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A report on the Central Southern Classic old hen race from Coutances on 22nd August 2020

58 members sent 314 pigeons to the Central Southern Classic old hen race from Coutances. They were liberated at 09.00CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verification.
Les, Ellsie & Luke Cross

First open and first SE section was a two year old on 1659ypm for Luke and Les Cross from Gosport. The Partners timed Ellsie's Faith named after their daughter / sister. Ellsie's Faith is a consistent Louis Cooremans hen which was bought in a kit of youngsters from Richard Davis of Bury. She was sent sitting twelve day eggs.

Ellsie's Faith
Martin & Kenny Attrill

J Atrill and Sons of Southampton timed a yearling on 1647ypm to take second open and second SE section. The partners' winner is bred from a Delbar hen purchased from the Natural Breeding Station. The dam to this hen won the federation.

Bill Edwards & Pat Harris

Edwards and Harris of Gosport were third open and third SE section with a three year old on 1646ypm. Bill and Pat timed a grizzle hen called Miss Consistent. She contains Frank Tasker's Film Star and Willy Thas bloodlines and the grand-dam was a De Rauw Sablon hen from Lewis Milne of Doncaster.

D Ede and Family from Southampton timed a yearling on 1646ypm to take fourth open and fourth SE section. Darren's old hen was bred from a pair of birds he purchased at Curtis, Wall and Lunt's entire clearance sale. The sire is White Eyes, seven x second federation.

Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts of Emsworth was fifth open and fifth SE section with a two year old on 1631ypm. Dave timed a Fran Zwols hen on her first race of the season as she is usually a widowhood hen. She was sent sitting eighteen day eggs.

Steve, Paul & Charlotte Kulpa

S & P Kulpa of Reading timed a three year old on 1630ypm to take sixth open and first NE section. The partners timed a second pigeon, a two year old on 1630.1ypm to also take eighth open and third NE section. First to time was a Hereman Ceusters hen, the sire of which was Thirteen, one of their best racing cocks bred down from their Eijerkamp stock. Second on the clock was a Hereman Ceusters x Janssen De Klak with both the sire and dam bred also down from their Eijerkamp stock birds.

Dave Beasley & Luke Oglesby

Dave Beasley and Luke Oglesby of Reading timed two pigeons to take seventh and ninth open, second and fourth NE section. First on the clock was a two year old on 1630.5ypm followed by another two year old on 1628ypm. First to time was Miss Murray, bred by Brian Murray of Sylvan Lofts and containing Koopman x Janssen de Klak bloodlines, a grand-daughter of his first combine winner. Second was Miss Joy which was bred from two birds that they had from Brian and was inbred to the sire of the Irlam Cock, his combine winner.

Completing the top ten and in sixth SE section is C Hallett from Portsmouth with a yearling on 1614ypm.

Around the sections

Nick Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith of Salisbury were first SW section with a two year old on 1495ypm. Nick timed a hen sent over sitting eggs and on her third race of the season. She was a gift bird from Mike and Steve White of Bournemouth and contains their Staff Van Reet bloodlines.

Prilly Hodges

Mr and Mrs Hodges of Templecombe were second SW section with a five year old on 1217ypm. The Hodges' pigeon was bred by Paul Titcombe and has been one of their most consistent racers. It was sent sitting chipping eggs.

Pete Barlow

Pete Barlow of Coombe Hill was first NW section with a yearling on 1295ypm. Pete's hen was bred from stock he purchased from Martin Williams of Hereford.

Frank Quinn

Frank Quin of Devizes timed a yearling on 1283ypm to take second NW section. Frank's mealy hen was bred from a grandson of Champion Monty when crossed with a sister that was 33rd open from Tarbes a few years ago.

That concludes the report on the Central Southern Classic old hen race from Coutances.