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A report on the Central Southern Classic Flying Club young bird race from Ilkeston on 20th August 2021

Roger Lowe with Riley & Ella
101 member sent 1,434 young birds to Ilkeston with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club. They were liberated at 10.00CEST . The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Roger Lowe of Reading timed five pigeons in the top fifteen of the result taking first, second, third, fourth and fourteenth open, first, second, third, fourth and seventh NE section. First on the clock was a youngster on 1415.7ypm and the young bird in second place was on 1415.6ypm. The third and fourth placed pigeons were both clocked on 1391ypm. Roger sent 44 pigeons to their first race and five of them were bred by his good friend Derek Walsh of Dynasty Lofts. His first three birds on the clock were bred by Derek. The winner is named High and Lowe and is a Hereman x Van den Bulck blue pied hen, a great grand-daughter of Super De Caprio, the most expensive son of Hereman-Ceusters De Caprio and Van Dyck Kanon on the dam's side. The sire is New King, a direct Dirk Van den Bulck. Second on the clock was another hen, a grand-daughter of Super De Caprio on the dam's side and Leo Heremans' Legend 030 on the sire's. Third was a blue cock bred from Derek's race team and fourth was a chequer hen bred from Roger's own stock, being a daughter of Fast as Lightning. 

Peter Rixon

Peter Rixon of Reading was fifth and eighth open, fifth and sixth NE section, with his first youngster on 1388ypm. The sire of this youngster was bred by Crammond and Langstaff, being from a son of Che Eijerkamp when paired to a daughter of Mystique. The dam was bred by Mark Gilbert from his Drum x Kleine Dirk bloodlines. The eighth placed young bird was timed on 1373.67ypm and the sire is a full brother to Peter's first on the clock. The dam is a daughter of 3rd open BICC Poitiers. 

Erik Neilson

Wearn Brothers and Neilson were sixth, seventh, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth open and took the top seven positions in the SE section. The first two on the clock timed on the same velocity of 1373.68ypm and were brought in from the very successful Northern Ireland lofts of Gibbs and Byrne. Other birds timed were bred by James and Peter Parker. 

Dave Wells

D Wells of Liphook was fifteenth open with a young bird on 1344ypm. Dave timed a blue hen which was part of a kit of ten youngsters he purchased from Louella Pigeon World. It contains Vandenabeele bloodlines. 

Around the sections

George Willett

George Willett and Son of Fareham were sixteenth open with a youngster bred by Darren May containing the Pitbull bloodlines. 

Richie Thomas

Richie Thomas of Portsmouth was seventeenth open with a youngster bred from two late bred pigeons from Darren May. Richie had 22 out of 24 pigeons on the day. 

Luke & Les Cross

Eighteenth and nineteenth open went to Luke and Les Cross who now fly to two different lofts, having an experimental season of trying new bloodlines. First to time was a Janssen based cock bred by Dewichant lofts out of champion Heartbreak x Harry bloodlines. Second on the clock was bred by Dave Back-House out of a Van den Bulck cock. 

Jamie Wells & Rob Jones

Bartlett, Jones and Wells of Southampton took twentieth and twenty-first place. They sent fifteen pigeons and had thirteen home in an hour. First to time was a small blue cock bred from their race team, followed by a blue hen bred by Rod and Angela Berry from their new team of Pitbull pigeons. 

Chris Bartlett

C Bartlett of Salisbury was first SW section with a youngster timed on 1187ypm. The breeding on the sire's side comes from Chris' Janssen based pigeons whilst the dam was one of a kit of youngsters he had from Simon Schofield of Leeds. 

Danny Lanahan with John Gerard and Lou

Danny Lanahan of Poole was second SW section on 1176ypm. This was Danny's first young bird race this season and his winner was a gift bird from his father-in-law, John Gerard. It was bred by John's new partner in Germany, Manfred Lossin. 

Richard Whiteside

R and J Whiteside of Bristol timed a youngster on 1271ypm to take first NW section. Richard timed a blue cock bred from his Heremans-Ceusters family of pigeons. The sire is a direct son of Olympic Hans and the dam is a direct daughter of Litche Blue, a cracking hen that has bred lots of winners, especially when paired to Richard's direct son of Rossi. 

Nigel Templar

Nigel Templar of Bristol was second NW section on 1264ypm. Nigel timed an Eric Ceulemans pigeon bred from birds he and Alen Bedford bought from Frank Bristow. It was flown on the darkness system. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the Central Southern Classic Flying Club young bird race from Ilkeston.