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A report on the Central Southern Classic Flying Club old hen race from Ilkeston on 20th August 2021

29 members sent 165 old hens to Ilkeston with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club. They were liberated at 10.00CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

James Derbyshire of Whitchurch was first open and first NE section with a yearling on 1348ypm. Jim's winner is named Queenie and the sire and dam were both bred by James and Peter Parker from their Lambrecht bloodlines. 

Eastern Angel (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Second open and first SE section was a two year old on 1298ypm for K and J Zerafa of Portsmouth. The dam of the section winner is the Zerafa's 2017 first open Fougeres winner, Eastern Angel, whilst the sire is the first national Falaise winner, Yvette's decision, belonging to Steve Harris. 

Yvette's decision (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)
Mick Abery

S and D Abery of Reading timed a three year old on 1291ypm to take third open and second NE section. Mick's timer is bred down from his old Soontjen bloodlines which come from Roger Lowe's My little Diamond. 

Owen Abery

Owen Abery of Reading was fourth open and third NE section with a yearling on 1287ypm. Owen's winner is bred down from Mark Gilbert's old Southfield Supreme, De Weerdt bloodlines. 

Rod Rann

Mr and Mrs Rann and Son of Newport on the Isle of Wight were fifth open and second SE section with a yearling on 1245ypm. Rod timed a hen kept on widowhood earlier in the season but then re-paired for the old hen races. It was sent sitting hatching eggs. 

Dave Roberts

D Roberts of Emsworth timed a three year old on 1234ypm to take sixth open and third SE section. Dave's pigeon contains Frans Zwols bloodlines and was sent sitting eighteen day eggs. 

Darren Ede

Darren Ede and Family of Southampton timed two pigeons to take seventh and tenth open, fourth and sixth SE section. First on the clock was a two year old on 1210ypm followed by a yearling on 1187ypm. Darren's first to time was bred by John and Teresa Gladwin and John Cowlin of Formula One Lofts. It is a direct daughter of Prince of Rekkem. Second to time was a direct daughter of his late friend Dave Johnson's top cock. 43, which was left to Darren before Dave died. The sire of this hen is a direct daughter of John Crehan's Prodigy. 

Leon Hall

Leon Hall of Oxford was eighth open fourth NE section with a yearling on 1197ypm. Leon timed a natural hen, sent feeding three day old youngsters. It was bred in the stock loft out of a Mark Bulled pigeon crossed with an Alfie Hawthorne VDB pigeon from Les Killick of Barton upon Humber. 

Lee & Michael Kruger

Lee Kruger and Son of Winchester clocked a yearling on 1189ypm to take ninth open and fifth SE section. The Kruger's hen was bred from a pair from Cyril Lever of Romsey containing Janssen bloodlines. 

Around the sections

Steve Travers

S Travers of Poole was first SW section with a two year old on 1180ypm. Steve bred a pigeon from his Heinz family of birds. 

Alfie Harp & Nick Pearse

Harp and Pearse of Poole timed a five year old on 1131 to take second SW section. It was bred from two stock birds loaned from the Dearden Brothers of Rochdale and sent sitting fourteen day eggs. 

Nigel Templar

The NW section winner was Nigel Templar of Bristol with a four year old on 1152ypm. Nigel timed a Frans Zwols hen bred by Stuart Wilcox. 

Rob Brooks

Brooks Brothers and Wilcox of Bristol timed a yearling on 1135 to take second NW section. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the Central Southern Classic Flying Club old hens race from Ikeston.