Reybroeck & Sons, "2° champion of Belgium very long distance KBDB (2005)"

Roger Reybroeck & Sons

One of the top pigeon houses in Belgium, on (very) long distance races, is situated in the East Flemish Melsen.
Roger practises pigeon-flying at the parental home with his sons Chris and Jan.
Together they built a team that has been competing at the top of pigeon-flying for many years and with constant results. Enumerating all the successes of the recent years would be a hopeless task. Even a complete enumeration of the places of honour that were obtained in the championships of the last racing season 2005, would lead us much too far.
That is the reason why we will only mention the highlights of that season:

1° champion very long distance „Fondvereniging Oostvlaanderen“;
2° champion of Belgium very long distance K.B.D.B.;
3° place in the international championship „Europacup“ (best Belgium loft);
3° place in the national championship „Primus-Inter-Pares“ (best Barcelona pigeon in Belgium over the last 5 years with „Mister Barcelona“);
4° place in the national championship „Nationale Marathon“;
5° place in the national championship „Millennium Championship“;
6° place in the international championship „I.A.T.P.“ - „International All Time Pigeon Ranking“ (best Belgium loft).

This enumeration leaves no doubt that Roger Reybroeck & Sons belong to the best Belgian specialists on the (very) long distance of the moment.

The origin
The colony was first built up by father Roger, later-on he got help from his sons Chris and Jan and his son-in-law Patrick. Father Roger started with pigeon-flying in 1960. He bought pigeons at De Baere Brothers and Desmet-Matthijs.
Gradually Roger Reybroeck became a real talent on the middle long distance. Due to his chain results in the sixties and seventies he got a good reputation in the world of pigeon-flying. He also became King in “De Maagd van Gent”, one of the strongest societies of the country. Later he changed to the great middle long distance.
It was only from 1987 on that he chose for the (very) long distance.
The base of the house was interbred with the strain of Stichelbaut, Janssens Brothers (from the 019-line), but also names such as Imbrecht, Willequet, Roossens, Deweerdt have contributed to the creation of the strain.
During the last years they supplied reinforcement from Florizoone (via Van Coppenolle), Georges Carteus (via Cyriel Martens) and Louis Deleus.
But they also got strain from Dutch overnight champions like Wim Muller, Bakker & Son (Rode Van der Wegen-strain), Kuijpers Brothers and Cas van der Graaff.
And surely we cannot forget to mention the contribution of the famous “Barcelona” of Eddy Korsten from Moerbeke-Waas, which has Muller, Aarden and Van Wanroy blood.

Also successful on great middle long distance …
The growing ambition for (very) long distance racing, does not exclude that the pigeons of Reybroeck & Sons do not come home on the great middle long distance. Numerous top results give evidence to this and they do so in a clear language.
A few years ago they achieved a dream result in a very though Bourges semi-national (439 km): 23 pigeons fetched no less than 22 prizes!
If we have a look at the achievements of the top pigeons BE98 4118453 “De Fijnen Blauwen” and BE98-4118373 “De Super 373”, we can see the quality for middle long distance racing.

The foundations

On the one hand the colony is based on perseverance (“”the pigeons have to be eager to go at it, to exert themselves), which is a quality that long distance pigeons certainly need to have if they want to fulfil their heavy task. On the other hand this colony is also equipped with the necessary basic velocity, which is proven by the above results on middle long distance racing.

The recipe for success ...
When in Melsen you ask the question “what stands behind this success”, our friends will give you a clear answer: “The quality of the pigeon is the decisive factor, they are gifted or they are not ...”.
But still I dare to claim that the Reybroeck family is a real pigeon-flying family. Roger, Chris, Jan and Patrick have the disposl of a great deal of professional knowledge, they have the necessary “sensitivity” and everything is planned and organised in a well-considered way. On lots of pigeon-houses these elements have proven to be the ideal recipe for success, as you can see in Melsen.

The national “silver” frame
In order to be crowned 2nd national champion very long distance K.B.D.B. 2005, the combination Reybroeck & Sons from Melsen had to obtain the following prizes:
Race+ prize 1° assigned, prize 2° assigned.
Pau national 2212 pigeons 40°, 13°
Barcelona national 12998 pigeons 810°, 1409°
Narbonne national 5963 pigeons 178°, 602°

The Rhone Valley champion: “The Marseille 045
A guy that never disappoints Reybroeck & Sons and that therefore has the advantage of their ultimate appreciation is “De Marseille 045” BE 00-4106045. He is a pure Rhone Valley-champion and shows the class which you can find in the Reybroeck loft in Melsen.
These are his best achievements:

in 2003 he won the 151st national Cahors against 4769 pigeons and the 67th national Marseille against 5195 pigeons (locally he won the 1st prize and he was the only one who managed to find his loft on the day of release),

in 2004 he won the 210th national Orange against 7568 pigeons and the 140th national Marseille against 5738 pigeons,

in 2005 he obtained the 264th national Montélimar against 10195 pigeons and the 268th national Marseille against 4398 pigeons.

