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Report of the National Flying Club race from Messac on June 17, 2012

The Messac national race was held over from the Saturday due to low pressure and rain over much of the UK. Conditions were much more favourable on the Sunday with west to south west winds and good visibility throughout. The five thousand seven hundred birds were liberated at 6.00 am and cleared well to the north.


First section A and first open went to the loft of D & K Jones of Havant, 1750 ypm. This is a father and son partnership but sadly the father passed away eight years ago. It was poignant then that the race was flown on Father’s Day and the winning bird, a two year old blue Delbar cock, has now been named Dad’s Lad.


First section B and fourth open was to the loft of Bartlett and Jones of Southampton, 1678 ypm. This was a three year old Van Den Bosch cock raced natural, he was sitting four eggs when sent. It was the loft’s all pooler so should be in the money when the result is finalised.


Spracklen and Thomas took first section C, seventeenth open with a yearling widowhood cock, a grandson of Bartolli, his dam is a granddaughter of Mark Gilbert’s Southfield Supreme. 1615 ypm.


Andrew and Denise Hodge win section D for the eighth time with a grizzle widowhood cock from Mark Dorrington bloodlines which was also one hundred and eighty sixth open. The partnership clocked five out of their six entries on the day. 1448 ypm.


Donovan and McHugh from Warlingham in Surrey were first section E and second open on 1720 ypm. Raced on the widowhood system, this was a yearling blue cock named Deja Vue. This was his first channel race having only competed inland previously.


Dave Hawthorne of Tadley took first section F, eighth open on 1652 ypm. This was a blue pied hen named Pamber Diamond in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Raced on the natural system she was sent sitting ten day eggs.


Another win for Nigel Templar of Bristol and also fourteenth open, 1617 ypm. The bird in question was a yearling widowhood cock of Dirk Van Dyck lines.


First section H and seventy fourth open was to the loft of Andy Smith from Suffolk. A yearling hen flown natural the winning bird is a granddaughter of Paul Kendal’s Morning Glory. 1537 ypm.


Section I and forty sixth open was won by the partnership of Jones and Adams from Redditch in Worcestershire 1559 ypm. The breeding comes from Bobby Walton of Warley crossed into Jones and Adams own lines.


First section J and 56th open was to Martin Williams of Hereford, 1549 ypm. This was a Roodhooft x Huybrecht hen raced on roundabout. She is a consistent channel pigeon having been third section from Fougeres 2012 and ninth section Cholet 2012. All things being equal her next race will be Saintes.


R & N Dennett of Nottinghamshire once again take first section K, one hundred and eighty fifth open, 1448 ypm. This Bartoli x Van Osch was also second section from Fougeres 2012.


G Bowyer from Congleton, Cheshire won section L and one hundred and eighteenth open, 1509 ypm. A blue pied cock named Alfie, this winner was flown on the widowhood system. 

In conclusion then, another successful race for the National Flying Club with good returns due to excellent weather on route. Well done to all concerned.