A report of the British International Championship Club race from Alençon on the 17th May 2014

Six thousand, five hundred and ninety pigeons were entered into the British International Championship Club race from Alençon. They were liberated at 7am into bright sunshine and cleared the site well. The following is a report of the provisional result from telephone verifications.

Mark & Sam Shepherd (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Mark Shepherd of Plymouth timed a North East Homing Union rung yearling to take first west section and first open on 1265mpm. Mark clocked the same pigeon that was fifth open from Falaise with the BICC two weeks earlier. A blue Van Dyke x Vandenabeele widowhood cock, this winner was bred by Mark's friend Colin Priestman of Consett. It had two inland races before being sent across the channel for the first time from Falaise and was then rested in anticipation of Alençon, which was only its fourth ever race.

Durham Dazzler - The Alençon winner (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

John Halstead holding Ruby's Lad

Second west section and second open went to a yearling belonging to John Halstead of Kington Magna on 1251mpm. John's pigeon, Ruby's Lad, contains Gaby Vandenabeele bloodlines bred down from stock he purchased from Mark and Dickie Evans back in 1999. The dam of Ruby's Lad is a granddaughter of Eisenhower and the Golden Gaby. This medium sized hen was paired to Ruby, which had three first prizes when racing and has since bred winners itself.

Mr & Mrs Hodges

Mr and Mrs Hodges of Templecombe took third west section and third open doing 1250mpm with a two year old hen bred from a pair gifted to the partners by Mark Dorrington of Litton. A brother to this hen was first club, fourteenth combine (4,054p) the week prior to the Alençon race.

Ron Scammell

The Pontypool partnership of Scammell & Peploe timed a four year old to take fourth west section and fourth open on 1235.7mpm. Ron and Paul timed a hen raced on the roundabout system and which had two inland races as preparation for this channel race. It is bred from Ron's father's old Karel Herman pigeons crossed with the bloodlines of Bernard Clarke of Rhymney and the Edwards Brothers.

Paul Murrell

Paul Murrell of Poole was fifth west section and fifth open with a yearling on 1235.1mpm. Paul's first on the clock was a blue hen raced on the natural system and sent sitting a newly hatched squeaker. This hen has Van Der Espt bloodlines obtained from Nigel Llewellyn of Holbury on the one side and Peter Van De Merwe on the other.

Ray Hammond

Ray Hammond of Albury timed a yearling on 1221mpm to take first centre section and sixth open. This section winner had only two short races as a young bird and one inland race this season in preparation. She was raced on the natural system and had a squeaker slipped under her on the day of basketing. This hen is a granddaughter of Ray's Tarbes classic winner, Simply The Best when paired to Razors Boy. Razors Boy was the nestmate to Razors Girl which won the London and South East Classic Club race from Tarbes for Des and Darren McFadden of Cranleigh.

Mark Gilbert with father Geoff (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Windsor's Mark Gilbert was second centre section and seventh open with a yearling on 1220.7mpm. Mark clocked a hen flown on the roundabout system, the sire of which is a son of Southfield Supreme, the Dax international winner. The dam of this hen is a double granddaughter of Lucky 848.

Andy Smith & grandchildren

L A Smith of Wellingborough timed a two year old on 1220.2mpm to take first north centre section and eighth open. Andy's pigeons was a Matt Rakes Van Breeman x German bloolines and was raced on the roundabout system.

Paige Dorrington (Mark's loft manager)

M Dorrington of Litton was sixth west section and ninth open with a yearling on 1219mpm. Mark's first in the clock was a chequer hen gifted to him by the Gregg Brothers and McCandless partnership of Belfast.

Phil & Tess Newton

Seventh west section and tenth open was timed by Phil Newton of Weston Super Mare and was a yearling doing 1218mpm. Phil timed a hen bred down from his own family of birds, being a granddaughter of his National Flying Club certificate of merit winner.

Around the sections

Eric Nielson

Third centre section went to Wearn Brothers and Nielson from Ramsdean with a two year old on 1216mpm. The partner's timed a Verkerk x Vandenabeele. They obtained the Verkerk lines from Dave Cave and the Vandenabeele from M & D Evans.

Second north centre section was timed at the Rushden loft of Mr and Mrs M Smith. (1204mpm) The partners clocked a Willy Thas widowhood cock that came to their loft as a stray young bird and was duly transferred. Third north centre section went to D Lyden and Son of Yardley. (1203mpm) This was a dark chequer Van Hee cock flown on roundabout.

Terry Roughton

First into the north east section was Terry Roughton of Wisbech with a two year old on 1202mpm. Terry timed a cock he obtained from Mike O'Hare of the Lancashire Social Circle. Terry timed another four in quick succession to probably take the first five in the section on the final result.

John Searle of Great Abington was provisional second north east section with a three year old on 1111mpm. This was a hen flown on total widowhood and containing Jan Aarden and Louella Ebony bloodlines.

Third north east section was clocked by Dennis Brand of Willingham and was a two year old on 1095mpm.

Jeremy Davies with daughters Jessica & Heather

The north west section winner was the partnership of T & J Davies from Birtsmorton. Jeremy clocked a two year old on 1194mpm and continued to clock further pigeons to probably take the first eight in the section on the final result.

Second into the north west section was M & C Lee from Alfrick with a five year old timed on 1104mpm.

Third into the north west section was clocked by C Preece of Bridgnorth and was a three year old on 1099mpm.

Mark Bulled with daughters Abbie & Charlotte

The east section was won by Mark Bulled of Harlow. Mark timed a three year old on 1171mpm. A cock raced on widowhood, this pigeon has scored previously from across the channel and is bred down from Mark's Red Sprint family. In 2013 this same pigeon was second open from Messac with the National Flying Club.

Ralph Tofts with Crufts winning dog Jasmine

Second east section went to Mr and Mrs Tofts from Bishops Stortford and was a two year old on 1162mpm. The sire of this pigeon was bred by Roger Lowe of Reading and the dam is a granddaughter of the partner's national winner.

Finally, third east section was timed by B McAllister of Buntingford, a three year old on 1147mpm. Bruce clocked his inbred Jos Thoné hen which contains bloodlines going back to Emperor on both sides of her pedigree.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Alençon.