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A report of the British International Championship Club race from Le Mans

Two thousand, two hundred and fifty five birds were entered by two hundred and sixty one members for the British International Championship Club race from Le Mans. The birds were liberated at 9 am UK time, in sunshine and with light north westerly winds en route. The provisional result is as follows.

Dudley Holmes with the Le Mans winner

In first north section and first open, Dudley Holmes of Spalding clocked a yearling widowhood cock. This cock has raced the full programme with the Midlands National Flying Club in 2012 and was at Vire the week before Le Mans. After Vire, Dudley let his hen stay in the box until basketing for Le Mans so he was sent driving to nest. The sire of this winner is a Demeester Janssen with the dam being of Soontjen bloodlines. Dudley had two birds come together and the second arrival was first to clock.

Tracy Andrew of Brighton

In provisional first centre section and second open is Tracy Andrew from Brighton with a Jos Thoné cock raced on the natural system. This bird is now named Jumbo Brother due to his size and was bred by Mark Cowell of Ramsgate. He has been the victim of a hawk attack on two occasions the latter of which occurred at the start of the 2012 racing season. He has previously won the section from Guernsey and the week prior to Le Mans he was racing from Saintes with the National flying Club.

Lee and Joe Jackson from Bromley

First east section and third open is Lee and Joe Jackson from Bromley in Kent with a hen on its first race of the season. The partnership don't race their hens when they are sending widowhood cocks as they prefer the hens to be at home when the cocks arrive. She was sent to Le Mans to prepare her for the young bird and old hen national races later in the season. She is a granddaughter to Lee and Joe's Goldmine cock which itself is a grandson of Jos Thoné's Ace Producer cock.

Alex and Tony MacKenzie from Chelmsford

Second east section and provisional fourth open goes to the Chelmsford partnership of Alex and Tony MacKenzie. The sire of this cock is Van Loon Busschaert from their late friend Stuart Elvin whilst the dam is from another good friend, Brian Denham of Southminster, which is also Van Loon. A two year old, this cock was raced on the widowhood system and has been across the channel four times, scoring each time.

Mark Gilbert from Winkfield

There's that man again! - Mark Gilbert from Winkfield is provisionally second centre section, fifth open. Mark had three birds drop together, all of which had been to Saintes with the National Flying Club the week before. His first pigeon this time is a roundabout hen with Van Elsacker bloodlines. The second bird is a Vandenabeele x Van Elsacker which has scored across the channel previously in 2012 and the third was a widowhood cock out of Drum when paired to a DeRauw Sablon hen from Mark's good friend Sheldon Leonard of Ireland.

Third centre section and sixth open goes to Peter Gretton from Brighton. Unfortunately no further details are available.

David Coward-Talbott of Chelmsford

David Coward-Talbott of Chelmsford took third east section, seventh open with a yearling hen flown on the roundabout system. Her sire is Blue Brian, bred by Brian Long from a daughter of Emperor when paired to his sister Britannia. The dam of this hen is 02 De Narbonne, a direct daughter of De Narbonne. first Belgian national in 2000, when paired to a direct daughter of De Cahors.

Vic Shaw and grandson Andrew

Next we have Vic Shaw and grandson, Andrew, from Harlow with fourth east section, eighth open. The partners clocked a yearling widowhood cock whose breeding on the sire's side comes from Preece Brothers and Sons from Wales whilst the dam is of Soontjen bloodlines. This cock was paired in January and raised a round of youngsters before going on widowhood.

Mick and Lyn Chaplin with granddaughter Isabella

Mick and Lyn Chaplin of Woking clocked a two year old widowhood cock to take fourth centre section and ninth open. The pigeon's breeding is Burger, Wildemeersch and Van Loon bloodlines. The previous weekend he had been at Saintes with the National Flying Club and he was left with his hen until basketing for Le Mans.

Lee and Keiron Norris

Fifth centre section and tenth open are Lee and Keiron Norris who timed a gay pied Van Reet hen sent sitting fourteen days. This hen has had every channel race this season and was flown on the roundabout system prior to sitting again.

Terry Robinson

Sixth centre section and eleventh open is Terry Robinson from Goff's Oak. This was a three year old, widowhood cock which was bred from Terry's old Busschaert based family. Previously north road flyers, since turning south Terry's pigeons have continued to excel.

Vic Emberson of Banstead

Twelfth open and seventh centre section was Vic Emberson of Banstead. This was a two year old, dark chequer pied hen which had previously been used as a widowhood hen. After training, Le Mans was her first race of the 2012 season. She was bred by Mr and Mrs Corkett of Leighton Buzzard.

First west section for Geoff and Catherine Cooper

Topping the west section were Geoff and Catherine Cooper from Peasdown St John. This two year old, widowhood cock is named Scar after he returned badly hawked from a race. His sire is a nestmate to Stroller which was second west section from the St Vincent race a couple of weeks ago.

So, another successful race for the British International Championship Club. Members are now looking forward to the Perpignan international race.