,630 p. and 13th Prov. against 4,226 pigeons. Gloria had previously peaked on Blois, Orleans, Chateauroux, ...   

After this phenomenal result, all eyes will be on the Cools colony during the upcoming races. The competition took a hit and will be on guard the coming weeks. Superman Cools and his athletes are eager to power through the rest of the 2022 season!