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A report of the British International Championship Club old bird race from Falaise on 13th September 2014

Eighty five members sent three hundred and sixty four old birds to Falaise with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 08.30am BST into clear skies. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

John Halstead (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

John Halstead of Kington Magna won first west section and first open with a blue pied, yearling hen on 1159mpm over 174 miles. John's open winner contains Albert Marcellis bloodlines, the sire and dam of which were purchased from a sale in the Midlands and which had already bred a 400 mile federation winner. A father and daughter pairing, both sire and dam had won first prizes themselves and over the past fortnight three youngsters from this pair have won first club, fourth section, thirty-fourth open with the British Barcelona Club from Fougères and twenty-sixth open in the French one loft race final race. During the old bird season this hen won a third and two fifth prizes from shorter channel races but then went missing from a hard Poitiers race. She returned after two weeks, with numerous feathers missing and was left to recuparate before being re-paired on the 4th August so she would be sitting three days for the National Flying Club old hens race. Having had two races from Falaise within five days, this hen has now been named Nyland Falaise. Nyland Falaise is John's fourth national winner overall, but his first with the British International Championship Club.

The Falaise old bird winner (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Booth & Roper

First north west section and second open went to Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury with a three year old on 1038mpm after 232 miles. Trevor and John topped the section with both the old birds and the youngsters, a feat they also managed with the BICC race from Guernsey three weeks previously. Their old bird section winner is a grizzle hen bred from Brian Sheppard and Jim Biss bloodliines and which has been a consistent racer for the partners all season. It was paired to a young cock and sent sitting eleven day eggs. Trevor and John quickly clocked a second pigeon to probably take second section and third open, this one being the same five year old hen that topped the section from Guernsey.

Mick & Lyn Chaplin

Mick and Lyn Chaplin of Woking were first centre section and third open with a two year old hen on 955.8mpm over 170 miles. Another hen that flew the Falaise race with the National Flying Club, this pigeon contains Jos Thoné bloodlines and both sire and dam were gifted to the Chaplins by Tony Hayward. Mick and Lyn timed a further four hens shortly after their first. The partners only race a small team with eighteen widowhood hens kept on a semi-darkness system until the end of the old bird racing and then they are paired and sent to the old hens races.

John Rodway

First north west section and fourth open went to John Rodway of Rushwick with a three year old hen on 955.2mpm after 244 miles. This hen has previously been first section from Le Mans and fifth section from Tours earlier this season. Bred from John's tried and tested long distance family this hen was sent unpaired as her mate was lost shortly before basketing. John feeds a high carbohydrate and low protein diet that he mixes himself.

Down & Good

Richard Down and Eddie Good of South Ockenden were first east section and fifth open with a yearling hen on 942mpm over 182 miles. Containing Schofield and Greetham bloodlines, this hen was sent sitting due to hatch. Previously this season, it was one hundred and seventh open from Guernsey with the BICC as well as competing in the East of England Continental Club channel races.

Brian Reene

Brian Reene and Son of Honiton were second west section and sixth open with a yearling hen on 938mpm after 187 miles. Brian's pigeon has been one of the first three back to his loft from every race this season. The dam of this hen is Brian's first section, twenty-eighth open winner from Carentan, Josie. The sire is a blue cock bred from an 06 Belgian bird, Fame, bred by Mark De Cock from a full brother to Den Dromer when paired to a full sister of Dromer. Thus this pigeon is a double grand-daughter of the world famous top breeding pair, Freddy and Lieve. Fame was paired to Schalie Dreamer, bred by Erik Limbourg.

Roger Holdom

Second centre section and seventh open went to Roger Holdom of Milton Keynes with a yearling, Delbar hen on 937.3mpm over 214 miles. A winner as a young bird she has performed consistently well this season. Sent driving to nest, this hen was gifted to Roger by Rene and Michel Houpe in 2013 when a fox got into Roger's loft and killed all his hens. The dam to this hen won first section BICC Pau in 2012.

Ildebrando Carenza

Ildebrando Carenza of Evesham was third west section and eighth open with a yearling on 937.2mpm over 234 miles. Ildebrando clocked the same pigeon that won him second section from Guernsey three weeks previously. This hen contains the best of Jan Aarden and Cattrysse bloodlines.

J & J Brady

In second east section and ninth open are J & J Brady from Benfleet with a two year old hen on 905mpm over 187 miles. The partners clocked the same hen that was their first home in the 2012 young bird national with the National Flying Club. The grand-sire of this hen is a brother to Jos Thoné's Emperor and its grand-dam was bred from a son of Sars. The Bradys hope to send this hen to the longer distances next season as they have often found that winners as young birds go on to perform well in future years.

Completing the top ten is T McCoy and Son from London with a four year old on 896mpm over 180 miles.

Around the sections

Third east section was won by Andrew Gales of Herne Bay with a yearling on 618mpm over 181 miles.

Mel Errington, wife Julie and granddaughters, Isabella & Isla

Mr and Mrs Errington of Rushden were first north central section with a yearling on 820mpm after 235 miles. The husband and wife partnership timed a hen containing Huybrecht, Supercrack and Brinkman bloodlines. Used as a widowhood hen earlier in the season, she was then re-paired and trained out to 100 miles before going to Falaise. The Erringtons timed four pigeons in all, which may well take the first four section positions in the final open result. Second north central section went to Trevor Head of Willington on 756.8mpm. Trevor timed a Soontjen hen sent sitting ten days after rearing a youngster and being used as a widowhood hen earlier in the season. Mr M Wright and Son were third north central section on 756.2mpm.

T & N Hart & Son

T and N Hart and Son of Cambridge were first north east section with a two year old on 870mpm over 229 miles. Trevor timed a blue hen which was used as a widowhood hen earlier in the season and then raced on the widowhood system once old bird racing finished. Named Colleen's Choice after Trevor's wife, it has now been timed three times in the first six positions in the section with the BICC. Colleen's Choice was bred from birds obtained from Ronnie Prewer of Bury St Edmunds. Nicolae Babes of Ely was second north east section on 868mpm. Nicholae had a couple close together and his first on the clock was a hen that is from his own family of birds. This hen is closely related to two, first federation winners this season. Bernie Wallman of Great Shelford was third north east section on 765mpm. Bred from Bernie's old bloodlines with a little Decroix blood added, this hen is a full sister to some of his best long distance performers.

Mr and Mrs C A Moore of Lower Moore was third north west section with a two year old on 764mpm over 237 miles.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club old bird race from Falaise.