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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Perpignan on 7th August 2023, held in conjunction with the international

Mark Gilbert & Troy Birch
51 members entered 225 bird into the race from Perpignan with the British International Championship Club, They were liberated at 07.15CEST on Monday 7th August 2023. The following is a report on the provisional result, based on members' verifications.
The open Winner 384

Mark Gilbert of Winkfield timed a two year old on 824mpm over a distance of 635 miles to take first open and first CS section. The second day of the race was pretty much wall to wall rain in the UK, but Mark clocked the winner at 10.25am BST and his hen was in pretty good condition given the weather and her twenty plus hours on the wing. The winner, 384, is a grandchild of Sumerian Fighter, first international Barcelona 2017. 384 has also been third section, seventh open National Flying Club from Tarbes earlier in the season. Mark timed a second pigeon, another two year old on 725mpm to also take second CS section and fourth open. 

Pedigree of 384
G M Preece & Son
Preece & Son - first south-east section

G M Preece and Son of Dover timed and incredible eight pigeons in the top twenty of the open result. First on the clock was a five year old, widowhood cock on 807mpm over 596 miles and which was first ES section and second open. The 48 is the fifth generation of its sire's family line to take a top performance into the UK and its dam, 168, is an outstanding breeder. The sire of 48 is Wiggins Son which was second national from Perpignan in 2016. It is line bred to Wiggins and a great grandson of Jack Jones. Next to time was a three year old on 715mpm and which was fourth section and seventh open. This was another widowhood cock bred from two fantastic racers. Its bloodlines are 75% Bernd Morsnowski and 25% Jack Jones. Third was a six year old late bred on 711mpm, fifth ES section and eighth open. This was the partners' first arrival from Barcelona and was bred from one of their good race hens, 15.911 and it is also a grandson to Jack Jones. Geoff and Clayton managed thirteen on the clock in total from a tough Perpignan race. 

Preece & Son - fourth south-east section
Preece & Son - pedigree
Alan Annis - second south-east section

Alan Annis and Son of Wingham were third open and second ES section with a four year old hen on 763mpm over 605 miles. Alen's timer was bred from his certificate of merit winner from Tarbes with the NFC and a Southwell cock from Jimmy Shepherd and which was unfortunately killed by a fox. This hen was well fancied in the Greater Distance Single Nomination Club as an all pooler. It is now named Mustang Sally. 

Alan Annis
Dave Young (5th Section), Alan Thompson (3rd Section), John Staddon (2nd Section) and Dave Staddon (1st Section)

David and John Staddon of Ditcheat were fifth open and first WS section with a five year old on 721mpm over 644 miles. The section winner is the Staddon's red cock BRB. Normally raced on the chaos system, BRB was sent to Perpignan sitting eight day eggs. It is bred from G & C Cooper's Farm Boy when paired to a daughter of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Pau, 1st BICC Pau, so contains 100% old Deweerdt bloodlines. In 2022 he was third section, 51st open NFC Tarbes, 560 miles and was then basketed for Perpignan International eight days later (627 miles). From Perpignan he was 1st west section, 16th open, winning the section by three clear days. In 2023 his results prior to Perpignan have been 3rd section, 26th open BICC Pau and 1st section, 4th open St Vincent. The Staddons timed a second pigeon, a four year old on 669mpm, to also take eleventh open and second WS section. This was Gemini, a four year old cock sent sitting sixteen day eggs. 

Lee & Kevin Buddle

Lee and Kevin Buddle of Dover clocked three pigeons in the top twenty open result. First was a four year old cock on 719mpm over a distance of 594 miles and which was sixth open and third ES section. This cock had been flown on the partners' version of the widowhood chaos system but was then paired up and sent to Perpignan sitting a five day old squeaker. It contains Brockamp bloodlines, with the sire coming from Tim Webster and the dam from Nigel Langstaff. Their second bird, a three year old hen on 659mpm, was eighth open and thirteenth ES section. This hen is the pair of the first cock and was obviously sent sitting the same squeaker. She is a daughter of Lee and Kevin's good racing cock, Ronald. A five year old on 599mpm was seventeenth open and twelfth ES section. 

Buddle pigeons
Dumitru Cristian's pigeon

Dumitru Cristian of Harrow timed a three year old cock, flying the natural system, on 676mpm over 640 miles to take ninth open and third CS section. Cristian timed the same pigeon that was his first on the clock from St Vincent, where it took tenth section and twenty-second open. The sire of this cock comes from the multiple Romanian national champion, Mr Nicu Bizdigheanu and contains Hanges / Brugeman-Wegen / Theelen bloodlines. The dam comes from Cristian's good friend Ionut Marin and was bred from two Nicu Barbulescu pigeons. The dam has Linda and Rambo Barcelona in its pedigree. 

Duncan Goodchild (flying as Dave Hales) of Hockley was twelfth open and seventh ES section with a five year old on 663mpm over a distance of 632 miles. Duncan timed a second pigeon, a four year old on 615mpm to also take fourteenth open and ninth ES section. 

Rann & Dtrs' pigeon

G Rann and Daughters of Ventnor on the Isle of Wight clocked a five year old on 574mpm over 590 miles to take twentieth open and fourth CS section. The partners timed a dark chequer hen that has scored from Pau and Tarbes with the National Flying Club. Earlier this season, it was thirty-eighth open Bordeaux with the British Barcelona Club. It is bred from a De Hoogh cock that scored from Pau and Tarbes five times and the dam is a daughter of Faithful, eighth international Agen, and Jackie's Pride, sixth open NFC Tarbes. 

Wearn Brothers and Neilson of Ramsdean were twenty-first open, fifth CS section with a four year old on 558mpm over 609 miles. 

Luke and Les Cross of Bridgemary timed a two year old on 540mpm over 602 miles to take twenty-second open and sixth CS section.

Jeremy Nicholson and Son of Rochester timed two pigeons to take twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth open, sixteenth and seventeenth ES section. First on the clock was a eight year old on 455mpm over 616 miles. 

The runners-up in WS section were Brooks Brothers and Wilcox with a five year old on 315mpm over a distance of 656 miles. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Perpignan, held in conjunction with the international. 

Club sponsor, Bamfords
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