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A report on the British International Championship Club race from St Vincent, in conjunction with the international

Seventy-six members entered three hundred and fourteen pigeons into the British International Championship Club race from St Vincent, held in conjunction with the international. They were liberated at 07.00CEST into a light southerly wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Mark Gilbert (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Southfield Dark Star

Mark Gilbert of Windsor had a fantastic race clocking a total of eight pigeons to take first, second, fourth, eigth, tenth, sixteenth, seventeenth and twenty-first open. Mark took the first five positions in the centre section. First on the clock was a four year old on 710mpm over 864km. Next up was a three year old on 704mpm. Fouth open was a two year old on 668mpm. First national was a grand-daughter of Southfield Darkie, a double national winner, from grandparents that have scored first nat Pau, second international Tarbes, first international Agen. The winning pigeon is GB14J06118, Southfield Dark Star. Previously she scored from the Pau International 2018. Mark's second bird was the UK winner at Pau International 2018.

The wing of Southfield Dark Star

First section for the Coopers with his hen, Lady of the Night

Splitting the top four in third open and first west section are Geoff and Catherine Cooper with a three year old on 690mpm over a distance of 853km. The Coopers timed a second pigeon on 569mpm to also take second west section and twenty-fourth open. First on the clock was a chequer cock flown on the widowhood system, the sire of which is Darkie, a son of George who won first grand national Tarbes. Darkie also bred second international Agen for Mark Gilbert. Darkie's dam is also the dam of Stellar, third national Agen. The sire of the second section winner was also a son of George when paired to a daughter of Farmer George. This is the fourth year in a row that the Coopers have won first section from St Vincent.

Geoff Cooper with second west section

Steve & Sally Rhodes

Steve and Sally Rhodes of Aylesham were fifth open and first east section with a two year old on 666mpm over 858km. Their St Vincent timer is two year old blue pencil cock, pure  Freialdenhofen and Son, of Donkere Simons and Barcelona King  lines. They have a strong colony of these sons and daughters of many of their champions, and they are starting  to show now. He was trained with Wingham lads to 100 miles, the had Alençon and Le Mans with the BICC, then rested. It was sent sitting ten day eggs and returned in great condition.

Lee & Kevin Buddle

Lee and Kevin Buddle of Dover timed a three year old on 660mpm over 850kms to take sixth open and second east section. The partners timed a cock named Big Steve as he was bred by Steve Bannon of Dundee. Big Steve has won ninth east section, seventeenth open BICC Pau, three week's prior to the St Vincent race. The sire of Big Steve is a son of Geoff and Catherine Coopers Wriggler and the dam was jointly bred by the Buddles and David Hales. The dam is a daughter of Dave's 35, second open BICC Marseille and ninety-eighth open NFC Tarbes, when paired to Amoy, the Buddles first open BICC Pau winner in 2009.

Alan Annis

Alan Annis and Son of Wingham were seventh open and third east section with a three year old on 658mpm over a distance of 865kms. Alan's winner, flown on the natural system, contains Mick Parish bloodlines. The same pigeon was forty-seventh open from St Vincent last year with the BICC.

Heath Archibald

H and P Archibald  of Dover were ninth open and fourth east section with a four year old on 652mpm over 848kms.

Around the sections

Paul Addicott of Taunton timed two pigeons to take third and fourth west section, twenty-eighth and thirty-eighth open. Both were yearlings on 549 and 453mpm respectively over 825kms.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from St Vincent, held in conjunction with the international.