Rik Cools (Ruiselede, BE) in the foreground from start to finish in 2022

For the Cools colony, 2022 was another year full of highlights. For an entire season, these athletes were at the forefront of the battlefield.

Rik Cools from Ruiselede, on the border between West and East Flanders, has been at the top of the middle distance in the country since the 1990s. Year after year, this loft corroborates its strength in the most popular races on the calendar.

After having achieved several major victories and titles in previous years, 2022 was no different.

As usual, the hens were the stronger sex again in 2022

It is well known in pigeon land that a number of exceptional athletes come to the forefront every year at the Cools house. Rik is, after all, THE hen specialist. For that reason we’ve written a short presentation of a few ladies who acted at a high level in 2022 below:

Felicienne (BE20-3106463) had already achieved excellent results as a youngster and yearling and thus also continued with that drive, as a 2-year old in 2022. Including a 2° club from Chateauroux against 1,402 pigeons, 4° zonal against 3,795 p. and 5° Provincial against no less than 7,286 pigeons, this class hen was again one of the eye-catchers of the Cools colony. It should come as no surprise that this Felicienne is an inbred product from the well-known Christa tree (BE11-3073298), the 1° Provincial Ace pigeon KBDB of Rik’s from the recent past.

Christa: one of the pillars of the Cools colony

Gella (BE21-3062685) is another very solid product from the same Christa tree. In 2022 this beautiful hen won a.o.: 1° Clermont, 1° Montoire, 3° Clermont, 7° Chateauroux against 1,402 p., 11° Chateauroux against 1,302 p., 17° Chateauroux against 2,630 p., 28° Montoire against 1,034 p., 33° Argenton against 594 p., 54° Argenton against 5,160 p., ... all absolute top prizes in the middle distance races. In other words: Gella is also a typical Cools pigeon with her eyes only on the top prizes!

Greta (BE21-3076763) is certainly a hen that should not be missing on this list. As a daughter of Sander (BE16-3086640), who became 1° Provincial Ace pigeon KBDB in 2019, Greta proves that the apple did not fall very far from the tree: results in 2022 include; 1° Clermont, 2° Montoire, 3° Clermont, 22° Clermont, 28° Argenton against more than 5,000 pigeons, 61° Chateauroux against more than 1,300 pigeons, Argenton again a top-100 listing against a number of competitors, ...

Sander: himself a former Ace pigeon and father of star racer Greta

Also a very strong batch of youngsters in 2022

The team of youngster pigeons of Rik Cools also managed to manifest itself extremely successfully during the tough season that 2022 has been. The BE22-3026399 is a topper with an impressive list of achievements, as this young hen has already achieved the following: Montoire 4° / 2.325 p., Clermont 5° / 261 p., Saint-Just. 18° / 543 p., Pontoise 19° / 7.344 p., Arras 24° / 412 p., Clermont 28° / 591 p., Fontenay 81° / 5.073 p., ... and the title of 4° Provincial Ace pigeon KBDB All-Round on top of all that. Another great example from the famous Christa tree!

Another promising bird is BE22-3064805, which is in no way inferior to her loft mate: Clermont 1° / 894 p., Arras 2° / 412 p., Clermont 4° / 261 p., Arras 5° / 551 p. , Pontoise 6° / 520 p. ,... with such hens the future looks very bright in the lofts in Ruiselede ...

Brilliant references again in 2022

A champion of the quality that Rik Cools is, is always extremely satisfied when his breed is successful in other lofts. And just like in previous years, the references are flowing in smoothly after the end of the season ... Peter Van Landuyt from Aalter wins the 1° club, and 11° National from Tulle against just under 5,000 pigeons with his BE21-3076770. The father of this national top pigeon is Georges Junior (BE17-3094424), who, by the way, is a grandson of Rik's famous super hen Christa (BE11-3073298).

Good friend Chris Debacker from Beveren-Leie has a true crack in his lofts with the BE22-3064830 thanks to Cools: 8° Orleans against 7.324 pigeons , 21° Montoire against 3.354 p., 70° Montoire against no less than 6.382 pigeons, also a 168 ° provincial from Fontenay against 5.073 pigeons, ... this concerns a cock from Feline (BE20-3092444) the 4° National Limoges against 9.218 p. As a grandmother, we see the name of Elodie Ace (BE19-3029408) appearing in the pedigree. And this is the 2° National Ace Pigeon KBDB from 2019.

At Leo & Gerry Dockx from Koningshooikt, a sister of Guiseppe (BE21-3076863) is the mother of their 5° National Bourges against 23,846 pigeons. Last year Guiseppe was the 1° National Ace pigeon KBDB.

Elodie Ace: other lofts also reap the benefits of her enormous class

The name Rik Cools now sounds loudly in pigeon circles all over the world. Due to the enormous class of the pigeons and the accompanying craftsmanship of top fancier Rik, this breed has risen to the absolute top of our sport. That many others who came to strengthen themselves on this rich source also succeed in this is the best proof that we are dealing with a colony that is dripping with class. Year after year at such a lonely height means that the bar also has to be set high.