Primus-Inter-Pares Crack “Mister Barcelona
It is almost impossible to excel on the very long distance if you don’t dispose of a real Barcelona champion. You can find one of that kind in Melsen. “Mister Barcelona” BE 99-4013720 became the 3rd Primus-Inter-Pares in the renowned championship of the Bruges Barcelona Club in 2005.
He did so by obtaining the following achievements during the last 5 seasons in the mother of all flights, Barcelona international:

2001 : 13161 pigeons 384th national.
2002 : 13021 pigeons 268th national.
2003 : 11806 pigeons 102th national.
2004 : 12245 pigeons 806th national.
2005 : 12998 pigeons 810th national.

A few other top pigeons ...
BE 00-4106011 „De Bourges 011“ with a.o. 37° national Bourges, …;
BE 00-4106113 „Blue Thunder“ with a.o. 70° national Bourges, 30° national Béziers, 91° national Béziers, 70° national Narbonne, 161° national Limoges, 177° national Souillac, 178° national Narbonne, …;
BE 02-4134575 „De Marseille 575“ with a.o. 56° national Marseille, 110° national Montélimar, 131° national Marseille; 153° national Orange, …;
BE 02-4134555 „Ronaldinho“ with a.o. 45° national Pau, 97° national Dax;
BE 02-4134665 „Deweerdt duivin“ with a.o. 115° national Perpignan, 125° national St. Vincent, 597° national Perpignan, …;
BE 02-4134507 „De Fluwelen 507“ with a.o. 13° national Pau, 66° international Pau, 198° international Biarritz, …;
BE 02-4134519 „Willem“ with a.o. 5° national Orange, 16° national Orange, 53° national Orange, …;
BE 02-4134690 „De Jonge Perpignan“ with a.o. 1° club Perpignan, 30° national Perpignan, 36° international Perpignan;
BE 03-4142922 „De Béziers 922“ with a.o. 60° national Béziers, 138° national Béziers, 154° international Béziers;
BE 03-4142938 „De Limoges 938“ with a.o. 1° club Limoges, 50° national Limoges, 59° national Limoges, 86° national Bourges, …;
BE 03-4142940 „De Rode 940“ with a.o. 33° national Bourges, 51° national St. Vincent, …;
BE 04-4276461 „De Perpignan 461“ with a.o. 41° national Perpignan, 53° international Perpignan;
BE 98-4118341 „Always There“ with a famous performance list on (very) long distance races during several years, in 2005 an absolute highlight with the 45° national Pau. As far as the pigeons of Reybroeck & Sons are concerned, “perseverance” has no age limit;

Method and approach ...
Because the success on the races on the (very) long distance, it is most important that the young pigeons are never forced, they are played in a natural way, there is no darkening and they have to participate at most to a few 300 km flights.
In this way the future long distance champions can develop in a way that is healthy and enhances their endurance.
They deal with medicines and nutritious supplements in a very careful and limited manner. One should not constantly try to improve the health of pigeons that have to perform on long distance races, with all kinds of products.
The older pigeons are played by adapting the classical widowhood, female pigeons only go into the basket when they are young.
In other words: they only play with male pigeons on widowhood, besides a few exceptions. The Reybroeck family is convinced of the fact that, if you want to be successful in pigeon-flying, you have to concentrate on just one discipline in which you have to put all your energy.

Best loft Pau 2005 ...
The international flight of Pau 2005 gives evidence to the fact that Roger Reybroeck & Sons manage to do so in an exceptional way. It was the first time that there was no limit on the number of staked pigeons.
On an international level, Pau is no doubt a long distance classic in which the best pigeons participate.
On Tuesday, 28 June 2005, at 06.45 am the international flock of 8438 pigeons were set free.
Roger Reybroeck & Sons were able to write down the arrivals of their 5 participating pigeons: 06.25 (2nd assigned), 07.51, 08.10 (1st assigned) and 13.20. With these arrivals they obtained four prizes on the national and international level and with 3 top prizes they had the first series of 3 pigeons in Belgium with 13th, 40th and 45th national against 2212 pigeons. Internationally this result meant 66th, 178th and 202nd against 8438 pigeons.

Steady growth ...
That the colony is in full advance, both nationally as internationally, is illustrated by the results of the last 3 years in the renowned championship „A.O.T.P.“ („International All Time Pigeon Ranking“).
This is the most renowned ranking in the international pigeon-flying on the very long distance that you can win with the first assigned pigeon on the international flights: Pau, Barcelona, Dax, Marseille and Perpignan.
In 2003 no less than 3351 pigeon lofts were recorded. The Reybroeck family achieved the 67th place.
In 2004 they achieved the 11th place.
In 2005 they were 6th, and the 1st Belgian loft.

A never ending story
This achievement highlights once more the top class of these Belgian specialists on (very) long distance races, specialists who also belong to the international top.
It is good to revive those beautiful memories from the past but the eyes are already directed to the future, because with the new season approaching a lot of new challenges lie ahead.
In the hot summer of 2005 already the year 2006 has thoroughly been prepared by a patient approach of the young pigeons.
Not losing a lot has hopefully formed the foundation of a dream that they would like to see become reality in the weekend in which Barcelona and St.Vincent are scheduled.
But they are fully aware of the fact that year after year they will have to do their utmost best to stay at the international top.