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A report of the British International Championship Club young bird race from Falaise on the 13th September 2014

One hundred and seventy-six members sent one thousand, two hundred and sixty three young birds to Falaise with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 08.30am BST into clear skies. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

John & David Staddon (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

First west section and first open was won by John and David Staddon from Evercreech with a young cock on 1142mpm over 186 miles. This cock was bred from a pair of yearlings from the partners' race team and contains 75% Mark Gilbert bloodlines and 25% those of Geoff and Catherine Cooper. The sire is a full brother to John and David's BICC Carentan winner, Shapway Annie (Cooper x Deweerdt) and the dam is from a full brother of Mark Gilbert's second, seventh and fourteenth open winner from Tarbes. The dam is also a half sister to Southfield Melissa, first international. The partners clocked their cock on David and wife Caroline's fifth wedding anniversary so it has been named Shapway Anniversary Boy. The Staddons timed eight pigeons within an hour and expect them all to feature high up in the final open result.

The Falaise winner (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

John Ludlam

John Ludlam of Nelson was second west section and second open with a young hen on 1090mpm after 234 miles. John's winner is a dark, chequer pied hen flown on the widowhood system and containing the bloodlines of Patrick Brothers, Paul Woolliss, Paul Stowell, Louella and Steve Wright, along with a touch of Brian Wall. The grand-dam of this hen is John's Barcelona hen and he timed nine out of his eleven entries from Falaise.

Johnny Attrill & daughter, Kacey Leigh

First centre section and third open went to Johnny Attrill of Salisbury on 1083mpm over 166 miles. At the end of last year Johnny purchased a round of youngsters from German fanciers S G Diebel and Kreplin which he collected at the spring exchange. These pigeons contained the best of the Schellens bloodlines and similarly bred birds from the same partnership have won for Johnny in past years. These youngsters were then put on the darkness system and prepared for the National Flying Club race from Fougères where the birds were heldover and then brought back to Falaise. Johnny's section winner with the BICC was ninth open from the national race, two days prior to being basketed for Falaise with the BICC.

Geoff & Catherine Cooper (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Geoff and Catherine Cooper of Peasdown St John took third west section and fourth open with a young cock on 1074mpm over 194 miles. Euro George was flown on the sliding door system with no training once racing started, other than exercise around the loft. Prior to Falaise this cock had been as far as Eastbourne, 123 miles. The sire of Euro George is Euro Star, a son of Brockamp's Euro Diamond, whilst the dam is a daughter of top racer and breeder, George. Both sire and dam have bred many winners for the Coopers. Euro George is a full brother to first ace pigeon for Europe in the Wuhan Golden Sands Derby Race.

Preece Bros & Sons

Fourth west section and fifth open was won by Preece Brothers and Sons of Cwmtillery on 1063mpm over 236 miles. The partners timed a blue cock, raced on the darkness system and containing the best Lefebre Dhaenen bloodlines. The sire of this cock is a full brother to the partner's Queen's Cup winner, Gwasted Miss Lee, which was herself bred from the champion stock cock, One Leg, bred by Bobby Lee. The dam of this winner is a thirteen year old stock hen bred by Jeff Davies from the best of his and the Preece's Lefebre Dhaenen family.

Chico Owen & Tony Evans

Owen, Evans and Son of Rhondda were fifth west section and sixth open with a youngster on 1048mpm after 240 miles. Chico Owen and Tony Evans are enjoying an excellent season and from Falaise they timed a blue cock bred by Preece Brothers and Sons of Cwmtillery. A son of the Preece's Tarbes national winner, this cock also contains Geoff and Catherine Cooper's Deweerdt bloodlines. Race on the natural system this cock had five federation races prior to Falaise.

