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A report of the British International Championship Club old bird race from Guernsey on 23rd August 2014

One hundred and forty two members sent nine hundred and eighty five birds to Guernsey with the British International Championship Club, They were liberated at 09.30am BST into clear skies and a light north-westerly wind. The following is a report of the provisional result according to members' verifications.

Micky Watts

Micky Watts of Southminster timed first east section and first open with a yearling hen on 1423mpm over 211 miles. Micky had five hens drop together so could eventually take the first five positions in the race. Mainly of M & D Evans Vandenabeele bloodlines, these hens were raced on the darkness system, the first time Micky has used this system on his old hens. At the beginning of the season they are used as widowhood hen, then once old bird racing finishes they are allowed to pair up to the young cocks. Micky's first in the clock was sent sitting four day old eggs and was bred from a half-brother x half-sister pairing. The sire is a direct son of Pre Olympic x Davina and the dam is a direct daughter of Pre Olympic x Lady of the Rings.

J & J Brady

Second east section and second open went to J & J Brady of Benfleet with a yearling hen on 1396mpm over 198 miles. Father and son, both named John, had two hens come together and they dropped so quickly onto the landing board, they nearly knocked each other off. Their first in the clock was bred from a son of their 2008 young bird national winner when paired to a granddaughter of Jos Thoné's National 2. Second in the clock, a three year old, is also related to National 2 and has been a consistent racer for the partners.

Roger Strowger

First north east section and third open was clocked by Roger Strowger of Leiston with a three year old hen on 1369mpm after 261 miles. Previously this hen has been first federation, first section and fifty-first open from Guernsey as a young bird and then second section, thirty-first open from Guernsey with the BICC the following year. Bred by Colin Smith of Ipswich, this hen was purchased at a fund raising sale and the sire has won tenth open BICC Saran for him. The dam is bred down from birds obtained from Les Hill of Wales.

Dean Childs

Dean Childs of Basildon was third east section and fourth open with a yearling hen on 1354mpm over 197 miles. One of Dean's family of Mark Gilbert pigeons, this hen was raced on the roundabout system during the old bird season and was then transferred to the young bird loft where she paired to a young cock. When she was sent to Guernsey, she was sitting her first nest of eggs of the season. 

T Buckfield of Hullbridge clocked a yearling on 1346mpm after 204 miles to take fourth east section and fifth open.

Meg Murray

Fifth east section and sixth open went to Meg Murray of Burnham on Crouch with a two year old hen on 1337mpm over 210 miles. The sire of this hen was a 2009 cock named The Roman Lord and which came to Meg from Stuart Ager. The Roman Lord won the London and South East Classic Club race from Guernsey as a young bird. The dam was a 2007 hen that although an old timer is still in the race team and is currently sitting eggs. Bred from a Soontjen x Staf Van Reet cock given to Meg by Lee Bastone and paired to a Kavanagh hen.

Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert of Betchworth timed a yearling hen on 1332mpm to take first centre section and seventh open over 158 miles. Mark's hen was bred in his stock loft, her sire being a Deweerdt cock from Andy Gregson and the dam a Vandenabeele gifted to him by his uncle. Initially raced on the roundabout system, Mark then switched to widowhood so his hens were all retired to the aviary. Once old bird racing had finished, the hens and cocks were re-paired, allowed to go down on eggs and Mark then sent four hens, sitting for twelve days, to Guernsey.

Donovan & McHugh

Donovan and McHugh were second centre section and eighth open with a yearling hen on 1309mpm after 168 miles. John and Bradley Donovan and P McHugh timed a Marcellis hen from the Rocket bloodlines from Antwerp. This hen was paired to a cock at the start of the season and then raced celibate, being allowed occasional access to the widowhood loft. Mainly raced inland, she has had two channel races prior to Guernsey. The partners timed a second bird shortly after their first arrival.

Vic Emberson

Vic Emberson of Banstead timed a five year old hen on 1297 mpm over 163 miles to take third centre section and ninth open. Of Vandenabeele x Van Reet bloodlines, this pigeon was a widowhood hen for much of the season. Previously it had been thirty-sixth open with the London and South East Classic Club and twenty-first open with the BICC, both from Guernsey.

Steve Coxell

Completing the top ten and in sixth east section, we have Steven Coxell of Ongar with a yearling hen on 1293mpm over 201 miles. Steve's hen was bred for him by his good friends Gosling and Jarvis of Mountnessing with the sire being their best Janssen cock, having won many top prizes at national level. Raced celibate at the start of the season she was paired to another hen and allowed to sit eggs prior to the Guernsey marking.

Around the sections

Second north east section and in thirty-first open is T & N Hart and Son from Cambridge with a three year old on 1244.1mpm over 222 miles. Third north east section went to L Rix and Son from Mildenhall with a yearling on 1244mpm over 240 miles.

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury timed a five year old hen on 1147mpm after 176 miles to take first north west section and sixty-eighth open. A consistent racer over the years, this hen was bred from a Pouwe Brothers cock when paired to a stray French hen which was transferred to the partners. This hen is now in the stock loft, having bred several good pigeons. The partners clocked a second bird shortly after their first. John Rodway of Rushwick was second north west section with a yearling on 1017mpm over 187 miles.

Trevor Head & grandson, Jacob

First north centre section and thirty-fourth open was a yearling hen on 1238mpm after 207 miles for Trevor Head of Willington. Trevor timed a Koopman x Jan Lotterman pigeon that was used as a widowhood hen earlier in the season and then re-paired and sent sitting eggs and feeding a large squeaker. The late Barry Hobbs and Son of Wellingborough timed a four year old hen on 1134mpm over 217 miles to take second north centre section. Containing Sapin bloodlines, this hen was racing to the young bird loft where she has taken a shine to one of the cocks. Mr and Mrs J Wright of Lutterworth took third north centre section with a yearling on 1130mpm over 218 miles.

John  Fretwell

John Fretwell of Evesham clocked first west section and sixty-fifth open with a two year old hen on 1151mpm after 185 miles. This pigeons breeding is based around John's Marcel Sangars based family and its nestmate has been one of his best national racers this season. Second west section went to Ildebrando Carenza from Evesham with a yearling hen on 1149mpm over 183 miles. Containing Jan Aarden x Cattryse bloodlines, it was sent feeding two small squeakers. Third west section was a two year old timed on 1050mpm over 125 miles for Mark Dorrington of Litton.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club old bird race from Guernsey.