Revolution regarding veterinary guidance in Racing Pigeons

Interview with dr. Vet Piet Blancke, Belgium about Wonder Pigeon

How did you come in touch with Wonder srl, an Italian firm, until recently  unknown in BE-NE ?

It was early February 2014 : Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, CEO of Pipa, asked me to give a lecture for all the PIPA-agents who would be visiting the new PEC (Pipa’s Elite breeding Center) at Knesselare,  the next week.  That afternoon, the Italian agent introduced to me a new ‘revolutionary’ product and made me very curious. A few days later, Nikolaas proposed me to test this Italian product with its unique formula in my practice.

Honestly spoken,  at the beginning  I was quite critical and did not expect great visible effects : there are already a lot of products on the market based on acids and I wondered what could be so innovating about WONDER PIGEON. First I started to give it to our own breeders and after only one week I was convinced : this must be something special, the general condition of my pigeons increased and was amazing !

I contacted Wonder srl, the Italian company that distributes it worldwide. They arranged a meeting together with the veterinary surgeon responsable for the development and research of the company that patented the formula. He explained me with an admirable scientific logic the intestinal activity of WONDER PIGEON.

Can you tell us in simple terms : what is WP exactly and how does it work ?

WONDER PIGEON is a food supplement produced for racing pigeons. It is a mixture of fatty acids (bound with glycerol to monoglycerides) with a NATURAL  ANTIBACTERIAL  ACTIVITY ( it kills intestinal bacteria ) and SUPER RECOVERY QUALITIES. Natural organic acids (propionic , formic , … acid ) have no antibacterial effect in the intestine. As results of studies, research and practice, it was shown that WONDER PIGEON really improves the digestion, the condition and the flight training of the birds! You can call it a kind of “all-in-one topcondition product”. The better the digestion, the better the condition of the pigeon ! As pigeon fancier, we all know that for a long time. That’s the reason why it will present a jump forward in the healthcare of our pigeons.

What kind of tests did you do in practice this year and what were the results in general ?

More than 50 lofts were involved in the tests. I was very happy to be able also to rely on the cooperation of some professional world famous fanciers as  Rudi DE SAER, Benny STEVENINCK,  Pieter VEENSTRA, BATENBURG vd MERWE,…  The enthusiasm to cooperate  was great because pigeon racing is complex and it is really a product for every fancier !!! Besides that, WONDER PIGEON is more ethical, more economic and easier to administer compared to traditional products.

I asked everyone to use WP for different indications/reasons at different dosages :

  • Adeno-Coli-syndrome (‘Young bird disease’):
    preventive (2 ml/litre) and curative (4 ml/litre)
  • Recovery of the intestinal balance after antibiotic treatment: 2 ml/litre
  • Singular very ill birds: individually 0.5 ml oral /bird/day
  • Daily during the breeding period  (1-2 ml/litre)
  • Daily during the moulting period (2 ml/litre)
  • In different ways during the racing season: 2-3 ml/litre
    • The day of arrival and the day after
    • A whole week after arrival
    • The day of shipment and the day before
    • A whole week before shipment
  • In combination with other products like vitamins, amino-acids, proteins, organic acids, gut microflora, … yes even together with some specific medication.
  • Condition boost during a short period (3 ml/litre)

All fanciers involved still continue using WONDER PIGEON every day because it :

  • is ‘practical and efficient’  at the same time : it changes the way we look after our pigeons!
    WP reducesor is an alternative for the use of some medication, organic acids, oils, fats, pre- and probiotics.
  • has the potential to become the n° 1 in pigeon healthcare : it improves the intestinal health of the pigeon by a selective non-pH dependent anti-bacterial effect = prevention of intestinal problems by keeping the gut free from harmful bacteria if used continuously.
  • has a unique ‘formula’ and ‘working concept’ with direct clearly visible effects: a better appetite, optimal digestion, solid little droppings, moulting down, a real soft plumage and a nice pink breast.

This is a ‘pigeon health status’ I could not reach so far in practice with any other single product.

At the same time WONDER PIGEON has,  after the tiring and stressful efforts of racing, a super recovery power due to the increased nutritional absorption and liver protection wich can also help to reload the batteries for the next flight.

Also the feedback versus the ‘YOUNG BIRD DISEASE’ was overwhelming :

  • 90% of the lofts had no problems anymore with adeno-coli in their young birds when preventive continuously given during the growth period and after weaning. The other 10% with symptoms recovered within a week while doubling the dosage (4 ml/l) without antibiotics.
  • Young birds already sick (vomiting, no appetite, drinking too much, green droppings, …) treated at the high dosage (4ml/l) gave the same unexpected results ! Very ill pigeons must be given WP individually (daily 0.5-1 ml/day).
  • Even in exeptionel circumstances, with a circo-virus infection as complication, WP supports the metabolism and re-enforces thenatural resistance.

Piet, can you give people the evidence of that super innovative approach ?

Of course, super results achieved by toplofts while using WONDER PIGEON are the best proof.

Therefore, next time,  we will have the testimonials of earlier mentioned famous fanciers : how and when did they use it in 2014 and what are their intentions with WONDER PIGEON for 2015 :

For the Netherlands :

Hugo BATENBURG , one of the best in ‘International Extreme Long Distance racing’

Pieter & Aant-Arjen VEENSTRA, n° 1 of Friesland and Dutch toplofts in ‘One-day-racing’

For Belgium :

Rudi DE SAER,  1° National champion KBDB Fond 2014 and 1° National Cahors 2014  

Benny STEVENINCK,  1° Nat. Tours 2014 and probably the best on the Great Middle Distance.

They agree with me and will confirm that :

Wonder Pigeon is an additional feed with astonishing results in coupling, laying, hatching, breeding and racing performances and this without any contra-indications or side-effets by using the right dosages at the right time!

I would like to thank every fancier/friend who participated in testing Wonder Pigeon in one or another way. The feedback was great.

At last, thanks a lot the people behind WONDER PIGEON : Leonardo & Cristiano (Wonder srl) and Massimo (my collegue at Silo spa) : they made it possible to my customers and now to a lot of  pigeon fanciers all over the world to take care of ‘the health status’ in their lofts in different way : more ethical, more economic and much easier. Succes to everybody.


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