Report on the final race of the Derby 16 One Loft Race 2019

Last weekend, the final race of the Derby 16 One Loft Race was held in Bursa (Turkey). After a tough race, 3 pigeons arrived together. The pigeon of Omer Yasar and Tatar Mustafa was the first to enter the lofts.

At Bursa, they started with 977 pigeons on the first training. In the final race 755 pigeons were still present. This final race was 453 km long and the circumstances were very hard with 36 degrees Celsius, no wind and a high humidity.

The first three pigeons arrived together as you can see in the video below. Their speed was 1086 m/m. Only 27 pigeons arrived on the day of liberation. 172 pigeons returned home by the end of the second day.


Remarkable, the 1th and 10th pigeon in the final race are nestmates, a brother and sister!

You can check the pedigree of the winner here.

1th and 10th pigeon of the Bursa OLR 2019, 2 nestmates!