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A report of the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey on 23rd August 2014

One hundred and eighty-eight members sent one thousand, nine hundred and seventeen birds to Guernsey with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 9.00am BST into clear skies with a light north westerly wind. The following is a report on the provisional result according to members' verifications.

Meg Murray

In first east section and first open was Meg Murray of Burnham on Crouch with a youngster on 1434mpm over 210 miles. Having bred fewer young birds this season, Meg sent eight to Guernsey and her first hen came on her own. The sire of this youngster was a race bird bred off Sooty and Mealy, two of Meg's best stock pigeons. Sooty was a 2003 Wildemeersch pigeon from the lofts of Woofe, Son and Daughter, whilst Mealy was a 2004 Jan Loots hen purchased at auction. Both birds came to Meg from Lee Bastone of Burnham on Crouch.

Micky Watts

Second east section and second open went to Micky Watts of Southminster on 1408mpm over 211 miles. Micky moved to Southminster two years ago and began racing on his own, having previously been in a partnership. He races M & D Evans' Vandenabeeles and his youngster was sent to Guernsey sitting nine day old eggs. Micky has previously won three times first combine and one first amalgamation with the same family of pigeons, as well as a first national from Guernsey two years previously.

Steve Adcock

Steve Adcock of Basildon was third east section and third open with a mealy cock on 1405mpm over 196 miles. Steve returned to the sport last season after a break of twenty-five years. His third open winner contains Van de Rhee bloodlines and was bred from stock he obtained from Derek Pedley. Bred in February and raced on the darkness system, this cock had three inland races prior to Guernsey.

Dean Childs

Fourth east section and fourth open was a young cock on its fourth race of the season and timed by Dean Childs of Basildon on 1404mpm over 196 miles. Raced on the darkness system, this cock contains all the best of Mark Gilbert's long distance bloodlines including Darkie, Treble and Marseille.

Terry Langston

Mr Terry Langston of Clacton on Sea was fifth east section and fifth open on 1399mpm over 229 miles. Terry timed a blue Busschaert cock raced on the darkness system and sent driving to nest. This is Terry's first season racing on the south as he has previously raced the north road. This young cock had five inland races before being sent to Guernsey.

D Heywood & Son

D Heywood and Son of Laindon timed sixth east section and sixth open on 1398mpm over 195 miles. A multi national winning partnership, from Guernsey the father and son clocked a granddaughter of Young Gwen, their London and South East Classic winner, when paired to Birthday Boy which won the 2010 BICC race from Poitiers. Birthday Boy was paired to an offspring of The Machine, the famous Up North Combine winner, and this cock was gifted to the partners by J & P Parker of Newbury.

Martin Jones & daughter, Abbie

Seventh east section and seventh open went to Martin Jones of Stanford le Hope on 1397mpm over 193 miles. Martin clocked a bue hen containing Soontjen x Busschaert bloodlines and which was bred by Tim Rodwell in February and raced on the darkness system. Prior to Guernsey, this hen had four inland races.

Lee Bastone

A clubmate of the winner, Meg Murray, Lee Bastone of Burnham on Crouch timed eighth east section and eighth open on 1396mpm over 209 miles.

Kevin & Lee Cleife & Lee's daughter, Jessica

Kevin and Lee Cleife of Portsmouth clocked first centre section and ninth open with a young cock on 1395mpm over 115 miles. Another darkness youngster, this one was bred in December from pigeons obtained from Dutch fancier Roel Goosen. Prior to Guernsey, this cock had been trained to forty miles only and in the run up to its first race, this training was from both easterly and westerly directions, three times weekly.

Bob & Anthony Besant with Anthony's daughter

Completing the top ten we have Bob Besant and Son of Worcester Park on second centre section and tenth open on 1394.9mpm over 165 miles. Bob and Anthony timed a grizzle cock of Koopman x Preece Brothers and Sons Gwasted Ryder bloodlines. Raced on the darkness system, Guernsey was this young cock's third race of the season.

Around the sections

Third into the centre section and eleventh open went to K Roberts and Son of New Addington with a young cock on 1394.4mpm over 170 miles. Ray Roberts' timer was one of a batch of five Van Elsacker pigeon gifted to him by Glen and Gavin Buckley of Rochdale. Raced on the darkness system, this was this young cock's third race of the season.

Roger Strowger

First north east section went to Roger Strowger of Leiston on 1367mpm over 261 miles. Roger timed a darkness hen of Soontjen x Belgian bloodlines and raced on the sliding door system, having had four inland races prior to Guernsey. Roger had three drop together, two youngsters and an old hen. Second north east section went to D Downing of Newmarket on 1243mpm over 231 miles. Guernsey was only Dave's second BICC race ever, as he previously raced on the north road. Last year he topped the section from Guernsey with his youngsters. Dave's first timer was a youngster bred and gifted to him by his Newmarket clubmate Roly Rix. Dave clocked a second pigeon just a few seconds later, this one being from his own Vandenabeele stock. Third north east section went to Shaughan Nicholson of Bury St Edmunds on 1236mpm over 236 miles.

Jamie Mitchell with daughter Abigail & Chloe

Adam Freeman of Burton Latimer clocked first north centre section on 1118mpm over 215 miles. Jamie Mitchell of Bedford was section north centre section on 1026mpm over 205 miles. Jamie timed a hen containing Dom Gruzelier bloodlines and a half-sister to the eleventh open, first section winner from Bergerac with the Midlands National Flying Club. Third north centre section went to Steve Redfern and Family of Derby with a youngster on 911mpm over 241 miles.

Booth & Roper

First and third north west section went to Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury with their first youngster on 1103mpm over 176 miles. The section winner is a Jan Aarden x Brian Sheppard hen and their second in the clock was a Vandenabeele x Van Den Bosche hen, both sent to Guernsey flying to the perch. Second north west section was won by M & C Lee of Alfrick on 1043mpm over 185 miles. Mike and Christine clocked a blue hen, raced on the darkness system. The dam of this pigeon is a granddaughter of Jos Thoné's Sumo and this was this hen's fourth race of the season.

Ildebrando Carenza

First west section was timed by Ildebrando Carenza from Evesham on 1113mpm over 183 miles. Ildebrando clocked a Jan Aarden hen raced on the darkness system and on its third race of the season. It was sent to Guernsey showing to a young cock bird. Second west section went to Gary Carter of Childswickham on 1109mpm over 180 miles. Gary timed a Van de Wegen cock on its second race of the seaosn. This cock took three weeks to return from its first training toss and three days from its second. After this shaky start, it was first back from subsequent training tosses. Brian Sheppard of Trowbridge timed third west section on 1092mpm over 129 miles. Brian clocked a blue cock of Legend, first Dax international x Trueman Dicken bloodlines and raced on the natural system.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey.