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A report on the British International Championship Club any age race from Guernsey on 9th September 2017

One hundred members entered four hundred and ninety-six pigeons into the British International Championship Club any age race from Guernsey. They were liberated at 08.50CEST into a north-west wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Guernsey Princess (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

John Cowlin (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

John Cowlin of Hullbridge was first east section and first open with a yearling on 1446mpm over 326km. The winner this time is the same Formula One Lofts Frans Zwols hen that was third open in the previous BICC race from Guernsey. It was also fifth section in the National Flying Club old hens race the previous week. The sire is Prince of Rekkem, a super racer for Frans Zwols, whilst the dam is Dreamy, a daughter of Amor when paired to Dream Girl 200.

Dave & Gary Heywood (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

D Heywood and Son from Laindon took second east section and second open with a yearling on 1428mpm over a distance of 314km. Dave and Gary clocked Dissey which was bred by Formula One Lofts from a son of Tip Top Junior and the Queen of Rekkem when paired to a Frans Zwols racing hen.

Micky Watts

Third east section and third open went to a yearling on 1407mpm over 338km for Micky Watts of Southminster. Micky timed one of his multi national winning M and D Evans Vandenabeele family of pigeons.

Meg Murray

Meg Murray of Burnham on Crouch was fourth east section and fourth open with a yearling on 1382mpm over 336km. Meg's pigeon was bred from a pair of Busschaerts that she was gifted by Craig Booth of Blackhall, Hartlepool. Craig has gifted Meg a regular stream of winners over the past years.

Fagg and Nicholas of Hartlip were fifth east section and fifth open with a yearling on 1369mpm over a distance of 302km. In 2014 the partner's loft and pigeons were burnt to the ground and so they have been rebuilding their family with the help of gift birds from other fanciers crossed with those few of their own that survived. These were primarily purchased at Lier market.

Sixth east section and sixth open went to Fagg and Pullen of Herne Bay with a two year old on 1364mpm over 331km. Adam was narrowly pipped to the post by his dad who was fifth open. His pigeons was a yearling hen direct from his good friend Frans Laeremans. Each season the friends swap youngsters with great success for them both.

P Jackson and Son from Bromley timed a yearling on 1352mpm over a dsiatcne of 282km to take seventh east section and seventh open. Lee had three pigeons drop together and first on the clock was a chequer hen which is a grand-daughter to The Outlaw Cock. Second to time was a great-grand-daughter of Jos Thoné's ace producer Sumo. Third was a pigeon containing his old Janssen x Van Loon bloodlines.

Mr S Kaschner of Diss was first north-east section and eighth open with a yearling on 1347mpm over a distance of 416km. Steve clocked a hen bred from Bob Fenech's Cooremans bloodlines.

Eighth east section and ninth open was won by Keith Weller of Cuxton with a two year old on 1344mpm over 298km.

Completing the top ten and in first centre section is Peter Donovan of Croydon with a yearling on 1338ypm over 272km. The sire of Peter's section winner came from his nephew Johnny Donovan and both sides of the pedigree featured Lenny's Boy, three times a winner from Bergerac. The dam was a Leo Van Rijn bought at Dennis Nunn's entire clearance sale.

Around the sections

Second centre section and fifteenth open was a yearling on 1325mpm over 269km for K Wise from Isleworth.

C Neve and Daughter of Shoreham clocked a three year old on 1356mpm over 222km to take third centre section and twenty-second open. The partners timed a dark chequer hen, sent sitting hatching eggs and containing Shadow Vandenabeele bloodlines.

Mr and Mrs Hill and Daughter of Bristol were first west section and forty-fifth open with a four year old on 1075mpm over a distance of 222km. The Hills clocked the same hen that was the any age winner from Falaise last season.

Chris Templar of Bristol timed a yearling on 1045mpm over 214km to take second west section and forty-seventh open. Chris's winner is bred from a grandson of De Caprio x D and J Hawkins from stock.

Prilly Hodges

Mr and Mrs Hodges of Templecombe were third west section and forty-ninth open with a three year old on 1036mpm over a distance of 171km. The partner's pigeon was bred by Nigel Templar of Bristol and it was raced on the jealousy system, with two hens paired to one cock.

Dudley Holmes

R Holmes of Low Fulney timed a two year old on 1198mpm over 403km to take first north-centre section and twenty-ninth open. Dudley clocked the same hen that topped the section from Guernsey three weeks earlier.

M Wright and Son of Barton Seagrave were second north-centre section and thrity-thrid open on 1178mpm over a distance of 346km.

Vincent Mudd of Roxton clocked a yearling on 1167mpm over 338k to take third north-centre section and thrty-fifth open. This Van loon x Vandenabeele pigeon was nineteenth section from Guernsey three weeks previously and this time was sent feeding a large squeaker.

Second north-east section and eighteenth open was a three year old on 1356mpm over 418km for G and J Hunt of Norwich. The partners timed a hen bred through their Gaby Vandenabeele Bliksem x Bond bloodlines and that was sent sitting a five day squeaker.

David Downing

David Downing of Suffolk was third north-east section and twenty-fourth open with a yearling on 1229mpm over 370km. David clocked a Vandenabeele hen bred out of a grandson of Benetton when paired to his best stock hen from his Heslop and Evans foundation pair.

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury were first north-west section and fiftieth open with a three year old on 1035mpm over 282km. Trevor and John clocked a blue chequer hen, sent sitting ten day eggs and bred down from their Dordin family and Brian Sheppard stock pigeons.

John Rodway of Rushwick was second north-west section and sixty-third open with a two year old on 904km over 299km. John timed a chequer hen racing unpaired.

Raymond Scriven of Alveley timed a two year old on 829mpm over 331km to take third north-west section and sixty-fifth open. Ray's pigeon contains Mark Gilbert and Geoff Kirkland bloodlines.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club any age race from Guernsey.