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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Agen on 26th June 2015, in conjunction with the international race

One hundred and eighty-nine members sent nine hundred and ninety-seven birds to Agen with the British International Championship Club race from Agen, in conjunction with the international race. They were liberated at 06.00BST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Bob & Anthony Besant (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

First open and first into the centre section was a two year old for the new Malden loft of Bob Besant and Son which clocked on 1335mpm over 499 miles. This amazing pigeon alos take first international, the Besants now becoming one of only ten British lofts to have triumphed in inernational racing. The winning pigeon is a dark chequer cock flying on widowhood, having already won prizes in combine and national racing, including  forty-first centre section, ninety-second open BICC national Poitiers just two weeks ago. His bloodlines are full of long distance national winners including Morning Glory twice x second national, Pau and Tuff Nutt from Brian Denney, winner of fifth national from Pau at 738 miles. The dam of the winner was bred by Keith Mott and is from a full brother of Dark Charm and Dark Dancer of Brian Denney – both fourth and fifth open Tarbes national 748 miles. The cock returned in excellent condition, he had not moulted a flight.  He was paired in February and raised a single youngster, completing the rearing on his own for the last seven days. 

The international winning cock for Bob and Anthony Besant (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Jack Harris

J Harris and Daughter from Dagenham took second open and first east section with a three year old on 1289mpm over 510 miles. Jack is a dedicated supporter of the BICC and is particularly successful when competing with the BICC on the international stage. In the Agen international the Harris pigeon also takes twenty-first open international. The pigeon is called Oscar after Jack's great- grandson. It had two 100 miles tosses with the local club, then went to Pithiviers with the Essex & Kent Amalgamation where it was third section, Essex, twelfth open amalgamation. Then it had Le Mans, Tours and Poitiers. Oscar's sire is ahalf brother to one hundred and fifth open Tours, eighty-first open Bergerac, sixty-eighth open Tarbes and second open Perpignan. It was bred out of a grand daughter of Red & Crack Perpignan when paired to a pigeon Jack got from J Siebum of Holland. The dam is a half sister to fourth Pau, thirty-ninth open Bergerac, eighth and twelfth open Clermont, twenty-fourth open St Vincent and sixtieth open Agen. She was bred out of a grandson of Turban & grand-daughter of Natrix, so Oscar is full of J Biss bloodlines.

Mark Gilbert (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Mark Gilbert of Windsor timed three pigeons to take third, fourth and fifth open and second, third and fourth centre section. Mark's first on the clock was a three year old on 1282.2mpm over 505 miles. Second was a yearling on 1282mpm. Third on the clock was a two year old on 1275.9mpm. These three pigeons took twenty-eighth, twenty-ninth and thirty-first international. Up until noon on the second day Mark had clocked a total of thirty-five pigeons in this five hundred mile international race. The first three pigeons were all grandchildren of Southfield Supreme, Mark’s 2004 Dax international winner beating more than 17,000 pigeons in the process. Since being retired to stock Supreme is responsible for scores of winners throughout the UK. The first pigeon’s sire was a son of Supreme when paired to the Verkerk Hen, the dam was a daughter of George. George in turn is the sire of Brockamp’s Euro Diamond and Minstral. The second pigeon which was fifth international yearlings 4,500 birds was from the same father as the first and the mother was from Darkie, Mark’s double national winner when paired to a daughter of Starlight of Etienne Mierlaen. The third pigeon’s sire is a double grandson of George, the father of Euro Diamond and Minstral of Brockamp when mated to a daughter of Supreme.

D Wilton & Son

D Wilton and Son of Chadwell St Mary timed a two year old on 1275.3mpm over 504 miles to take sixth open and second east section. The partners' also took thirty-second open in the international race. The pigeon timed is a Brockamp cock raced on the widowhood system. He is bred from a pair of stock birds obtained from the Jutla Brothers of East London. The sire is a grandson of Brockamp’s Super Bordeaux first international Bordeaux and the dam is a granddaughter of Brockamp’s Perpignan 06, first international Perpignan. In fact the dam is a nest mate to the mother of David Coward Talbot’s Lucia, first NFC young bird 2013. The cock has been to every BICC race so far this season and was sent to Poitiers in preparation for the Agen international.

Micky Watts

Micky Watts of Southminster was seventh open and third east section with a two year old on 1263mpm over 217 miles. The sire is a pigeon called Ice Man a direct son from Myrtle Lofts, Champion Shadow, when paired to Top Investment (Wittenbuik bloodlines). Shadow’s offspring include first national Alençon, 6,823 birds, first national Messac, 7,000 birds, first national Angers, 5,977 birds, first national Eastbourne, 7,312 birds, first national Lillers, 10,601 birds, first national Vire, 4,756 birds, first national Bordeaux, 1,339 birds, first national Nantes, 10,148 birds, first national Maidstone, 4,472 birds etc. The dam is a pigeon called Lucky International, a direct daughter from National Lucky Ace, sire of first national Argenton, 25,586 birds. (Fastest velocity from a total liberation of 36,816 birds.) Lucky International was paired to Marlon, the dam of first international Limoges, 4,885 birds and fastest velocity from a total liberation of 35,000 plus birds.

The Edgware loft of Constantin Cornea timed a yearling on 1215mpm over 514 miles to take eighth open and fifth centre section. Also fifty-ninth open yearling international. This is a roundabout cock, of Van de Wegen bloodlines that has flown the club programme through to 300 miles before basketing for Agen.

