A report on the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey on 19th August 2023

Michael Allen
153 members sent 2,156 pigeons to Guernsey with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 08.45CEST, The following is a report on the provisional result based on members verifications.
Dave Allen

M and D Allen of Hockley were first open and first ES section with a young bird on 1931mpm over 203 miles. The winning pigeon is bred from a son of Stefaan Lambrechts KDBD winner Lincia that the partners purchased from PIPA x a daughter of M & D Evans National ace pigeon Ace of Aces. The father had already bred a 1st & 2nd fed winner for friends Topp & Mann and now a National winner. He was trained approx. 35 miles daily and had flown 3 races prior to entering the National.

M & D Allen
Wearn Bros & Neilson

Second open and first CS section was won by Wearn Brothers & Neilson of Ramsdean on 1905mpm over a distance of 124 miles. 

Damian Szpak

Damian Szpak of Deptford clocked a youngster on 1876mpm over 174 miles to take third open and second ES section. The sire of Damian's young cock is line bred to a half-brother of Queen 85 which won 13th open BICC Guernsey last year. His dam is a grand-daughter of Queen 85, dam of the loft. 

Paul Basham

Paul Basham of Bursledon was fourth open and second CS section with a young bird on 1872mpm over 110 miles. Sire is 100% Jelle Jellema being bred from a son of Romee x son of Miss Gijsje when paired to a daughter of Jill. Jill won 2nd International Perpignan. Dam was bred by David Coward Talbot. Sire being a grandson of Topstar x Diva. The dam being a direct daughter of Champion Chopper (100% Andre Roodhoft) when paired to De Future National original Daniel Aerens.

Gilbert - Pedigree

Mark Gilbert of Windsor was fifth open and third CS section on 1862mpm over 157 miles. 

John Cowlin

John Cowlin of Hullbridge was sixth open and third ES section with a young bird on 1856mpm over 202 miles. John Cowlin's first youngster carries very similar bloodlines to his old hen, being a Grandchild of Rekkem 083, the super full brother to the King & Queen of Rekkem which are also grandchildren of the Intel Smeulders cock, when paired to an inbred granddaughter of the Prince of Rekkem, being from a son of the Dream Pair when paired to a daughter of the Prince of Rekkem and Guernsey Princess.  

Mr and Mrs Chaplin of Woking were seventh open and fourth CS section on 1854mpm over a distance of 152 miles. 

The Chitty Brothers of Kings Langley clocked a youngster on 1852mpm over 178 miles to take eighth open and fifth CS section. 

Ninth open and sixth CS section was a young bird on 1848mpm over 165 miles for Kevin May of Wallington. 

Completing the top ten and in seventh CS section are D and J Novis from Brighton with a young bird on 1844mpm over 142 miles. 

Around the sections 

Lanahan & Gerard

First WS section and thirty-third open was won by Lanahan and Gerard of Poole on 1762mpm over a distance of 92 miles. The partners first bird home was a grandson of their top breeding cock, Zwarte Louders, when paired to a granddaughter of Harry. 

Leigh Sheppard

Leigh Sheppard of Batheaston was second WS section on 1551mpm over 132 miles. The sire is a direct Jos Thone coming down from a half brother to Billy 1st provincial ace KBDB 18 and Kajo 1st provincial ace bird speed KBDB 2014.The dam was gifted to Leigh two years ago as a young bird by Chris Baxter and is bred down from a son of George's Boy, 1st open NEHU futurity race 2018 and Richies Girl carrying Soontjen x Leo Heremans bloodlines.

John Halstead

John Halstead of Kington Magna was third WS section with a young bird on 1479mpm over 103 miles. John's young chequer cockwas  flown on widowhood, having his first ever race. He is from a Jan Willems bred cock down from Arjan Beans' Mr Beautiful/Olympic Miss Gijsje bloodlines to a double granddaughter of Mark Gilbert’s ace breeder Golden Barcelona.

David Paine

David Paine of St Neots was the NC section winner and thirty-eighth open with a young bird on 1716mpm over 212 miles. David timed a cock bred from the hen which is a Lambrecht cross Syndicate Lofts that won both young bird BICC races last year, she was paired to a cock that was 11th open, 3rd section BICC last year as a yearling. It is bred the way as David's MNFC winner.

Reg Wright's pigeon

Second NC section was Reg Wright of Wellingborough on 1558mpm over 209 miles. Reg clocked a Van Loon hen that was 4th club last week from Blandford. The sire has bred 3 x 1st fed winners plus many other prize winners. Dam is a full sister to Paula, 2nd open 1st section Falaise, BICC. She is a dam to 2 x 1st fed plus proving herself in the stock loft. Also related to 3rd, 6th and 8th open Poitiers BICC. 

John Black with Len Petchley

John Black of Hitchin was third NC section on 1511mpm over 201 miles. John timed a chequer hen, sent showing to a young cock bird. The sire and dam were both bred by Jamie Clarke from Snelling in Kent and both have scored well for John in national racing. The sire was his second bird from Tarbes last season, winning eighth section. 

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury timed a young bird on 1628mpm over a distance of 174 miles to take first NW section and fifty-first open. The youngster is a blue chequer hen out of one of their good racing hens, Sportsview Diamond, 4th section, 8th open Saintes, 4th section, 7th open Norte sur Erdre. She was killed by a hawk back in April this year. The sire was bred by Alen Gibb for them on the lines of Ebony from Geoff and Catherine Cooper.

M & C Lee

M and C Lee of Alfrick were second NW section on 1536mpm over 1536 miles. This blue hen was sent just flying to her box on the light system. She had two Frome races with the fed, 68 miles prior to the BICC. She is bred from a pair of birds from Jeff Homer of Stourbridge. 

Mr/s Shaw's pigeon

Mr and Mrs N Shaw of Crewe were third NW section on 1443mpm over 246 miles. Sent on a young bird of four days old, this hen was bred by B Oakley out of a hen the partners gifted to him and which is a grand-daughter of the Bat. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey. 

David Fisher's pigeon

David Fisher of Ipswich was the NE section winner with a youngster on 618mpm over 241 miles. David timed a blue hen containing Macaloney lines, from a son of Supermac 76 when paired to a Mark Bulled hen direct from Bordeaux Queen. 

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