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A report on the National Flying Club race from Fougeres

The National Flying Club birds were brought back from Jarnac to Fougeres due to poor weather. They were liberated at 08.30CEST into clear skies and a westerly breeze. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Kevin Zerafa - photo courtesy of Chris Sutton

Eastern Angel - photo courtesy of Chris Sutton

First open and first section B was won by K and J Zerafa of Portsmouth with a yearling on 1332ypm over 171 miles. The partner's timed a second pigeon, another yearling on 1314ypm to also take sixth open and fifth section B. John and son, Kevin first timed Eastern Angel, a hen bred out of Mark Gilbert's bloodlines, that they obtained from Asa Williams of Southampton. Eastern Angel is related to Southfield Champ on the dam's side and was raced on the natural system, having been sent sitting hatching eggs. Second to time was a yearling cock from the same stock, with Southfield Melissa, Starlight, Harry and Southfield Supreme in its pedigree.

K & J Zerafa - photo courtesy of Chris Sutton

Mr and Mrs Waterhouse of Portsmouth were second open and second section B with a yearling on 1326ypm over 174 miles.

Third open and third section B was a yearling on 1325ypm over 184 miles for Wearn Brothers and Neilson of Ramsdean.

Priscilla Hodges

Mr and Mrs Hodges of Templecombe clocked a three year old on 1317ypm over 194 miles to take fourth open and first section C. Husband and wife timed a blue hen bred by Nigel Templar of Bristol. It was racing back to a newly hatched baby as when basketed she was sitting overdue eggs.

Mr and Mrs Mark Gower of Fordingbridge were fifth open and fifth section B with a three year old on 1316ypm over 183 miles.

S & P Kulpa

S and P Kulpa of Reading timed a three year old on 1310.4ypm over 215 miles to take Seventh open and first section E. The Kulpas timed a Janssen Van Loon hen from their old family purchased originally from Ponderosa. The dam is a Silver Shadow Van Loon bred by Hans Eijerkamp.

G Owers of Wareham was eighth open and second section C with a three year old on 1310.3ypm over 173 miles.

Ninth open and sixth section B was a two year old on 1310ypm over 174 miles for Mr and Mrs Moody of Portsmouth.

Dave Roberts

Completing the top ten and in first section A is D Roberts of Emsworth with a two year old on 1305ypm over 174 miles. Dave timed a Leo Van Rijn pigeons containing bloodlines from Brian and Karen Hawes in Essex and raced on the roundabout system earlier in the season before being repaired in preparation for Jarnac.

Around the sections

Paul Naum

Mr and Mrs Paul Naum from Watchet timed a two year old on 1110ypm over 219 miles to take first section D. Paul clocked the section winner on his daughter's birthday, so this hen is now named Birthday Girl. Birthday girl is bred from a Brauene x Ko Nipius sire when paired to a Ko Nipius dam. Raced on the natural system, this hen was sent sitting a ten day old squeaker.

Paul Kenny - photo courtesy of Chris Sutton

The section F winner was P Kenny from Wantage with a three year old on 1300ypm over a distance of 226 miles. Paul timed Esther's Lad, bred down from his M and D Evans Vandenabeele stock. Its pedigree contains Pre Olympic, Davina, Irish Cock and Jade.

Phil Wilkins

Phil Wilkins of Bristol timed a two year old hen on 1277ypm over 224 miles to take first section G. It was raced on the roundabout system.

Cook & Taylor

Cook and Taylor from Over were the section H winners with a three year old on 1145ypm over 280 miles. The partner's section winner was bred by Mark Bulled of Harlow from his Legacy family of pigeons.

Clive Yates

M Yates and Son from Tamworth clocked a yearling on 1297ypm over 298 miles to take first section I. Clive timed four pigeons to provisionally take the first four in the section. First on the clock was a latebred hen from his old FVW family that he has kept for over thirty years. The dam was a Midlands National Flying Club ace pigeon and the sire was a son of Clive's Tours winner.

Bernie Pollard

Bernard Pollard of Bewdley was the section J winner with a two year old on 1262ypm over 284 miles. Bernie clocked Miss Polly, his first bird home from the previous race from Fougères. The dam of Miss Polly came from Bob Besant and Son and contains Geoff and Catherine Cooper's bloodlines, being a grand-daughter of Little Wriggler and a great grand-daughter of Boy George.

Bruce Towers & Phil Rawson

Rawson, Son and Towers of Mansfield timed a two year old on 1259ypm over 337 miles to take first section K. The partners clocked a blue Braspenning hen, that was paired to another widowhood hen and sent sitting two squeakers.

A & S Hughes

A and S Hughes of Rochdale with the section L winners with a three year old on 1286ypm over 368 miles. Simon and Tony timed a Vandenabeele cock that was their first bird back from Fougères earlier in the season.

M Anderson and Sons of Washington were first section N with a two year old on 1210ypm over 455 miles. Ray and George clocked a daughter of their section winner from Tarbes last season.

Krzysztof Czaplinski of Kendal was first section O with a six year old on 1156ypm over 413 miles.

M Sontag

M Sontag and Son of Harlow were the section P winners with a yearling on 1168ypm over 243 miles. The section winner is a Busschaert x Haelterman hen.

Frost and Downs of St Austell timed a three year old on 698ypm over 214 miles to be the winners in section Q. The partners timed a blue chequer, Frans Zwols widowhood cock, bred from stock obtained from Stuart Wilcox of Bristol, being a grandson of Young Amor, White Eyes, Tipper and Diamond.

Lloyd & Bagnall

Lloyd and Bagnall of Wrexham were the section W winner with a three year old on 1114ypm over 338 miles. The section winner is a Busschaert hen that has raced consistently all season.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the Nataional Flying Club race from Fougères.