Rien & Diny van Oss (Velddriel, NL) win 1st NPO Vierzon

Team van Oss (Velddriel, NL) win 1st NPO Vierzon
Rien & Diny van Oss add another beautiful win to their palmarés on their favorite discipline.

Focus on the one-day long distance races

Racing under the name Rien & Diny van Oss, from Velddriel in Afdeling 7 Midden-Nederland, Team van Oss further consists of son Irvin and loft manager Erik van de Laak. Their main focus are the one-day long distance races. A discipline on which they have been very successful these past years: 

2018; 1st National Chateauroux Sector 3 against 8623 pigeons
2nd National Bourges Sector 3 against 10639 pigeons
2nd Not Nominated Long distance Noordelijke Unie
(Afdeling 7 up to and including 11)
7th Total Noordelijke Unie Long distance
2019; 1st National Champion NPO Nominated Long distance
14th National Champion NPO Not Nominated Long distance
7th and 9th National Ace pigeon Long distance NPO
1st, 2nd, 4th NPO Chateauroux against 3243 pigeons
(3-5-9 nat. Sector 3 10300 p.)
5th National Issoudun Sector 3 against 14084 pigeons
2nd Not Nominated Long distance Noordelijke Unie
2nd Total Long distance Noordelijke Unie
2020; 1st Bourges Noordelijke Unie Zone 1 against 8019 pigeons

1st NPO Vierzon against 2,362 p. in an extremely tough weekend

Another win can be added to the overview above. With a 1st NPO Vierzon, Team van Oss show that they play to win on every long distance race they enter. The 2021 racing season is a tough one. The last two NPO-races where a serious test for the pigeon's endurance. Conditions that the van Oss pigeons can handle well. 1st NPO is won by the yearling NL20-1612750. With the NL18-5140871, Team van Oss have another pigeon in the Top 10 of this NPO-race (9th). 

NL20-1612750 1st NPO Vierzon against 2,362 pigeons

NL20-1612750, winner 1st NPO Vierzon against 2,362 pigeons

The blue yearling cock NL20-1612750 managed to race home with a speed of 1164 m.p.m. from Vierzon. He was the fastest on this 555km race against 2,362 pigeons in Afdeling 7 Midden-Nederland and adds an NPO win to his name. As a young bird 20-750 already showed himself as a good racer on the loft of Irvin in Engelen where he became 8th Ace pigeon in the BCC. After the racing season this cock was transferred to the racing lofts in Velddriel. The NPO winner has a phenomenal pedigree. His father is son to NL13-1395608 Harry 608, who in turn is son of the infamous NL07-2007621 Harry from Jan Hooymans. The grandfather on mother's side is NL16-1277361 Hattrick. This cock won three Top 10's on NPO-races and is now a super breeder. Grandmother NL14-1055536 Issi, who was paired to Hattrick, won 1st National Issoudun against 13,906 pigeons (amongst others). 

NL13-1395608 Harry 608, grandfather to 20-750 1st NPO Vierzon
NL16-1277361 Hattrick, grandfather to 20-750 1st NPO Vierzon
NL14-1055536 Issi, grandmother to 20-750 1st NPO Vierzon

NL18-5140871 Kyann wins 9th NPO Vierzon

Team van Oss' second pigeon to return home, placing 9th in the NPO race from Vierzon, is NL18-5140871 Kyann. This three year old cock is one of the absolute super racers on the lofts in Velddriel. He was basketed as first nominated pigeon for a reason. In 2019, Kyann became 7th National Ace pigeon Long distance. Kyann is a son to NL12-1784176 Het Harrietje, daughter to Harry from Jan Hooymans. The following results can be found on Kyann's palmarés:

2nd Pont St. Max 15323 p.
9th NPO Vierzon 2362 p.
12th Sézanne 11709 p.
20th NPO Vierzon 2671 p.
23rd NPO Chateauroux 3243 p.
27th Nat.Issoudun 14084 p.
38th NPO Vierzon 4388 p.
44th NPO Chateauroux 2803 p.
NL18-5140871 Kyann, 9th NPO Vierzon
NL12-1784176 Het Harrietje, mother to Kyann, 9th NPO Vierzon

Next up: the national long distance race from Issoudun 

Upcoming weekend the national long distance race from Issoudun will take place. Despite the tough season taking its toll, a strong team of birds from Velddriel will be basketed. Team van Oss certainly belongs to the group of favorites for the win.