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A report on the British International Championship Club race from St Vincent on 16th July 2023, held in conjunction with the international

Miss Alcarez
The British International Championship[ Club St Vincent were liberated on the Sunday at 08:00CEST into intermittent clouds, a south-west wind and good visibility. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Miss Alcarez

First open and first CS section was a two year old on 1230mpm over 501 miles for Paul Basham of Bursledon. Paul timed two further pigeons to also take second and ninth open, second and fifth CS section. Second open was a two year old on 1198mpm and ninth open was another two year old on 1023mpm. Paul sent five pigeons to St Vincent, clocked three on the day and the other two the following morning. The winner was Miss Alcarez, the sire of which was bred by Geoff and Catherine Cooper from a double grandson of George. The dam of Miss Alcarez, was Paul's excellent racing hen, bred down from two birds gifted to him by Tony Cowan and containing Nadira and Brian Long's Lucas bloodlines. The sire and dam of second open were both bred by David Coward-Talbot. Paul's third pigeon was the same hen that he clocked as second open Pau a few weeks ago. The sire contains Jelle Jellema bloodlines, whilst the dam was a result of a co-breeding between Mark Gilbert and Hugo Battenburg. 

Second open
Ninth open
Preece & Son

Preece and Son of Dover were third open and first ES section with a two year old on 1185mpm over a distance of 533 miles. Geoff and Clayton timed eight further pigeons in the provisional result, the first two of which were fifth and tenth open, second and third ES section on 1060mpm and 1017mpm respectively. Their first arrival was a grandson of Jack Jones and contains Berne Morsnowski 05.596/05.814/08.945 lines. Second was a Raymund Hermes inbred Barcelona 05 (270) on the fathers side and line bred to 270 on the mothers side, with Jubilar on both sides of the pedigree. The sire of the third arrival contains Father Bernd Morsnowski 05.814/08.945 lines and the dam, Raymund Hermes hen linebred to 270. 

David & John Staddon

David and John Staddon of Ditcheat clocked a five year old on 1164mpm over 520 miles to take fourth open and first WS section. The section winner is a red cock called BRB and bred from a son of G & C Cooper's Farm Boy when paired to a daughter of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Pau 1st BICC Pau. This means he is 100% of the old Deweerdt bloodlines. The second section winner is a yearling cock timed five minutes later, and bred from the race team. The sire is a son of Champion Unbreakable and the dam (3rd Sec G, 92nd Open Tarbes NFC) is from Little Gem & Legacy Lines. The Staddons had four more pigeons in the provisional result, the first two of which were sixth and eleventh open, second and third WS section on 1155mpm and 1005mpm. 

Mr & Mrs Fear

Mr and Mrs S Fear of Hayes were seventh open and third CS section with a three year old on 1119mpm over 545 miles. Simon timed a chequer hen, the sire and dam of which were purchased from the House of Aarden in 2018/2019 from their long distance family. 

Hall & Daughters' pigeon

F Hall and Daughters of Worthing timed two pigeons to take eighth and twelfth open, fourth and sixth CS section. First on the clock was a five year old, widowhood cock on 1072mpm over 499 miles, followed by another five year old on 1001mpm. Eighth open was the same cock timed as twenty-eighth open from Pau earlier this season. The sire is a Carteus cock and the dam is a chequer pied hen from Syndicate Lofts. Twelfth open was another widowhood cock, the sire of which came from Nigel Langstaff, being out of Euro Diamond and Etienne Mierlaan bloodlines x grand-daughter of Stuart Wilcox's Geeloger. 

Around the sections 

Lee & Kevin Buddle

Lee and Kevin Buddle from Dover were fourth ES section with a four year old on 820mpm over a distance of 531 miles. The Buddles had four more pigeons in the provisional result. Their first bird home was a cock flown on their widowhood chaos system. It is a full brother to Apollo, 1st national Pau / Bordeaux, 34th international 15,530p. Apollo is a son of Tom, one of the partners' top pigeons. The dam of Apollo is The Cooper Hen, bred by Geoff and Catherine Cooper and carrying the best bloodlines of Farmer George and Pipa. 

The Buddle's first pigeon
H & P Archibald

H and P Archibald of Dover clocked a five year old on 817mpm over 530 miles to take fifth ES section. This was the partners' single entry, a dark hen that was 56th open from Pau earlier in the season. It is a full sister of The Proof, 2nd and 3rd open Tarbes, and Mrs Jones, 6th, 8th and 9th open St Vincent. 

4th SW section

Geoff and Catherine Cooper were the runners-up in the WS section with a yearling hen on 939mpm over a distance of 533 miles. The Coopers clocked Lady Grafter, a daughter to Farm Grafter when he was paired to Lady of the Night. Lady Grafter started the season on widowhood but was sent to St Vincent sitting a one day old squeaker. 

Clive & Jill Rogers & Neil Sales

The third loft to time in the WS section was Clive and Jill Rogers and Neil Sales of Writhlington who clocked two, two year olds to take seventh and eighth section on 838mpm and 698mpm respectively over a distance of 531 miles. First on the clock was a cock that arrived just before half past six in the morning. The sire was bred from a son of Southfield Hugo and the dam was a double grandchild of Orion, a consistent racer for Jelle Jellema. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from St Vincent, held in conjunction with the international. 

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