A report on the Central Southern Classic Flying Club old bird race from Guernsey on 5th May 2023

181 members sent 2,565 pigeons to Guernsey with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club. They were liberated at 12.00CEST into a S-SW wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Jim & Sheryl Etherington

First open and first SE section was a yearling on 1988ypm over 117 miles for Jim Etherington of Portsmouth. The sire of Jim and Sheryl's winner was 666 which they gifted to Derek Human. It was bought by Paul O'Leary at Derek's sale and Paul then gifted it back to Jim. The dam was a Descheemaecker, purchased at the Natural Breeding Station for 30 euros. The partners' open win came on the same day as their wedding anniversary so the winning pigeon has now been named, Blue Anniversary.  

Ken Cleife & Grand-daughter, Jessica

K and L Cleife of Portsmouth timed two pigeons to take second and third open, second and third SE section. First on the clock was a four year old on 1975.9ypm over 113 miles. Next to time was a two year old on 1975.6ypm. Ken and Lee's first pigeon was bred from two NL rung birds bred by Roel Gossen and contains Gaby Vandenabeele bloodlines. Second was a gift pigeon from Havant fancier, Brian Wall. 

Mark, Clare & Mia Brown

Mark and Clare Brown of Hungerford were fourth and fifth open, first and second NE section. First to clock was a three year old on 1974ypm over 143 miles. This was a blue hen bred by Shaun Stockley of Poole, the sire of which was a gift bird from John Angwin, being a son of his top breeding son of Kittel. The dam came from Andy Swift of Dragonfly Lofts and this hen has previous prize cards in club and federation. Next up was a four year old on 1972ypm. This was a dark, Gert Heylen x Lambrecht hen with many club and federation cards already to her name. 

First SW Section

A Stephens of Parkstone was sixth, ninth and tenth open, first, second and third SW section. First on the clock was a yearling, bred by Gary Inkley and purchased at the Upton breeder buyer sale, on 1956ypm over a distance of 90 miles. Second to time was a two year old on 1926ypm, followed by a yearling on 1925ypm. These both contain Vandenabeele bloodlines through Brian Shipley. 

Tony Barrett's hen

T Barrett of Portsmouth was seventh open and fourth SE section with a yearling on 1938ypm over 114 miles. Tony's hen was on her first race of the season. 

Alan & Gill Webber

Mr and Mrs A Webber and Son of Abingdon were eighth open and third NE section with a three year old hen on 1933ypm over a distance of 159 miles. The dam of this hen is a Patrick Janssen and the sire is a complete Heinz 57. 

Around the sections

Chris Bartlett

The SW section runner-up was C Bartlett of Salisbury with a four year old on 1904ypm over 114 miles. Chris timed a Herman Ceusters gifted to him by fellow club member Gordon Emm. It was raced on the roundabout system. 

C & J Howse

C and J Howse of Devizes timed four pigeons to take first to fourth NW section. First on the clock was a three year old on 1889ypm over 127 miles. Chris and Jane timed a hen closely related to their good hen, Lady J. Second on the clock was a Vandenabeele hen bred by Paul Kenny and Family. Next up was a cock bird, a grandson of Proper Rik and fourth to time was a double grand-daughter of Drum. 

Kevin Henley

K Henley of Trowbridge was the NW section runner-up with a two year old on 1884ypm over 128 miles. Kevin's hen contains Vandenabeele bloodlines bred down from Mr and Mrs May of Guildford. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the Central Southern Classic Flying Club race from Guernsey.