A report on the Central Southern Classic Flying Club young bird race from Guernsey on 2nd September 2023

Mark & Julie Gower & Family
87 members sent 837 young birds to Guernsey with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club. They were liberated at 10.00CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Mr and Mrs Mark Gower of Fordingbridge timed six pigeons to take first to sixth open, first to sixth SW section. First on the clock was a youngster on 1295ypm over 103 miles. The open winner was bred from Mark's stock pair, the sire of which came from Jimmy Newall of Manchester and was bred from his number one pair, Pitbull Cock x The 963. This was paired to a hen Mark purchased from P & D Stud and which is a daughter of Neiw Goede Roede x Returned Kittle. Second open was a Mark Evans Vandenabeele bred from a son of Bob-De-Batt x daughter of Iceman. Third open for the Gowers was a cock bird, purchased from P and D Stud and bred from their champion, Expensive Kittle x daughter of GWP Macaloney's Ghost Caviar. Fourth open was from a son of Premier Stud's Man-O-Chester x Mark Evans' Keon 6. Fifth open was the same way bred as first open. Finally, sixth open was bred by brian Gorton and was cross nominated into the classic race from the Watchfield breeder buyer race. 


Paul Weems

P Weems of Chippenham clocked a young, blue white flight hen on 1235ypm over 136 miles to take seventh open and first NW section. The sire was bred by Tim Atkins from a son of Syndicate Lofts' Granger x Foxy Lady. The dam is out of Billyboy x Lisa, via Garry Inkley. Paul timed a second pigeon which may well be second section in the final result. This was bred from his own family of birds containing Ernie Smith bloodlines out of a son of Paul's 69 when paired back to its mother and then crossed into some new introductions from D and J Staddon. 

Liam & James Fisher

L Fisher of Poole had two birds drop together to take eighth and ninth open, seventh and eighth SW section on 1209ypm and 1208ypm over a distance of 87 miles. Liam's pigeon was bred from a pair of birds he purchased from Freddie Bannister. 

Lanahan & Gerard

Lanahan and Gerard of Poole were tenth, eleventh and twelfth open, ninth, tenth and eleventh SW section on 1197ypm, 1195ypm and 1194ypm over 92 miles. The partners' first bird on the clock was a blue, white flight cock bred by Eckhard Bastek Marl of Germany. Thier second was bred by Sven Simmermanns of Bornheim in Germany and contains his super Josef bloodlines. Third on the clock was a Willy Verstraten Van De Bulck sprinter. 

Chris Bartlett

C Bartlett of Salisbury clocked a young bird on 1192ypm over a distance of 114 miles. Chris' winner was crossed nominated into the classic race from the Watchfield breeder buyer and it was bred by Simon Schofield of Leeds. Both sire and dam contains Marike Vink bloodlines. 

Nick Wilson's hen

N Wilson of Portsmouth was fourteenth open and first SE section with a youngster on 1179ypm over 112 miles. Nick's section winner was bred by Steve Birch of Derbyshire from his team of Lambrecht pigeons. 

Dave Fry

D Fry of Havant was fifteenth open and second SE section with a young bird on 1165ypm over a distance of 94 miles. Dave timed a hen bred from pigeons gifted to him by Neville Spracklen. 

Around the sections

Mark, Clare & Mia Brown

Mr and Mrs Brown of Hungerford were first NE section and twenty-first open with a young bird on 1108ypm over 143 miles. The section winner was the Brown's Lone Ranger cock that has won prizes throughout the young bird season. It is bred down from a Pete Barlow cock and a Shaun Stockley hen. The Brown's timed a second pigeon that will likely be second section in the final result and this was bred by Kevin Head of Wolverhampton. 

Tom Pickford

T Pickford of Aylesbury was the NE section runner-up with a young bird on 1069ypm over 178 miles. Tom's first pigeon was a blue bar cock containing Joe Raeburn's distance bloodlines. 

Tom Pickford's cock
Philip Duckett

Philip Duckett of Highbridge timed a young bird on 1087ypm over 119 miles to take second NW section. This was a Busschaert from Wesley Selway. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the Central Southern Classic Flying Club young bird race from Guernsey.