A report on the National Flying Club young bird race from Coutances

After six days waiting for the weather to improve, the National Flying Club young bird race from Coutances was liberated at 12.00CEST into a light east-south-east wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Nigel Templar

First open and first section was won by Nigel Templar of Bristol on 1559ypm over 171 miles. The national winning hen was gifted to Nigel by John Gerrard and has now been named Nicky after Nigel's partner. The sire of Nicky is a direct Mandelartz pigeon named Champion Producer, as he is the sire of many winners. The dam is a Boshua x Danny Van Dyck, the sire of which was Flo, a son of Kliene Figo when paired to a hen bred from a brother of Cannon and Sita. Nigel timed three pigeons in quick succession and which should take the top three in the section in the final result.

Pete & Dan Clarke with Brian Reene

P and D Clarke of Taunton were second open and first section D on 1526ypm over 162 miles. The partners timed a hen flown on the natural system. The sire is a Gaby Vandenabeele from M and D Evans whilst the dam was bred by Paul Bamford of Pembrokeshire.

John Halstead

John Halstead of Gillingham was third open and first section C on 1494ypm over 141 miles. John timed a youngster bred from a cock from the late Ken Hine when paired to a hen on loan from ex-National Flying Club president Stan Dangerfield. Named Nyland Natalie, this hen was raced on John's darkness and sliding door system with the cocks and hens kept separate for most of the week but allowed to run together for a couple of hours before basketing.

Wile & Lias

Wile and Lias from Bristol took fourth open and second section G on 1488ypm over 172 miles.Garth and Steve timed a blue hen that is a grandaughter of Brian Milkins' national winner, Ted's Lad, when paired to a Van Dyke bred by Nigel Templar.

Richard & Dan Gelder

Fifth open and first section J on 1467ypm over 243 miles went to R Gelder and Son of Coseley. Richard and Dan clocked a Cooreman x Sapin hen that has raced consistently well all season. The partnership is also provisionally third section with another hen, bred from their Gaby x Hooyman section winner from Fougères earlier this season.

T Cleverley of Bristol was sixth open and third section G on 1466ypm over 171 miles. Terry sent a team of ten to the race and first home was a Leo Van Rijn x Van Loon pigeon. The Van Loon side of the breeding originates from Silver Shadow bloodlines that he purchased from Ponderosa. Terry races all his youngsters on the natural system.

Bruce Miller from Frome timed on 1441ypm over 154 miles to take seventh open and fourth section G. Bruce sent six and had three on the day, the first of which came from his middle distance family. The sire contains the best of the Drapa bloodlines including a grandson of Drapa's Pockerface Olympiad x Racket. The dam's pedigree contains Hardy Kruger's Black Pearl Olympiad and Carrie bloodlines.

Derek Taylor of Bristol was eighth open and fifth section G on 1429ypm over 173 miles. Derek timed a blue hen, raced on the darkness system. The sire is a Grondelar cock purchased at the Doncaster show and the dam was a Engels hen bred from stock he purchased direct.

Roger Lowe

Roger Lowe of Reading was ninth open and first section E on 1393ypm over 169 miles. Roger timed a further two pigeons to also take second and third section E. Roger's section winner is a direct daughter of my Little Diamond, the dam and grandam of many winners and a national winner in the only race in which it was entered. My Little Diamond also bred Nemesis, a national winner in 2012. Second and third on the clock are both grandaughters of Shining Che.

Chris & Jane Howse

Completing the top ten and in sixth section G are Howse and Parsons from Devizes on 1390ypm over 159 miles. Chris clocked a darkness hen that was sent sitting ten day eggs. This hen was bred from pigeons purchased from Ponderosa.

Around the sections

R Broome and Garndson from Havant were first section A on 1245ypm over 127 miles. J May and Son from Hambrook were second section A on 1168ypm over 127 miles.

Garry Moody

Mr and Mrs Moody from Portsmouth clocked on 1388ypm over 126 miles to take first section B. Garry timed a hen bred from a Hardy Kruger cock when paired to a hen bred by Darren McFadden. A second bird was just behind the section winner, this being a grandaughter of four national winners. Their own Cholet topper crossed with Jason Ross' Saintes winner bred one of the parents, whilst their Cholet winner crossed with Dave Waterhouse's Saintes winner bred the other.

Martin & Jack Norman

M, C & J Norman from Southampton were second section B on 1338ypm over 131 miles. First on the clock for the Narman family was a De Rauw Sablon hen bred by Roger Lowe. The Normans sent ten to the race and had six on the day.

C Riley of Blandford Forum was second section C on 1309ypm over 126 miles.

Mr and Mrs Hodge of Cullompton were second section D on 1274ypm over 153 miles. Husband and wife timed a blue hen raced on the darkness system. A full brother to this hen won £600 in the Devon, Cornwall and West Somerset breeder buyer the week prior to Coutances.

Tony Crook

A Crook of Newbury was first section F on 1332ypm over 163 miles. Tony timed a hen, raced on the darkness system and bred from his race team which he allowed to chose their own mates at the beginning of the year. He has found that this method produces more reliable youngster than those bred in his stock loft.

Jill Webber

Second section F went to Mr and Mrs Webber and Son from Abingdon on 1287ypm over 181 miles. Alan and Jill clocked the same chequer hen that was second section, third open from Coutances with the British Barcelona Club earlier in the season. This pigeon was one of a batch of ten that they purchased from Roger Lowe, the bloodlines being Lou Wouters x Freddie Vandeheede.

Dave Downing

David Downing from Newmarket was first section H on 1228ypm over 236 miles. Dave timed a cock bred from his Hardy Kruger stock pair, the sire being a grandson of Black Power and the dam and grandaughter of Black Pearl. Dave's young bird team were bred in February and raced on the darkness system.

C Crick and Son from Stotfolrd were second section H on 1219ypm over 212 miles.

Paul Fletcher

Paul Fletcher of Aldreton was first section I on 1377ypm over 282 miles. Paul timed a chequer cock containing the best of Clive Yates' Wildermeersch bloodlines. This cock is bred down from Clive's Tours winner. Lourens Londt from Birmingham was second section I on 1252ypm over 253 miles.

Raymond Scriven of Bridgnorth was second section J on 1355ypm over 240 miles. Ray had eight out of nine home in good time and first on the clock was bred from a Boshua Janssen crossed with Mark Gilbert's Rutz.

Pete & Cynthia Hagland

Peter Hagland of Doncaster was first section K on 1320ypm over 303 miles. Pete is just establishing a new family of pigeons following a house move and his section winner was bred for him by Bob and Jamie Languish from Chorley. This win marks Pete's fourteenth section win in national competition. Second section K on 1290ypm over 308 went to Gert Sandhu from Doncaster.

E Taylor of Crewe was first section L on 1336ypm over 292 miles. K Morris and Son from Congleton were second section L on 1323ypm over 287 miles.

Section N winner (photo courtesy of Jeff Walton)

McSween and Sexton from Sunderland were first section N on 919ypm over 403 miles. The partners clocked a cheq pied hen that is a grandaughter of Lionheart, the Up North Combine legend. The dam of this hen won the North of England Homing Union futurity race in 2006.

Jim Nicholson

Jim Nicholson from South Shields was second section N on 908ypm over 410 miles.

John & Theresa Gladwin

Gladwin, Jarvis and Family from Leigh on Sea were first section P on 1229ypm over 198 miles. The section winner was bred from Formula One Lofts Frans Zwol and Rutz and Son bloodlines.

Second section P on 1141ypm over 165 miles went to C Kavanagh of Oxted.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the National Flying Club young bird race from Coutances.