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A report on the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey on 20th August 2022

Rob & Paula Hume
163 member sent 2,309 young birds to Guernsey with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 12.20CEST into clear skies. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

First open and first ES section was a young cock on 1751mpm over 203 miles for Mr and Mrs Hume of Rochford. The Hume's youngster is bred out of last year's winner, El Tel, and a hen loaned to them by their good friends John Gladwin and John Cowlin of Formula One Lofts. This hen contains Prince of Rekkem x Dreamy bloodlines. The winner was sent with its hen having just laid her first eggs. 

Darren Simmons & partner Kirsty

Darren Simmons of Mayland timed a young bird on 1734mpm over a distance of 209 miles to take second open and second ES section. The sire of Darren's winner was bred by the late Brian Foulis and contains Stefan Lambrecht bloodlines from the Artist. The dam is another Stefan Lambrecht, from Stormont Lofts. 

The Simmons' young bird
Sparks & Dallas

Sparks and Dallas of Gravesend were third open and third ES section with a young bird on 1728.4mpm over 185 miles. Tommy and Pauline's youngster was bred by the hen they timed in the any age race and contains Frans Zwols x bloodlines. 

M and D Allen of Hockley were fourth open and fourth ES section with a young bird on 1728.2mpm over 203 miles. 

Lee Bastone of Burnham on Sea timed a youngster on 1725mpm over a distance of 208 miles to take fifth open and fifth ES section. 

Sixth open and sixth ES section was a young bird on 1711mpm over 200 miles for Freddie Hadley and Family of Leigh on Sea. 

Alan Annis and Son of Wingham were seventh open and seventh ES section with a young bird on 1707mpm over 207 miles. 

Ken Wise

Ken Wise of Isleworth clocked a young bird on 1702mpm over 166 miles to take eighth open and first CS section. Ken's youngster is bred from a pair of Peter Fox, Syndicate Lofts pigeons. The sire is a son of Propere Rik x Pixie and the dam is a daughter of Propere 10 x Jean Genies. Ken timed a second pigeon, an M and D Evans Vandenabeele, that may well be second section. 

Tim Pierpoint of Sheerness was ninth open and eighth ES section with a youngster on 1699mpm over a distance of 197 miles. 

Completing the top ten and in ninth ES section is a young bird on 1689mpm over 208 miles for Dave Bastone of Althorne. 

Around the sections

Malik & Khan

Malik and Khan of Tolworth were second CS section and twelfth open with a young bird on 1681mpm over 163 miles. Their youngster was bred from Young Buck, bred by Buck and Martin De Kruijf from their PIPA pair. Young Buck was paired to a daughter of the partners' two national winners, Ruby x National Ace.

J May and Son of Chichester were third CS section with a youngster on 1649mpm over a distance of 119 miles. 

Lanahan & Gerard

Lanahan and Gerard of Poole were first WS section and ninety-second open on 1416mpm over 91 miles. The partners clocked a blue cock bred from John's 388 hen when paired to a cock bred by Tony Barrett. 

Mircea Cioc

Mircea Cioc of Shaftsbury timed a young bird on 1176mpm over 105 miles to take second WS section. Mircea started with pigeons last year, having built his own loft. He has pigeons from his friend Cosmin Talas and also a pair from Chris Gibson. The second section winner is bred from Talas pigeons with the sire being a son of Johnny, fifth open Saintes. The dam is a half sister to Cosmin's Remy and Dark Gem. Mircea would like ot also thank John Halstead for his help and advice. 

Mircea's young bird

Leigh Sheppard of Batheaston was third WS section with a young bird on 890mpm over a distance of 132 miles. Leigh's chequer pied hen won from Littlehampton the week before. On the sire's side is a grand-daughter of Jos Thone's Crow lines and Fyther, first national Agen, Belgium 2013. On the dam's is a double grand-daughter of Chris Debacker;s top stock cock, Nick, a great grandchild of Gaby x Bliksem. 

David Paine

David Paine of St Neots was the NC section winner and fifty-seventh open with a young bird on 1539mpm over 212 miles. Dave's hen was the result of a joint breeding with a Syndicate Lofts cock owned by Ray Roberts and containing Little Big Man x Ariel and Foxy Lady bloodlines. The dam was purchased this year from James Parker of Reading. 

John Black

John Black of Hitchin timed a young bird on 1460mpm over 201 miles to take second NC section. John's timer is a chequer Jelle Jellema hen sent showing to a young cock. It is the same way bred as his third ace pigeon in the BICC north sections last year. 

Kevin & Lauren Grace

Kevin and Lauren Grace of Kneesworth were third NC section with a young bird on 1457mpm over 208 miles. Their timer contains Jelle Jellema bloodlines and was trained from 100 miles twice a week. 

David Fisher

D Fisher of Ipswich was first NE section and thirty-seventh open with a young chequer pied hen on 1592mpm over 241 miles. The sire was bred by Justin Rogers and is a grandson of Eisenhower and the dam is a grand-daughter of Harry, bred by Darren Ede and purchased from Michael Symons. 

Jeremy Nicholson

Jeremy Nicholson of Ipswich was second NE section on 1570mpm over 237 miles. Jeremy's first on the clock is a second round youngster that was entered into the Thames and Eastern Counties breeder buyer and picked up £500 in prize money. The sire is a Stickers Donkers x Patrick Beocx and the dam is from Jeremy's top Van Den Bulck stock pigeons, Alert Red and Exceptional Miss. 

Dennis Ball

D and E Ball of Eyke were third NE section on 1457mpm over a distance of 249 miles. Dennis and Elaine timed a blue Vandenabeele cock bred from JWP Macaloney stock. 

Dave and Kyle Harris of Newport timed a young bird on 1125mpm over 226 miles to take first NW section and one hundred and thirtieth open. 

Tex Talbot

Tex Talbot of Newport was second NW section with a young bird on 877mpm over 226 miles. Tex timed a youngster bred from a Van Den Bulck cock that he had from a Birmingham fancier that passed away and was paired to a Rudi De Saar hen. 

Sebastian Szul of Telford was third NW section with a young bird on 284mpm over a distance of 222 miles. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey.