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A report of the British International Championship Club race from St Vincent in conjunction with the international race

After a one day holdover, the three hundred and two birds entered into the international race from St Vincent were liberated on Saturday 14th July at 6.35am BST into a light west wind. There were no UK birds on the day, but day two brought the first, long awaited, arrivals. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Mark Gilbert (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

First open and first centre section was a two year old hen timed by Mark Gilbert of Windsor on 728mpm over 537 miles, a total of nearly twenty hours flying time, taking into account the hours of darkness. Mark timed the same hen that was eleventh open from Pau a few weeks previously. This hen is a cross between the bloodlines of Etienne Maerlien and H & P Brockamp, the sire being a son of Maerlin's Gouden Vleugel and the dam a daughter of Brockamp's Perpignan 06. Mark timed a second pigeon to take second centre section and third open. This was a four year old grandchild of Southfield Supreme on 661mpm. Further timings for Mark's Windsor loft include fifth section, fourteenth open, eighth section, twenty fifth open and eleventh section, thirty seventh open.

Dave & Vince Padfield (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

The Padfield Family of Abertillery clocked a six year old on 678mpm over 563 miles to take first west section, second open. Dave and Vince timed the same blue pied cock that was tenth open from Pau a few weeks previously. Previous national performances for this cock includes fifth open from Tarbes with the Welsh South Road National Flying Club, seventy-sixth open from Tarbes with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club and fourth open, first west section from Agen with the BICC. The sire of this cock is a son of Brian Leadbeater's number one cock, The Favourite, when paired to a daughter of the 48 which was five times in the top ten with the Midlands National Flying Club. This cock was sent to St Vincent sitting newly laid eggs.

Geoff & Catherine Cooper

Fourth open and second west section went to the Peasdown St John loft of Geoff and Catherine Cooper. The husband and wife partnership timed a three year old, widowhood cock on 633mpm over 530 miles. Named, Woodson, this cock was nineteenth open from Poitiers earlier in the season. The sire is Woody and the sire of Woody is a brother to Farm Boy, one of the loft's best racers. The dam of Woodson is a daughter of Georgia Jean, winner of eighth open international from Pau. The Coopers also timed a five year old on 601mpm to take fifth west section and tenth open. This was a cock named Misty the sire of which was Keogan, a top racer and paired to a granddaughter of Legend, first international winner from Dax. Geoff and Catherine timed a further pigeon to take sixth west section, fifty-third open on 540mpm.

Ray Williams

Third west section and fifth open went to J J Williams and Son of Pontypool with a three year old, mealy cock on 630mpm over 563 miles. Ray timed the same pigeon that was sixteenth open from Poitiers earlier in the season. The dam is of Fauche Brothers bloodlines whilst the sire is a Westcott, a grandson of the partners' Palamos cock, JJ. It was sent to St Vincent feeding a nine day old squeaker.

Calum Edmiston

C Edmiston of Horley timed a four year old, chequer cock on 626mpm over 519 miles to take third centre section and sixth open. Calum's timer was fifty-seventh open from Pau earlier in the season. The sire is a Nico Volkens whilst the dam has Padfield bloodlines obtained via Doug Gatlands eleventh open San Sebastian winner. It was sent sitting three day old eggs.

First east section and seventh open was timed by B Howes of Birchington and was a two year old, chequer hen on 619mpm over 544 miles. Alan only sent the one pigeon to St Vincent, bred from a Dutch star and a Louella Van Geel, this hen was sent sitting twelve days.

SR and WH Knox of Tyler Hill clocked a two year old on 610mpm over 538 miles to take second east section and eighth open. Bill's first in the clock was a great-grandson of Brimstone, first section, second open, second international from Dax and Drendon King which was second section, third open from Barcelona. The dam is a granddaughter of Red Alert, first open Barcelona. Bill timed a second pigeon, a three year old on 600mpm to take third east section and eleventh open. The sire of this pigeon was a second open Pau winner whilst the dam contains Solway King bloodlines. Bill also timed a third pigeon to take eighth section, nineteenth open, this one contained Kirkpatrick and P Woolliss bloodlines.

John Tyerman (L) with Ray Strawbridge

Fourth west section and ninth open was a two year old cock timed on 606mpm over 555 miles by Ray Strawbridge of Newport in Gwent. Having moved house recently Ray had to re-settle his birds, which makes this performance even more remarkable. This late bred cock was bred from a John Wills cock when paired to a daughter of Ray's stock hen, My Little Gem. Flown through to Tours as a yearling, it has been to Alençon, Tours and Poitiers before being sent to St Vincent sitting fourteen day eggs.

The Reigate loft of Doug Gatland was fourth centre section and twelfth open with a three year old cock on 596mpm over 523 miles. A Wim Muller x Van de Wegen via both Padfield and Ponderosa lines, this cock was sent sitting ten day old eggs and is a consistent racer.

Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson of Whitstable clocked a five year old cock on 590mpm after 542 miles to take fourth east section and thirteenth open. This cock was bred from a stock cock given to Terry's wife, Marge, by the late Geoff Hunt, when paired to a hen from a Van Bruaene cock crossed with a Geoff Hunt and Son hen that came to Terry as an egg.

Jan & Albi Deacon

A & T Deacon of Waterlooville were fifteenth open and sixth centre section with a two year old cock on 576mpm over 498 miles. Albi and Jan's timer is a direct son of Garincha, one of their best long distance racers. Garincha was paired to a daughter of John Puddephatt's Highdown Prince, which is also the dam of a twice Barcelona Challenge winner. 

Mark Bulled & daughters

Sixteenth open and fifth east section was timed by Mark Bulled of Harlow and was a three year old hen on 575mpm over 561 miles. Mark's pigeon was one of a pair that he obtained in a young bird swap with Russell Bradford and is bred from Russell's direct Deweerdts. Sent sitting eggs after a spell of celibacy, it came well and is earmarked for Perpignan next. depending on the moult.

Richie-Lee Dawes

Richie-Lee Dawes of Whitstable recorded sixth east section and seventeenth open with a two year old cock on 573.5mpm after 541 miles. Richie-Lee timed the same grizzle cock that was fourth open from Pau with the BICC a few weeks previously. Named Benny, this cock was bred by Richie-Lee's neighbours Mickey Dunn and daughters, Jade and Charlie. Both brothers and sisters to Benny have won for the Dunn family over the past few years. Benny is also related to John Lane's fifteenth open Barcelona winner from earlier this season.

Eighteenth open and seventh east section was timed by Ted Ivory of Sittingbourne and was a two year old cock on 573mpm over 536 miles. Containing Van Wanroy and Jan Aarden bloodlines this was its first race of the season, having only been trained previously.

Completing the top twenty we have Barrie Myhill of Dover with a five year old on 569mpm after 529 miles.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from St Vincent in conjunction with the international race.