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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Alencon on 14th May 2023

Mark Gilbert
324 Members sent 4,639 pigeons to Alencon with the British International Championship Club. After a one day holdover they were liberated at 11.30CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Pedigree of the winner

First open and first CS section was a yearling on 1263mpm over 211 miles for Mark Gilbert of Windsor. Mark's winner was a roundabout hen that topped the federation from Weymouth the previous week (1,500p.)

Roger Lowe

Roger Lowe of Caversham timed a two year old on 1260mpm over 215 miles to take second open and second CS section. Roger's blue, roundabout hen is a cross between a pure Pieter Veenstra, a grandson of Return Flo Joe, and a direct Rudy van Reeth, a daughter of Rambo. 

John Haynes

J Haynes of Fifield was third open and third CS section with a two year old on 1252mpm over a distance of 214 miles. John timed the same blue, roundabout cock that he clocked from Guernsey two weeks previously. The sire came from Malik and Khan and the dam is bred out of one of his best Vandenabeele racing cocks, now retired. 

Rob Rome of Fleet clocked a yearling on 1231mpm over 201 miles to take fourth open and fourth CS section. 

Ian and Scott Smith of Eastleigh were fifth open and fifth CS section with a three year old on 1230mpm over 187 miles. 

Mr and Mrs Cooper of Canterbury were sixth open and first ES section with a two year old on 1225.2mpm over 201 miles. 

Dave Bastone

Dave Bastone of Althorne timed a yearling on 1225.1mpm over 225 miles to take seventh open and second ES section. Dave's pigeon was bred from Junior Bonny and the Young Couple from Syndicate Lofts. 

Eighth open and sixth CS section was won by P Ayling of Gosport with a two year old on 1215mpm over a distance of 174 miles. 

Domenic & Josh Gruzelier

Ninth open and first NC section was a two year old on 1213.6mpm over 252 miles for Domenic Gruzelier of Houghton Colliery. Domenic's chequer pied hen was raced on the widowhood system. The sire is bred down from Kittle bloodlines that Domenic had from his late friend Pieter Oberholster. The dam won the club three times. 

Completing the top ten and in seventh CS section is Garry Inkley of Hillingdon with a two year old on 1213.2mpm over 216 miles. 

Around the sections 

Damian Szpak

Third ES section was won by Damian Szpak of Deptford with a two year old on 1201mpm over 207 miles. Damian's winner was bred from the bloodlines of Armora, his hen that won fourth open Falaise in 2019. On the dam's side is Damian's Figo hen that has won fourteenth and seventeenth open BICC. 

Dave & John Staddonm

David and John Staddon of Ditcheat timed a yearling on 1176mpm over 219 miles to take first WS section and thirtieth open. The partners timed two chaos, widowhood cocks on the same second. First on the clock was bred from their own long distance pigeons. The sire is Marathon Man, son of Red Treble and Evie. The dam is Gina G-Force, bred from NFC ace pigeon 2016 and a brother of Evie. 

Wojciech Blachut

Wojciech Blachut of Trowbridge was second WS section with a yearling on 1149mpm over 224 miles. Wojciech's hen is a daughter of Brian and has already won fifth section NFC as a youngster. 

Lanahan & Gerard

Lanahan and Gerard of Poole were third WS section with a four year old on 1141mpm over 187 miles. The partners' timer was bred from their Zwarte Louders pigeons. 

R and P Montilla of Everton were second NC section with a four year old on 1168mpm over 257 miles. 

P Lane and Son of Wootton timed a two year old on 1147mpm over 254 miles to take third NC section. Phil timed a blue hen on its first channel race. It was racing celibate. 

Dean Jones' pigeon

Dean Jones of Sibsey was the NE section winner and seventy-fourth open with a four year old on 1125mpm over 317 miles. Dean's section winner  was a hen bred from Padfield bloodlines crossed with those of Dave Impett. It is her second section win with the BICC, as she won the NE section from Bordeaux last season. 

Mr & Mrs Auker

Mr and Mrs Ronnie Auker of Lakenheath were second NE section on 1093mpm over a distance of 277 miles. The sire of Ronnie's chequer white-flight cock is Edge of Dark, a section winner from both Bordeaux and Nort sur Erde with the Midlands National Flying Club. 

Roly Rix

Roly Rix of Newmarket was third NE section on 1095mpm over 265 miles. Roly timed a seven year old, widowhood cock, Joe 90, that won the section from Guernsey in 2022. It is bred from Ray Farringtons NRCC pigeons crossed with Van Hee bloodlines. The disparity in velocities is due to a mistake by Roly when verifiying his bird. 

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury timed a three year old on 1135mpm over 267 miles to take first NW section and sixty-third open. Trevor and John clocked a chequer pied cock bred from their Jan Aarden bloodlines. It is a son of Sportsview Diamond, their top racing hen with numerous channel prize cards. 

Martin Williams of Tarrington was second NW section on 1112mpm over 275 miles. 

Dave & Kyle Harris

Dave and Kyle Harris of Newport were third NW section with a two year old on 1000mpm over 318 miles. The Harris' widowhood cock comes from their old Busschaert family, based on the Corbett / Turner bloodlines from Sid Plant (Kevin Doley) of St George's, Telford and John Preece of Red Lake, Telford. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Alencon.