Rien van Oss was the force behind Team van Oss (Velddriel,NL)

Team van Oss (Velddriel, NL) in volle glorie
Rien van Oss departed from this world in July of last year. He was the driving force behind Team van Oss. His well-thought-out strategies were the key to many of their success. We are honoured to be able to show you his legacy.

Rien van Oss

Rien van Oss departed in July at the age of 72. We knew Rien as a fervent pigeon fancier. One last time we would like to tell his tale, from the moment that the pigeon became prominent in his life and his march to success started, especially in the earliest years. Rien was born in Oss and descends from a true pigeon family. Both his father and his brother Frans had pigeons, but as was not uncommon back then, Rien was not welcome at either of their lofts. He would only be a disruption to the peace of the lofts. For that reason, Rien only really got to know the sport after he met his sweetheart Diny, where he was welcome to get involved with the pigeons. The father of Diny departed at a young age, after which Rien continued in the pigeon sport with the pigeons Diny’s father left behind. This happened during the middle of the `70s` when Rien lived in Engelen together with Diny. The pigeons of the father of Diny were settled at the lofts in Engelen and even then Rien was blessed with a very special pigeon. De rooie 66 was already a famous pigeon at the time. Constantly Rien was asked how early de rooie 66 was this time. But as is too often the case, the rooie 66 was lost on his very last flight before he would be moved to the breeding loft. Another pigeon that has a special place within the pigeon carrier of Rien is the Napoleon 100000. This too is a pigeon with a special story. Rien was friends with Geert Jan Braam, an excellent fancier from the Brabrantian Hintham.  One day the wife of Geert Jan left the loft with the pigeons that had never flown out before, open. One of those pigeons was a descendant of Napoleon (1st national Ace Pigeon). When the pigeon was reported and Rien went to the upper part of the country to pick it up, he was allowed to keep the pigeon by Geert Jan. It turned out to be a huge blessing. Nearly every hen with which Napoleon 100000 was paired resulted in 1st prize winners. Rien had an extremely high opinion of that pigeon. As is clearly shown by his words. “If I still had that pigeon, I might have become a second Gerard Koopman.”

An old picture of Rien

Making it big with Hooymans pigeons

Rien and his son visiting Team Hooymans

The first real breakthrough of Team van Oss happened from 2010 onward. It is from that moment that there was somThe first proven breeder from the NL07-2007621 Harry is NL12-1784176 Het Harriëtje. Harry was coupled to a sister of Dolce Vita, an icon in the Dutch pigeon sport. Het Harriëtje produced a legion of wonderbirds. She is a.o. mother of;e serious investment in quality birds. It is only natural that Jan Hooymans from the nearby Kerkdriel was also approached. No less than 7 children were sold from the famous Harry of Jan Hooymans; four of those children have more than deserved the title of top breeder. We would like to introduce those four children of Harry to you below.

NL12-1784176 Het Harriëtje

NL12-1784176 Het Harriëtje, daughter of Harry

De eerste bewezen kweekster uit de NL07-2007621 Harry is NL12-1784176 Het Harriëtje. Daarbij werd Harry gekoppeld aan een zus van Dolce Vita, een icoon in de Nederlandse duivensport. Het Harriëtje heeft een legioen aan topduiven voortgebracht. Zij is o.a. moeder van; 

7th National Ace Pigeon Long-Distance NPO 2019
9th Provincial Ace Pigeon Young Birds 2020
2nd Pont St. Maxence 15323 p.
9th NPO Vierzon 2371 p.
12th Sezanne 11709 p.
20th NPO Vierzon 2671 p.
23th NPO Chateauroux 3243 p.

NL13-1395608 Harry 608

NL13-1395608 Harry 608 a superbreeder directly from phenomenonHarry

The investment into NL13-1395608 Harry 608 most definitely made its return many times over. This cock, where Harry was coupled against an inbred pigeon after the famed Kannibal of Dirk & Louis van Dijck, was a.o. Grandfather of Olympic Yoni, who was part of the Dutch Olympic Selection for the Olympiad in Romania which took place earlier this year as the 3rd Dutch Olympic Pigeon Allround 2020/2021. You can read everything about this incredible hen in an article that was published earlier on PIPA. Besides her Harry 608 is the father of a.o.;

2nd NPO Chateauroux 3243 p.
5th Nationaal 10300 p.
4th St. Quentin 10974 p.
4th Niergnies 7027 p.
7th NPO St. Quentin 7407 p.

NL15-1849509 Kopie Harry

NL15-1849509 Kopie Harry, direct son of Harry

The NL15-1849509 Kopie Harry is once again a son of Harry where Harry was coupled to a granddaughter of the Kannibaal of Dirk & Louis van Dijck. Kopie Harry has left a firm mark on the performances of Team van Oss. Children have won a.o.;

8th Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2021
23rd National Ace Pigeon Long Distance NPO 2019
4th Lessines 2628 p.
7th NPO Pont St. Maxence 3859 p.
7th NPO Vierzon 2655 p.
9th Laon 3790 p.
16th NPO Chateauroux 2863 p.
17th NPO Bourges 4803 p.
18th Nat.(S3) Melun 8289 p.
18th Bourges (NU) 8019 p.