Mark Bulled

Mark Bulled of Harlow was ninth open and fourth east section with a three year old on 1207mpm over 523 miles. This was a grandson of Mark's foundation cock Die Hard, the sire of Legacy, first NFC Tarbes and King’s Cup. The cock is the result of an experimental crossing of putting Mark's sprint and distance birds together. The sire had won seventh open BICC Poitiers and the dam seventh London South East Classic Club from Tarbes. The nest mate to this pigeon has won first east section BICC from Tours.

John Hemmings (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Completing the top ten and in fifth east section is J Hemmings of Rochford with a four year old on 1196mpm over 511 miles. John clocked a Soontjen hen bred from stock loaned to John by local ace John Buckfield. The hen has had a few preparatory races with the East England Continental Club and has been John’s first bird on each occasion. She was sent to Agen sitting fourteen day eggs.

Around the sections

Daniel Hocking & son, Jasper

The winner of the west section and seventeenth open was timed at the Bridgwater loft of Daniel Hocking and was a two year old on 1094mpm over 515 miles. Daniel clocked a two year old chequer hen flown on the roundabout system. This one is of Bruggeman brothers' bloodlines through stock loaned to Daniel by his good friend Sheldon Horn. She was allowed in with her mate on the night before basketing for Agen and this certainly seems to have done the trick. She was at Poitiers a couple of week’s prior to Agen where she homed to take fourth section BICC. As with all the racing hens she has been exercised twice daily for an hour on each occasion and fed ad lib on Gem mixes. Her preparatory races have been undertaken with the Devon, Cornwall and West Somerset Continental FC. The section winner has now been named Jasper’s Lady after Daniel’s young son.

Rhiw Parc Tomos

M J Sparey of Abertillery was second west section with a four year old on 1051mpm over 550 miles. Now named Rhiw Parc Tomos, it is a grandson of Mark Gilbert’s Southfield Supreme.

Graham Clift

Graham Clift of Tirley took third west section with a four year old on 1012mpm over 553 miles. Graham timed a very consistent pigeon that has won positions from middle distance races in the BBC, BICC & CSCFC but until now had not been tested over 500 miles. The sire is a Van Breeman cross, being a grandson of Perrott Nadia, first open NFC Sartilly and Nuts, fourth open NFC Saintes for Matt Rakes. The dam was purchased from the clearance sale for Ron Davis of Bristol, she was seventh open BBC Sennen Cove. It has previously won eighth section, nineteenth open BBC Messac, second west section Le Mans, [beaten by a loft mate] and forty-fourth open CSCFC Carentan 2,971 birds. The nest-mate was first section, third open BBC Messac, but unfortunately was killed by a hawk a week after winning.

Philip Harrod

The north-east section and seventy-fifth open was won by Philip Harrod from Lowestoft with a five year old on 645mpm over 573 miles.

Lee & Doug Osborne

Second north-east section went to D Osborne and Son from Suffolk with a two year old roundabout hen on 632mpm over 546 miles. The sire of the partners’ first arrival which is of Wal Zoontjen, President lines and the dam is Jos Thoné via their good friend Ian Stafford. It in turn, is a half sister to the Osbornes’ BICC Tours section winner this year. The second arrival is also a two year old roundabout hen, sire being a half brother to The President,( Joop Koch) and the dam is the sire’s daughter which has won previously from Falaise.

J Gannon of Norwich was third north-east section with a two year old on 619mpm over 581 miles. This is a widowhood cock which has had three earlier channel races with the BICC in 2015 before being set up for Agen. Its sire is something of a long distance phenomenon as in its racing career it was twice x second section BICC Barcelona, second section BICC Perpignan and third section from Pau. It's bloodlines being George Burgess x A & T Deacon. The dam of the Agen cock is a Jan Aarden.

John Black

John Black of Hitchin was first north-centre section and seventy-sixth open with a two year old on 640mpm over 543 miles. John timed a blue chequer hen, the sire of which is a grandson of Emiel on one side and Culmer Channel Queen on the other. The dam was bred by Terry Robinson of Goffs Oak Hertfordshire, the sire being a son of the Motivator x granddaughter of Bryan Denny's Tuff Nut. This hen had two inland races with the Baldock pigeon club, one Carentan with the UBI Combine, Tours with the BICC where she was my third bird, then into Agen. She was in good condition when she returned and if all goes well her next race will be Tarbes. 

Gavin Duggan

G Duggan of Chipping Campden was second north-centre section with a four year old on 634mpm over 555 miles. Gavin clocked three pigeons to take second, fourth and sixth section, seventy-eighth, one hundred and fourth and one hundred and forty-ninth open. The first in the clock taking is a blue chequer cock of Jan Polder bloodlines from a brother and sister to Victoria who was first and seventh national St Vincent, 620 miles. The cock had two channel races with the BICC before Agen and was sent sitting due to hatch on the day of liberation. 

Russell Bradford

Third north-centre section went to the Wellingborough loft of Mr and Mrs Bradford and was a six year old cock on 607mpm over 561 miles. Russell's section timer from the Agen international looks like being ninety-sixth open, also flew Agen in 2013 and was also ninety-sixth open. It is a Robert Ben pigeon with the grand-dam being a full sister to Super Ben (five times Barcelona) and was sent calling his hen to nest.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship club race from Agen, in conjunction with the international race.