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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Lerwick on 25th July 2021

John McCall
148 members sent 841 pigeons to Lerwick with the British International Championship Club. After a two day holdover they were liberated at 12.00CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members verifications.
John's first open winner

John McCall of Leeds timed five pigeons in the top ten of the result. First on the clock was a yearling on 1394.2mpm over a distance of 437 miles and which took first open and first NC section. Next to time was another yearling on 1394.1mpm in second open and second NC section. John watched these two dive for the loft together and immediately knew they were pretty much on time. The open winner is a hen with two national wins under her belt now, she was bred from John's main family of birds, with a Mark Bulled pigeon being crossed with one of his own. Second on the clock was a late bred hen bred by L Scaife of York. Further pigeons were fourth, sixth and seventh open only being split by the Harding Brothers timer. One of John's timers was GB16B44483 which is the dam of the winning hen. The McCall pigeons were trained with the Harding Brothers birds and all were sent 40 to 60 miles north four days a week. 

John's second open winner
Joe Harding

Harding Brothers of Leeds timed two pigeons to take third and fifth open, third and fifth NC section. Both were two year olds on 1369 and 1361mpm respectively over a distance of 438 miles. The partners trained their pigeons with John McCall, but as well they were sent to Chale and Guernsey in preparation for Lerwick. Their third open winner was a cock raced on the roundabout system, re-paired for the race and sent sitting ten day old eggs. Its breeding is Geerinckx from Gladiator. 

Around the sections

Geoff Gilbert

Geoff and M Gilbert of Windsor timed a three year old on 1132mpm over 601 miles to take first CS section. It may have been Geoff's birthday recently. 

Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert of Windsor was second CS section with a three year old on 1080mpm over 603 miles. Mark's first pigeon was a cock bred from New Laureate (1st int. Barcelona) when he was paired to Silvie (3rd int. Barcelona). The dam was a direct daughter of Jelle Jellema's Romee. 

Andrei Bargaoanu

Andrei Bargaoanu of Basingstoke timed a two year old on 1069mpm over 614 miles to take third CS section. Andrei's pigeon was bred by Dave Hawthorne of Tadley from his Barcelona family of pigeons. It has been a consistent racer for Andrei on both the north and south road. 

Ross Olive & daughters

Ross Olive of Wickford was first ES section with a seven year old on 1109mpm over 594 miles. It was timed just before 9am on the second day and is bred from his father's long distance stock, originating from Mitchelson x Cannon bloodlines. It was sent sitting chipping eggs and is Ross' fourth section win. It is now named Lucky Lynne, after Ross' mother. 

Ross Olive's section winner
Dean Child's second section winner

Dean Childs of Wickford clocked a two year old on 1097mpm over 596 miles to take second ES section. Dean timed a grandson of Chalice Sidney, his 2017 St Vincent international winner. It is now named Chalice Luke after his friend who came to watch the birds come home early in the morning. Chalice Luke is a grandson of Mark Gilbert's Starlight. It was sent to Lerwick sitting a small squeaker. 

Norman Holliday's chew hen

Norman Holliday and Son of Colchester were third ES section with a three year old on 1080mpm over a distance of 576 miles. This was a chequer hen racing on the natural system and sent sitting eggs. The sire of this pigeon was a mealy cock gifted to the partners by their good friend Mick Hodgson. The dam was a daughter of their 4th open King's Cup Lerwick winner. 

Ray Strawbridge's section winner

Strawbridge and Williams of Newport were first WS section with a three year old, chequer hen on 1124mpm over 593 miles. This was the longest flying pigeon into Wales and was clocked at 8.45am on the second day. The sire is bred out of Ray's good stock cock, a son of Padfield's Invincible. The dam is is bred down from Padfield's Mr Impossible. 

Treetops Lofts

Clive and Jill Rogers and Neil Sales of Writhlington timed a two year old cock on 754mpm over 615 miles to take second WS section. The second section winner has flown Lyndhust twice, Chichester, Brighton and Eastbourne on the south road this season. It was then turned north and raced from Ilkeston, Blaydon, Berwick, Elgin and now finally Lerwick. That is a total of 2,408 miles this season alone. It is now named Treetops Workhorse and was bred from a pair of Compton MIssiles, the sire being from Crowley and Green and the dam from Mark Gilbert. The partners timed a further three pigeons to take the next three section places as well. 

Brian Garnham

Mr and Mrs Brian Garnham of Butterwick were first NE section with a two year old on 1066mpm over a distance of 498 miles. The Garnham's dark chequer cock was bred by their good friend Dave Brackenbury of Boston, this year's Kings Cup winner with the North Road Championship Club. It was flown on the widowhood system and was a consistent racer from Perth, Fraserburgh and Lerwick with the NRCC. 

Lester Lynn's second section winner

Lester Lynn of Cantley was second NE section with a two year old (with an old ring on) on 1038mpm over 534 miles. His timer was clocked at 8.23am. 

3rd NE section winner

S & T Walker of West Earlham were third NE section with a three year old on 918mpm over 528 miles. Scott and Tom timed a mealy hen that has flown well from Penzance, Elgin and now, Lerwick. It was bred from pigeons from Mick and Beryl Woodward of Highway Lofts and contains Limerick x Aarden bloodlines. 

Richard Pugh

The NW section winner was Richard Pugh of Hanley Swann with a two year old on 1143mpm over 560 miles. Richard timed a pigeon bred from his old Van Braune family when crossed with a bird he borrowed from Mike Lee. Richard sent two pigeons and timed them both on the second morning. 

Bill & Beryl Lewis

Mr and Mrs Lewis of Kempsey timed a seven year old on 1123mpm over 556 miles to take second NW section. The Lewis' had three out of their four entries on the clock and first to time has now been named Freeland's Shetland Pride. Their second pigeon home had sadly been badly hawked. 

Mick Howard

M Howard of Upton on Severn was third NW section with a three year old on 1109mpm over 562 miles. Mick timed one of his long distance pigeons that was bred from a pigeon containing Padfield Invincible bloodlines. It is also a great grand-daughter of the Mullen Aarden pigeon, Red Rising Sun. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Lerwick.