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A report on the North Road Championship Club race from Perth on 1st June 2024

It was a quicker race than expected from Perth with the wind turning northerly on route. The overall winners were Dale and Diane Culling of Norfolk.
The Culling Winner
Wing of the winner

Dale has been involved with the pigeons for over fifty year and in partnership with his wife for forty-four. The cock that took 1st NRCC open Perth was 19th Open and 6th Section from the NRCC’s Dunbar race two weeks previously and Dale told me that he was fancied for the Perth race that much both he and Diane decided to pool him in the fed and yearling NRCC noms. This certainly paid off for them! On the day of basketing the husband-and-wife team chose eleven birds to go to Perth and by two twenty on race day they had ten out of the eleven with the last one dropping in on Sunday morning.

Inside the Culling loft
Kevin Spiers

The section A winner was Kevin Spiers. Kev timed the same blue hen that won the section from Thurso in 2023. She’s been on form the last few weeks being 4th fed Berwick the week before, beaten by two loft mates. She was 1st pigeon from Dunbar and the week previous to that, 10th fed from Whitley Bay beaten by several loft mates. She is from a son of Amulet x sister of Sphinx (Syndicate Lofts) paired to an inbred granddaughter of Den Add from Marcel Wouters (gifted to Kev by Billy Thompson).

Dan Soanes Brown

Section B was won by Dan Soanes Brown who sent a team of ten of his best cocks to the race at Perth. The whole team had missed the race the weekend before as he was to be out of town. The section winning pigeon is a two-year-old blue cock bred by Woof Bros of Ollerton. In May he skipped Dunbar and went to Berwick with the Notts North Road Fed instead where he finished 18th Fed. Dan decided off the back of that result that he should go to Perth. Being a short flier, I wasn't expecting any sort of result so was pleasantly surprised by the performance. 

The Kingswood pigeon

Darren and Jackie Kingswood were the section C winners. Their winning cock is is bred out of their NRCC Dunbar winner paired to a BICC Perth 2nd open 1st section winner. The family has bred winners from the beginning and they’ve had other BICC section winners out of this family and also fed winners.

Hardy & Wilson

Hardy and Wilson were the section E winners. The section winner is a 2-year-old blue white flighted hen from theirJelle Jellema family previously winning in 2023, 2nd club, 6th section fed Fraserburgh, beaten by her aunt. Her dame is a full sister to the sire of the Lerwick Kings Cup winner 2022 and is now breeding at the loft of their long-time friend Alen Gibb of Cheltenham. Her sire comes from a cock bred at the house of Arden from Jelle man, Jelle babe lines when paired to a hen from Luuk Becker, Holland, Zwarte Goude lines. 

George & Steve Chalkley

No strangers to topping section H, the pigeon that did the deed on the day for George and Steve Chalkley is a Wescott hen that can be traced back to a Lerwick winner from Peter Crawford x a David Hales cock bred from his top ‘80’ pigeon. He was raced on roundabout initially but was paired up and raced natural just before Perth. Scoring for George and Steve a couple of times last year and with over a thousand miles under his wing already this year, he was more than ready for the NRCC second race.

Terry Ivatt

Terry and Jacqui Ivatt were the section H winners. The section winner was home bred from a hen given to the partners by John Gérard - G/dtr of Zwarte Loudes and sire bred by House of Arden from Padfield’s Invincible line. He was lightly raced as a young bird and after a shaky start to the old bird season managed 4th club from Gt Driffield the previous week.

That concludes the report on the NRCC race from Perth.