A report on the Irish National Flying Club King's Cup race from Saint Allouestre held on 4th July 2017

Six hundred and seventy-one members entered two thousand, five hundred and forty-six pigeons into the Irish National Flying Club King's Cup race from Saint Allouestre. After a hold over due to poor weather they were liberated at 08.20CEST into light winds. The following is a report on the top ten of the result.

Liam McCall & wife, Gertie

First open and first south section was won by Liam McCall from Wicklow on a velocity of 1343ypm over a distance of 377 miles. Liam wins £1,325, the King George V Challenge Cup and the Joe Doheny Cup for the Single Bird Challenge. Liam's winner is a five year old, blue hen named Chloe after his grand-daughter. The sire of Chloe comes from Liam's old family of Harkness and Gilmour and Beattie bloodlines, whilst the dam is the grand-daughter of a pigeon from Joe Murphy of Fife containing his old Scottish National bloodlines.


Joe Doheny (l)

Second open and second south section went to Joe Doheny from Malahide on a velocity of 1313ypm over a distance of 407 miles. Joe wins £1,823 and the Gilliland Cup for first Irish Homing Union member after the winner in the King's Cup. Joe has cultivated his own family of pigeons since 1962, mainly centred around the pigeons he obtained from Billy Walkingshaw of Killyleagh. From Saint Allouestre, Joe timed a two year old, chequer hen full of long distance bloodlines. It is a grand-daughter of Rosie, the first open friendship national winner in 2011. The dam is an inbred grand-daughter of Jackie Waring's gold medal winner for being four times in the prizes in the King's Cup race.

Alec Crawford

Third open and first north section was won by Alec Crawford of Ballylesson on a velocity of 1262ypm over a distance of 477 miles. Alec wins £1,608 and the East Down Combine Cup for the first EDC member in the result. Alec timed a pigeon that he got from Jeff Greenaway of Dromore, a three year old, dark chequer cock that was raced on widowhood earlier in the season but paired up specially for this race.

Glen Buckley & Son

Fourth open and second north section went to Glen Buckley and Sons from Annaghmore on a velocity of 1251ypm over 480 miles. The partners win £834. The pigeon timed was a two year old hen, raced on the natural system and sent sitting twelve day eggs. Its bloodlines are Boxford Busschaert crossed into the partners' own family of Soontjens. It was raced on the roundabout system earlier in the season but paired up specially for the King's Cup race.

Mark Hughes

Fifth open and third north section was won by Mark Hughes of Edgarstown on a velocity of 1233ypm over 478 miles and winning £304 and the McCloud Cup for the first yearling in the result. Mark timed a black hen that was sent sitting overdue eggs and given a four day old youngster on the day of basketing. The sire is a Geoff Hunt pigeon from Paul Swindell of Newry, whilst the dam is from Miss Endurance, a super racer who was thirty-fifth open yearling national, fifteenth open St Malo and seventh open friendship national in 2009. Miss Endurance has bred seven different prize winners in the King's Cup.

Jimmy Cullen

James Cullen of Bray was sixth open section on a velocity of 1221ypm over a distance of 391 miles and winning £405. Jimmy timed a three year old, pied hen sent to the race sitting cipping eggs. It is closely related to Sarah, that was third open in the 2014 King's Cup race. Both birds are bred down from Jimmy's Stan Biss family of pigeons with Turban on the sire's side.

Alan & David Black

Seventh open and fourth north section was won by N Black and Sons from Dromara on a velocity of 1220ypm over a distance of 471 miles and winning £511. The pigeon timed here is a small dark chequer pied hen named Minie. Minnie was sent to the race on a one day old squeaker. The sire is a son of the Good Pair, breeders of many winners. The cock of this pair is a half-brother to Annie Mary, fourth and eighth open King's Cup. Minnie's dam is a daughter of tenth open King's Cup winner when paired to a daughter of Pinehall Lass.

Paddy Burns

Burns Brothers from Comber were eighth open and fifth north section on 1209ypm over 480 miles and winning £2,237. Paddy clocked a three year old, chequer white flight hen named Trish. The sire of Trish is off the Rosebowl Pair, winners of the Harkness Rosebowl in 2009 when they were eleventh and fortieth open King's Cup. The cock has bred many winners whilst the hen is bred down from Dolly, whose bloodlines are also present in the winner of this race.

Billy Shaw

Ninth open and sixth north section was won by W B Shaw of Corrigs on a velocity of 1206ypm over 458 miles and winning £325. Billy clocked a two year old cock sent feeding a young squeaker. The sire is from the Padfield Brothers of Wales, whilst the dam came from Mr and Mrs Ken Hine of Hayes.

Martin Murtagh & wife, Trish

Completing the top ten and in third south section is Martin Murtagh of Skerries on a velocity of 1206ypm over 418 miles and winning £672. Martin timed a three year old, blue cock that was sent to the race driving its hen to nest. The breeding is Hansenne from his club mate Art Kelly. These Hansenne bloodlines originated from Terry Tregoining of Wales.

That concludes the report on the result of the Irish National Flying Club King's Cup race from Saint Allouestre.