NL16-1663449 Lady Harry

NL16-1663449 Lady Harry is possibly the best breeder to have come from Harry

In a separate article, which will soon be published at PIPA, we will properly and extensively introduce you to NL16-1663449 Lady Harry. Lady Harry is one of the best breeding hens that has been produced by the phenomenon Harry.

Grandchildren of Harry complete the impressive Hooymans collection

The investments at Jan Hooymans were not limited to purchasing the earlier mentioned children from his famous Harry. Several grandchildren of the long-distance wonder were also relocated to the breeding lofts of Team van Oss in Velddriel. Children from a.o. . NL14-1219811 New Harry (1st Niergnies 14737 p. and 1st Pont St. Maxence 12894 p.) and NL12-1784621 Beauty Harry (father of a.o. New Harry and Max, the Best Young Bird in the PIPA-rankings Middle-Distance of the Netherlands - 3 prizes). We will be introducing a number of these amazing pigeons. Below you can find an overview with a picture (if you click on the picture it becomes bigger and the text becomes easier to read) on which the most important breeding results of the concerned pigeon are mentioned and then you can view all of these pigeons in their extensive pedigree; 

NL16-1663889 Special New Harry (daughter New Harry)

NL16-1663889 Special New Harry, daughter New Harry x Laatje 707

NL16-1663942 Golden New Harry (daughter New Harry x Daughter Harry)

NL16-1663942 Golden New Harry is a daughter of New Harry

NL16-1664031 New Harry 031 (son New Harry)

NL16-1664031 New Harry 031 father of a.o. 2nd NPO Nanteuil and 2e NPO Melun

NL13-1395432 de Kromsnavel (grandson Harry) father 1st NPO Chateauroux

NL13-1395432 de Kromsnavel, father 1st NPO Chateauroux against 3243 p.

NL13-1395573 Cannonball Harry (grandson Harry) is a true top breeder

NL13-1395573 Cannonball Harry, father of a.o. 2nd nat. (S3) Melun against 8389 p.

NL15-4012860 New Harry 2.0 (brother New Harry) father 1st Bourges (Noordelijke Unie)

NL15-4012860 New Harry 2.0 is the father of a.o. 1st Bourges (NU) against 8019 p.

NL16-1663777 Grandchild Harry mother of a.o. 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance

NL16-1663777 Grandchild Harry, mother of the 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance Sector 4 2022

NL16-1663927 Son Roney (grandson Harry) father of a.o. 1st NPO Nanteuil 

NL16-1663927 Son Roney, father of a.o. 1st NPO Nanteuil

NL16-1663956 Gr.daughter Harry mother of victors

NL16-1663956 Gr. daughter Harry is the mother of at least 3 1st prize winners.

What it achieved

With his loyal loft caretaker Erik van Laak by his side, Rien van Oss managed to reach his ultimate goal through the purchase of top pigeons. Reach the national top. His colony has reached its qualitative maximum and that shows with feats like winning the 1st National Championship Long Distance Designed NPO in 2019. Several other highlights of the last few years, which can be looked back at with pride are listed below.

1st National Chateauroux sector 3 against 8623 p.
2nd National Bourges sector 3 against 10639 p.
2nd Undesignated and 7th Total Long Distance Noordelijke Unie (Sector. 7 up to and including 11)
1st National Championship NPO Designated Long Distance
14th National Championship NPO Undesignated Long Distance
1st-2nd-4th NPO Chateauroux against 3243 p. (3-5-9 National S3 against 10300 p.)
2nd Undesignated and 2nd Total Long Distance NU
1st Bourges NU Zone 1 against 8019 p.
8th National Championship Designated Long Distance
2nd Designated and 2nd Undesignated Long Distance sector Mid-Netherlands
1st NPO Vierzon
1st-2nd-3rd Grand Prix Nieuwe Oogst Nanteuil
8th-15th-34th National Ace Pigeon comp. De Allerbeste cat. Young Birds
1st-2nd-3rd-4th-6th-7th-8th-9th-10th Ace Pigeon Young Birds Region Z3
5th Designated and 6th Undesignated Long Distance Sector mid-Netherlands
2nd-5th-6th-7th-15th Grand Prix Nieuwe Oogst Melun against 3000 p.
1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-10th Lennik against 2472 p. (Afd. 7 Z3)


In a conversation with his son Irving, we also talked about the topic of pride. There is a nuance between proud and super proud. The last one Rien experienced especially with the results in 2018  from Chateauroux where he managed to win in sector 3 with the Gebroken Poot ,the 1st National. And of course there is his other unforgettable feat from the same year at the national race with young birds from Melun, where Team van Oss scored 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th in the national results! Finally, there is the one pigeon about which Rien never could stop talking. Then we are of course talking about the NL14-1219839 Nationaaltje, a wonderful hen which, after she was bred by Team GPS and played by Christian van de Wetering, joined the breeding lofts of Team van Oss. Nationaaltje was the mother of a.o. The 6th national ace pigeon yearlings in the PIPA-ranks 2016 but also the grandmother of a.o. 1st NPO Nanteuil. Performances and pigeons of which Rien van Oss had every right to be proud. With his sober look at his pigeons and his performances, he commanded the respect of his pigeon friends. We remember Rien van Oss as a man that succeeded both in the sport and life at large. We finish with a beautiful video about his gem Nationaaltje.