Stuart & Gareth Treharne (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Sixth west section and seventh open went to Treharne and Son of Nantyglo on 1043mpm over 239 miles. Gareth and Stuart timed a pigeon bred from a direct son of Het Fenomeen's first national winner from Bordeaux, the main breeding lines being Chris van de Velden, Wijnands and A P Overwater. The dam is a direct Wijnands hen, a daughter of Gehemerde which was fourth national from both Barcelona and Bordeaux. This season alone Gareth and Stuart have been first open BICC twice, double section winners with the National Flying Club and won the Welsh South Road National Flying Club from Saintes.

Rob Wilton

R & R Wilton of Street won seventh west section and eighth open on 991mpm after 191 miles. The partners timed a chequer cock bred by Mr and Mrs Titcombe of Portishead and sent sitting ten day eggs. Rob bought this youngster at the Glastonbury Flying Club breeder/buyer sale and it contains the best Hereman Ceuster bloodlines.

Norman Smith

Norman Smith and Roy Jones of Cwmbran took eighth west section and ninth open with a youngster on 990mpm over 228 miles. Norman and Roy clocked a darkness hen bred from the sire of their Carentan national winner when paired to a hen from Derek Flowers of Pontypool.

Gordon & June Mears

Completing the top ten and in ninth west section is Mr and Mrs Mears of Carleon on 982mpm after 228 miles. Gordon and June timed a natural hen sent sitting fourteen day eggs and bred down from their Des Coulter imports, the sire having flown the St Vincent international race earlier this season.

Around the sections

Second centre section and eleventh open went to Mr and Mrs H D Lee from Reading on 981mpm. Dave timed a Janssen x Koopman darkness cock bred from birds he obtained from Brian Murray of Cheshire. This young cock flew every club race leading up to Falaise which was its first time over the water. Paul Kelly of South Norwood was third centre section on 955mpm. Paul clocked a darkness hen bred from a Lee Jackson, Jos Thoné sire when paired to a Terry Peart hen containing the best of Jim Donaldson's bloodlines.

Ted Robinson of Orpington took first east section and twelfth open on 964mpm over 171 miles with a darkness hen containing Staf Van Reet breeding. This hen had two races prior to Falaise. D Heywood and Son of Laindon were section east section on 926mpm. Bred from the partners' 2011 national winner when paired to a German Janssen obtained through John Gerrard, this pigeon was raced on the darkness and sliding door systems. Third east section went to D Wilton and Son of Chadwell St Mary on 910mpm. The partners had two birds drop together and first on the clock was a Soontjens cock bred from birds obtained from Mr and Mrs Crook.

Trevor head & grandson, Jacob

The north central section was won by Trevor Head of Willington on 857mpm over 224 miles. Trevor timed a darkness hen the same way bred as his section winner in the recent Guernsey race. Mr and Mrs M Smith of Rushden were second north central section on 823mpm. The Smiths timed a Janssen x Vervoven hen raced on the natural system. P Lane and Son of Wootton was third north central section on 695mpm. A Leo Van Rhijn youngster raced on the darkness system this pigeon was bred down from birds obtained from Adrian Duggins.

Dave Downing

D Downing of Newmarket was first north east section on 808mpm over 233 miles. Dave timed another two pigeons to provisionally take this and fifth section. His first was a youngster gifted to him from clubmate Roly Rix and which also scored from Guernsey earlier in the season. J & S Overall were second north east section on 773mpm. John and wife, Serina, clocked a blue hen bred down from birds obtained from the late John Mason of Cromer and raced on the natural system. Third north east section went to Jeremy Nicholson of Ipswich on 709mpm. Jeremy timed a pigeon he bought from Robert Fenech and containing pure Cooremans bloodlines from Cedric and De99/10.

Booth & Roper

The north west section was won by Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury on 811 mpm over 232 miles. First on the clock for Trevor and John was a hen containing Brian Sheppard and Jim Biss bloodlines, which had six club races prior to Falaise. It was sent flying to its perch.

That concludes the report on provisional result of the British International Championship Club young bird race from Falaise.